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Butterflies and Bumblebees

butterflies and bumblebees 
egg yolks on toast 
mustard fields and pots of gold 
sunflower seeds to roast 
ringlets fall lightly 
from a little girl so fair 
ornaments of golden wings 
fall softly from her hair  
banana peels to slip and fall 
that would be no fun
dreaming of yellow submarines
happy face from the sun  
yellow is for warmth 
on a cold and windy day 
yellow through your window pane
helps sunshine come your way

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The Mistress

there is no cure for her lust and desire
a constant want in a body on fire
her soul is touched by hot sultry eyes
burns deep in her heart, his endless lies

she is the secret that he gets to keep
as dreams of him are invading her sleep
creeping in shadows to hold her so tight
fingertips reaching for her in the night

he has consumed her body and mind
adoring him while her eye was blind
he does not belong in her open arms
flirting with kisses to inhale her charms

misery fills her life as he slips away
there will be no returning another day
put down like the old family dog, Rex
she was his mistress and it was just sex

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Often I Think of Him

Often I think of him 
his sweet quick smile
bright blue eyes
smooth clear skin 
I dream of him water skiing
playing ball  
hockey with friends 
so young and strong 
sometimes he is reaching for me
for a goodby hug which hurts the most
because he never did say goodby 
the night he died 
it was so sudden there was no time 
to really know what was happening 
my last embrace of shock and pain 
so sharp it could have been a knife 
piercing my very soul 
a vicious kick in the stomach 
an agony like no other 
none even close since 
my boy, my child 
my heart ripped out ragged and torn 
throbbing in wait of relief
from an unimaginable ending      

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Soft Seduction

birds singing
whistling a magical melody
for you and me
the low pitch of a tweet
flutter of wings so sweet
caress my mind
with tender sounds of joy
as your kisses shake my being
shivering beneath your touch
your fingers brush my skin
with pounding heart
I tremble in excitement
the rustle of the grass
beneath our bodies
sways with our beat
nature knows by the soft moan
who wants to be alone

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Most will often wear a
Mask to conceal feelings
Mainly caused by pain. Deep
Memories  are buried 
Maybe we should try to
Make a change today and
Merge our love together

Contest: Lets Pleiades
Betty Bateson

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I Am

I am a Capricorn 
 so am practical and boring

I am generous with my family and friends 
 when they need me

I am sensitive of others feelings 
 so will not dis anyone on this site

I am satisfied to live alone 
 while my soul mate lives in heaven

I am not rich or beautiful
 but that has never mattered

I am aware of my surroundings 
 so only think positive thoughts

I am happy in my own skin 
 so never feel lonely when I am alone

I am a romantic who believes 
 in abundance of love in this world 

I think I must be amazing

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Single Star

covers the earth
i choose one single star
to lift me up

Aquarian contest