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Best Betty Bateson Poems

Below are the all-time best Betty Bateson poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Missing My Friend

You are sunshine giving me warmth on a pleasant day
Shining through the sadness showing me how to play
You are the rain tending to my garden with tears of love
Washing away my heavy heart as you watch from above

You are the beautiful flower swaying gently in the breeze
Growing stronger every day urging me to do as I please
You are the wind lifting away the sorrow freeing my soul
As clouds float softly over the tree tops making me whole

You are the butterfly stirring in the early morning light
Dancing with the sunbeams then playfully taking flight
You are the sky showing off prisms of color and hope
Eagerly displaying your amazing beauty helping me cope

You are the dear friend I long for as I realize a new day
Knowing you surround my heart you will never go away
If I had one wish granted today I know it would surely be
To give as much to you as you always gave to me 

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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Is there a special place to find you
A place where fairies fly
Where all our memories are kept
Where we need not question why

Can we walk together arm in arm
Strolling our memory lane
Recalling times more pleasant
As I softly speak your name

What a magical wonderful sight
Sharing thoughts here once again
Maybe fairies hold our secrets
And take away our pain

If I could find you in this place
I would hold on to you so tight
Never allowing you to slip away
While fairies take their flight

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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What Makes You So Special

you need not be famous or rich 
you do not need special powers
to show off to others
but you are special 
you are unique
you are your own person
what you say matters 
you are willing to ask others for help
while searching desperately for your worth
you are willing to bare your soul
lay it out for all to see
asking for help says you desire acceptance 
your inner self shines 
stand tall, be powerful
you are strong and talented
sharing poetry from the heart
you are amazing 

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

I can’t take my eyes off of you
It doesn’t matter what you do
You have a great hold on me
Making me the best I can be

I can’t take my eyes off of you 
You are in me whatever I do
My love has such a strong flow
Cupid has hit me with his arrow

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all that I am and all that I do
You are the one to keep me up
Your power overflows my cup

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all the things I say and do
I think about it and it is true
Now what am I supposed to do


Copyright © Betty Bateson

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I had often failed to see the love you freely gave to me
Protecting my innocence through all that life threw at me
Teaching me to see in myself what you always saw in me
You taught me love and grace by giving yourself completely

Then I became the Mother blessed with children of my own
To love and cherish daily with that same love you had shown
To have a child to love and teach is a precious gift to share
Memories of your love stay close because I know you care

My daughter is a Mother now with children of her own
She is busy with their lives but always has time to phone
I know she loves each child as they are hers and mine
The biggest gift a mother can give is truly the gift of time

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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Butterflies and Bumblebees

butterflies and bumblebees 
egg yolks on toast 
mustard fields and pots of gold 
sunflower seeds to roast 

ringlets fall lightly 
from a little girl so fair 
ornaments of golden wings 
fall softly from her hair
banana peels to slip and fall 
that would be no fun
dreaming of yellow submarines
happy face from the sun 
yellow is for warmth 
on a cold and windy day 
yellow through your window pane
helps sunshine come your way

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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she shuns me from embracing her these days
her brittle fragile body no longer compliant
thin skin lifeless and sagging begging for help
knowing she needs support but still so defiant

bones pressing a blanket of desperation
bringing her spirit down more every day
trying so hard to be small and invisible 
how in the world did she get this way

is there hope or purpose to keep on trying
does anyone listen and know there is pain
the problem so hidden we cannot find it
faith has been taken.. emptiness remains 


Copyright © Betty Bateson

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Party Play

Parents play party
Perfecting playful
Children cherish
Soft savory sweet

Fun for all
As adults go away
Leaving little lambs
Protecting party

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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You Lift Me Up

you lift me up when I am down
change my world in every way
hold my hand and touch my face
give me hope on this beautiful day

you give me strength to carry on
showing your love to me alone
you are the truth, you are the voice
you make me feel that I'm the one

I close my eyes and see your love
know how you look and what you say
I touch your lips and kiss your face
how do you make me feel this way

love me while the sun shines high
or maybe beneath the moon
love me while you hold me tight
make love on a warm afternoon

you take me high to a better place
and let me believe it will be okay
you open me up to love once more
dreams come true for me this day

Betty Bateson/ June 20/14

Copyright © Betty Bateson

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brave fallen soldiers   
sacrificing young men's blood
red poppies whither 

Copyright © Betty Bateson