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Best Vera Prince Poems

Below are the all-time best Vera Prince poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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True Love

True love is not about giving gifts,
love can never be measured with
material things, 
True love is an unconditional feelings
that inspires, revives, and sometimes
hurts, you don't have reasons for loving
you just do.
True love is when two lost souls can unite
as one, sticking to each other for better
or worst.
True love is when you find it without looking,
you just happen to be in the right place at
the right time, as the saying goes love is blind
so tell me how you found True love and you 
cannot even see..

Copyright © vera prince

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The Throne

As i sit on my throne looking down
on my creation day after day, I am
not pleased with what i see. No one
to blame, but me.

As i looked down on on my people my
heart grieves, when i think of all the 
trouble and stress, i brought on myself
It is me who created this evil nation.

As i lay on my throne, thinking of a way
to save my people, who is living down there 
without a care, some of you have no fear
but, "beware" I will soon "declare"

Copyright © vera prince

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Trinidad is sweet

Trinidad the land of my birth
it is the best place on earth
like every where we have problems
but by the grace of god one day we
will solve them, people of all races 
are living here, you can see them walking 
around without a fear, I have been to alot
of places some are good, some are bad,
many are very sad, that is why Trinidad
will always be the best place i ever had 
so come to Trinidad and everyday you will be glad.

Copyright © vera prince

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His eyes is on you
He go the best view
One day soon you will
Meet him, in the sky
Bid the earth bye.

Copyright © vera prince

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child of god

I am a woman, a mature woman 
Time won't let me be,
He keeps bugging me
Always showing his face
Wants me to die in disgrace
I keep fighting him rejecting him
Won't let him win, I am going gracefully 
With dignity, no one can out this fire
Inside of me, I was born to outlive
Myself, my spirit will live on
Forever.I am child of God!!!!

Copyright © vera prince

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The West Indies

I am from the West Indies

where we always have frest

breeze coming from the cool 

blue seas. I am from the West

Indies, where fruits are free you

 can get lots to eat under

the mango tree. 
I am from the West Indies where

people do not freeze, so if you like

you can come,  you will have, so much fun.

   In The West I NDIES.

Copyright © vera prince

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A mothers cry

I see a young mother, crying out for help,
maybe she is to blame, at a young age
she brought her mother shame.

I see a young mother begging on the streets 
holding a baby as she sleeps 
all she can do is weep
Her feelings run deep.

I see a young mother, trying to survive
to keep her and the child alive
going form door to door, sometimes 
sleeping on the floor,is that the price
For being poor? Can she take it anymore'

I see a mother, a young mother, picking
Herself up, going back to school, no more
Being a fool, letting no one use and abuse
Her, common sense prevail, she is on her
Way to be an outstanding citizen again.

Copyright © vera prince

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what a friend should be

A friend should be a person you can trust

always there for you in good times or bad

especially when you are sad or unhappy

A friend should be a person you can lean on 

even when you are mean

A friend ought to be a friend even when

not in a good mood.

Copyright © vera prince

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from riches to rags

Why is he roaming the streets begging bread?
He used to have a good head. What did he do
Wrong he used to be healthy, wealthy, and strong,
All the girls were running him down, now he is
begging for money all over town.

He never helped a soul when his pocket was full
Of gold, he even turned his back on his family 
Treating them like an enemy. Now he is depending 
On them for help, before he did not care how they felt.
I hope he gets back on his feet, leave the life on the 

Copyright © vera prince

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Iam a survivor! raising  up two kids on my own, sometimes not knowing
where to turn. I had to be firm, in order to stay in control. as I 
travelled distant lands doing all i can toiling with my hands,
sometimes far or near because i care.

I am a survivor! dealind with sickness that brought on weakness, had
to put all my feelings aside if i wanted to survive, it was not easy
I had to keep busy. 

The kids are all grown, surviving on their own, helping me to survive 
my sacrifice was not in vain, now i can gain, forget all the pain I am 
enjoying my life again.



Copyright © vera prince