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Silent Mirror

 Silent Mirror 

My lyrics must reflect my inner 
The words that bring a 
reflection of truth
As I walk in the wrecked past
From the future my voice 
silently weeps
For the lost generation
Without equation 
For my lyrics reflection the ills 
of this generation
I look at the world
Through the tainted glass
As I clear the glass I see my 
own faults
With reflection of madness
All this fear I hide
I am troubled inside 
Let me unravel
And magnetize
This vision  and realize my 
There is no option but one
To walk through hell and find 
the light 
My lyrics reflect my inner 
 And I Silently listen.....

By Ernest Badounts

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Anti-Terrorist Poem

     Anti-Terrorist Poem
Terrorists, terrorize
Hypnotized puppet 
Burning the religious rubber 
Bombing the innocent, 
Suicide bombers locked up in 
It's like a disease created to 
The devil's own tease.
Terror is their weapon
They pray in Fear monger's 
Burning with hate.
Is your god a coward?
Whom you do believe.
Is he numb and dumb  idol
Fools you in your sleep.
One thing left is stand,
Not respond with fear,
To the wicked terror,
We, who are not afraid, shall 
take back the power
And break those terrorizing 

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Your Love Has No Compromise

 Love has No Compriomise

In your enamored eyes
I see nothing but peace that 
serenades through the scarlet 
clouds moving them  from east 
to west, free, gentle, yet 
When I look into your eyes
I see no compromise
I see courage,
Then you tell me boldly, 
Love has no compromise
Your eyes gaze into my soul. 
Motivate me to search you 
more and more 
There is no despise, nor hate
I hear your voice of faith
That slowly approaches like a 
magnitude of infinity
Time is your tool. You carve 
your image of goddess and 
Beauty and perfection, The 
longing world   melts in your 
Then I see your eyes 
There is no compromise in your 
You stop me for a moment 
And remind me
Love has no compromise

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Perfect Purple Rose

     Perfect Purple Rose
A Perfect Purple Rose stands 
still On the top of the hill.
She is the god's will
Blossoming like a true princess.
Wearing a white gown and a 
purple dress.
Shines like a rare pearl in the 
The ugly world cannot percieve  
her beauty even if it tries,
Yet she survived cold seasons, 
hurricanes, and wild winds and 
careless reasons of man that 
walked on earth with hate.
But none could break her 
perpetual rise
She will grow strong from the 
heavy dust
And open the eyes of the blind
Stirring the power of love in the 
dark mind. 
She stands  still 
On the top of the hill
The one and only 
Perfect  Purple Rose.

By Ernest Badounts

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Ironic Twist

       Ironic Twist
Ironic twist 
Reflected in the tryst
Woman of bliss
Gazed with a secret kiss

Silent mysteries uncovered
With each minute discovered
Our heartbeats traveled

Like volcanic fire
The universe  gladly admired


She awakened silently
My search for divinity

-Ernest Badounts-

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Burning Rose

              Burning Rose
Oh rose! Each petal is unique,
You blossom from the dreams 
Thy raptured colors prime
With spark  of quick intrigue.
Pure and innocent yet deep 
and vulgar, 
Scent of your ambitious 
Dominates  the world of 
Thy modesty is like a sound of 
No lover's touch is worthy 
To caress Devine-like  petals,
That  parade with  innocent 
Ignite your flow of beauty!
Increase your faithful touch!
Awake us from our slumber!

Oh Rose, Oh Rose,
My gentle faithful Rose....

By Ernest Badounts

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Love Spell

     The Love Spell
She blew a kiss 
A perfect kiss. 
My muse 
She gave me a perfect bliss

Her magic spell
Entered  my brain 
Like a bullet with
A magic kiss

She blew a kiss 
A perfect kiss
My muse!
She gave me a perfect bliss

By Ernest Badounts

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Only Love Can Save Us

      Vulnerable Lips
Your lips are soft and vulnerable
Let us speak softly
So you can awake in the dream 
Open you eyes and see me

Only Love Can Save Us?

I heard those words 
Drip like a honey 
From your tounge 
Spoken with a grandeur mind

Only Love Can save Us!

You are like the moon
I am like the sky
We wed  to one another 
In the midnight  tides

With Love as a savior!

I heard you speak a language
That I understood
The language of hearts
The language of Truth 
By Ernest Badounts

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Smart by Fashion

I am not intelligent by fashion
But I am intelligent by birth,
The pseudo-intellect of the 
Makes ignorance look smart.

You see, fashion is a statement
It states the attributes of truth.
But when you look smart
Amongs your foolish peers

It makes the fashion look 
And you, who think a little 
Become a fashionable fool
You make the fashion look 

This is to all pseudo-intelligent 
Who think that they look cool
In glasses and  a fashionable 

-Ernest Badounts-

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Love Note

Irresistibly I am falling
Into your infinite gentlessness, 
I am awaken  in the timeless.
Suddenly, I am diving into  
unfathomable ecstasy
Caressing, your sweet delicious 
We become like youthful lovers
Looking at eachother with 
seductive  intimacy;
I breathed  breathlessly a spark of Devine in 
It felt like the morning whispers 
Tell me, what I need to do?
To keep our pleasure flowing, 
For long, I traveled,  on the dark 
and lonely road. 
Conquered too many fears 
What separates us is this wall:

This is my love note
That I intimately behold.

Ernest Badounts