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Crimson Sky

attempting to keep the splendid
crimson sky in my sights 
before it passes by
as it rolls over the dying sun
spilling over the nightly sky
gone are the glory days
my great expectations
life i once breathed 
changes appear 
before my weary eyes
with surefire quickness
my story is expressed
while my shattered mind 
with whispered tears 
and trembling hand
a flicker of light realizes
the ultimate sunset

Published by Poetry Institute of Canada 2014 edition

Details | Betty Bateson Poem

Silly Willie - Children's Poem

Silly Willy was in the park one day
He had a ball and glove hoping to play

Snarky Harky biked along the path
He was grumpy and so full of wrath

Into the park he screeched to a stop
When he saw a ball go up with a pop

Snarky Harky jumped, made the catch
He threw the ball into the briar patch

The boys stood still and stared in vain
How would they get the ball out again

Along came Racoon with paws so strong
He grabbed the ball and waddled along

The boys were shocked making not a sound
Then laughter made them roll on the ground

Snarky Harky became Silly Willy’s friend
Biking down the path and around the bend

They changed their names to Will and Hark
And biked every day to play in the park

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if my life was a rainbow 
i would gaze upon you
offering my sunshine  
with warmth in many colors
hugs in the curve of sunbeams
creating a glow 
with my affections
chasing away the dark gray clouds
and rainy days
bursting with sparkling rays
of hope and beauty 
that I see in the sky
and see in your face
believing we can catch the rainbow
reaching the pot of gold
with pastel shades of love 

Contest: Summer

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Sweet Treat

dreamy creamy chocolate fudge sunday
sugary desire to taste 
melting smooth in my mouth

gooey sticky joy
filling me up with sweetness
licking slurping fun
decadent taste of delight
pleasing on a summer day 

cherry kiss
luscious juicy red on top
perfect harmony

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Love Letter

My Darling,

	The most wonderful day of my life was when you waved at me when we met on the street. I did not know who you were but your big grin took my breath away. I knew deep in my heart that you were the one. Your hazel eyes and winning smile won my heart and I thank heaven every day for letting you in to my life.

        I can’t wait until we are together on the weekend so I can look into your beautiful eyes, hold you close, feel your sweet touch and kiss your perfect lips.  You are my every breath and my heart skips a beat when I think of you thinking of me. 

	From the first day we met I knew I needed to spend every minute of every day with the feel of you in my arms. I know that love could never be perfect in any other way.

	When you look up at the moon tonight think of me because I will be looking at the same moon and thinking of you. Even though we are apart my heart is with you so we are together.

	The true beginning of my life will be when you come home and the very thought excites me in a wonderful way. Come home and spend a lifetime of kisses with me my love.

Love Always,
Betty xo
Love Letter Contest May 31/13

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So delicate and fragile 
Like a broken heart
Beautiful and light
It sets you apart

Full of color
Like a maiden blush
Yellow and pink
Like a painter brush

New and fresh
Like a gentle kiss
You are the beauty
And love that I miss

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Who Am I

I am the rain when I cry late at night
I am the sun when the day looks bright

I am a flower reaching for the sky
I am a mountain rising so high

I am the grass swaying in the breeze
I am the butterfly doing as I please

I am the wind raging full blown
I am the best you have ever known

Contest: You

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My Graduate

walking down the aisle
tall and handsome
he looks around and sees
faces watching as he goes by
finding me he grins with that 
impish little smile he has 
full of the devil that smile
where has the time gone
he reminds me of my son
who died at only eleven
he is taller two years older
this grandson of mine
time repeating itself
with memories and oh my
he looks so much like him
full of hopes and dreams
nothing elementary about him
girls checking him out
giggling and flirting 
as he saunters on through
on the stage he receives a 
well earned diploma
for all his hard work
studying and playing
such an athlete so strong
he takes his prize 
with smiles and a nod
here he comes to my side
a gentle hug and tender kiss
my graduate

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Daddy Dearest

too much to handle and understand 
so small and wary of his big hand 
hiding small and being scared 
sad and alone and so afraid 
his shouting voice his nasty breath 
fills my head with fear and dread 
where is my Daddy who once held me 
tossed me high and laughed so free 
I need him back to hold my hand 
to show me that he still can 
say everything will be alright 
and tuck me in my bed at night 

contest: Dad

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First Date

my husband had passed away a while ago 
and I never thought of dating 
that was for the young ones 
the ones who were looking for excitement 
maybe a new husband 
I was not that person 
when an old flame contacted me 
wrote lovely emails 
I was intrigued and a little flattered 
that he remembered me all these years 
we started talking on the phone 
where he gently brought out feelings 
I had buried deep inside me 
he listened and encouraged me 
to let my feelings out 
finally we agreed to meet for breakfast 
my first date in so many years 
I felt a bit silly 
but also anticipation 
at seeing him after all this time 
we met and I was so nervous 
I almost peed my pants..