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Wilderness is a Crowded street

Wilderness is a crowded street.

Silence stings the ears of the hearer,
Cacophony of sound, unheard.
Loneliness turns to solitude,
Converse without a word.

Wilderness is a crowded street.
A passer-by nobody sees.
Togetherness now disjointed,
Run! I feel their disease.

Money is their mind set
Full wallet yet they're poor.
A heart of gold inside me,
Theirs, an open sore!

Some own the World, yet are bankrupt,
Emotionally discharged black-holes.
Shiny shoes that point to nowhere,
Prices, still on their soles.

All the broken people,
Nobody tells me why.
Orphaned, divorced, mistaken,
I'll not lay down to die.

To roll over and just take it,
Is what they'd like us to do.
So let's all speak out, be counted,
Not be part, of the Zoo!

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Letter to My Inner Child

My child I cry when I see you,
your face just points to the wall.
My emotional senses feel you,
Do you now hear my call?

The abuse you suffered when younger,
is past, it's over and gone.
Please forgive the people who hurt you,
Come to terms with all that was wrong.

It was Ok to have felt unhappy,
It was then that you traveled alone.
But now you've grown much older,
you're the best person I have ever known.

Awaken the mind that is within you,
be at peace in your world, that is 'Now',
I know I don't have all the answers,
I can only advise on the how.

Your journey now begins with a footstep,
the way will be hilly, quite tough,
But go this way, be happy,
content you go with my love.

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The whole word is set before you,
moving hands wait to applaud you.
Why do you stand aside?
Don't bury yourself inside!
You were made as a whole,
Put on this world to play your role.
Why is it you hide your face?
Keep putting yourself down as if in disgrace?
Lift up your eyes, look straight ahead,
Do this now before your soul is dead!
Strengthen your heart, strengthen yourself,
Why wrap yourself up and stand on a shelf?
A person's wealth should not be measured, with figures as a sign,
But from the honesty of heart and their actions in time.
Do not think yourself worse than the rest,
As it is caring for others, which is life's test.

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Letter to Mum and Dad

Letter to Mum and Dad

Dear Mum, Dear Dad, you're gone from my life.
I remember you now as a good husband and wife.
Dad, I saw you lay there. Lifeless, quite still.
The shocks that they gave you, zapped at my will.

When I touched you, your body, still warm, lips blue.
A far cry from the father, the man I once knew.
Your cheeks in contrast, stood out, quite bold.
Your hand I touched. That memory I hold.

Mum, I never saw you, when you passed away.
You were alone in your bed, so it's for you that I pray.
I remember you most, for the love that you gave me.
Always caring, never judging, I wished I could save thee.

Now that you're gone, I don't feel alone.
You're the best parents in life, this child could have known.
So it's with you in memory, my life has begun.
I remain as always, your ever loving son.

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Memory of a Lost Love

Memory of a lost Love

He sat, motionless, a hard static stare,
Sat there, frozen, to a small rocking chair.
Looked out over garden, so wonderful, so wild,
Bringing back the memory, of when he was a child.
Thoughts of auburn hair, emerald eyes,
Many nights spent, with low muffled cries.
No children to share, for impotent man,
Bed time rows, the tears that ran.
Love now gone, was such a temporal game,
Some amorous nights? So who was to blame?
Tears like rain for this solitary soul,
Such a resting actor who has no role.
She left him she said, "cause all was not fine",
For him, it was, just a matter of time.
Knowing of others, she'd seen for the night,
No doubt his heart was too broken to fight.
Although, outside, was now breezy, quite warm,
Inside his heart bled, so tattered and torn.
Clinging with care now, to what he had left,
Pictures, happy times, memories were best.
Where could he go now? He could not complain,
Sat there, anguished, was her victim inane?
Why are some people so selfish with life?
They make a bad lover, husband or wife?
I only pray that from such I am free,
Hoping in my life, True Love is for me.

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Role of Life

Rôle of Life.

The whole world is set before you,
Moving hands wait to applaud you.
Why do you stand aside?
Don't bury yourself inside.

You were made as a whole,
Put on this world to play your rôle.
So why is it that you have to hide your face?
Keep putting yourself down, as if in disgrace?

Lift your eyes up, look straight ahead,
Do this now before your soul is dead!
Strengthen your heart, strengthen yourself,
Why wrap yourself up and stand on the shelf?

A person's wealth should not be measured,
With FIGURE$ as a sign,
But from the honesty of heart,
And their actions in time.

Do not think yourself,
Worse than the rest,
As it is caring for others,
Which is life's test.

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Waiting at the
crossroads, waiting
for the daemon in
his car,
Strive for
perfection, that
time when I'm
playing guitar,
One day I'll be
playing Delta Blues
in a bar.

Many a soul has gone
and trod this track,
Strode up to the
one, ready to make
their pact,
Make up for things,
their life seemed to
have lacked.

Thirst a plenty, the
minds set out to
Hush the fear, as
night now closes in,
There's more in this
world, I'd really
call a sin.

What of others,
alone at home
Roam their minds, in
dreams now they
Trust in God, for
their souls to keep.

He hands the paper,
to the man unwaged,
Stroll in the park,
for one who's now is
Uneasy choice, the
people all have

Rip against a
system, thats all we
really can do,
Signed in blood,
contract signed by a
There are hardly any
choices, anyone
gives to you.

I volunteered my
soul, to stop me
from going insane,
Strife's an
illusion, what is
there really to
I am lonely once
more, left with my
heartache and pain.

Go to my children,
asleep while singing
this song,
Bled from their
future, What is it
they have done
The truth is: I just
want to belong.

Waiting at the
crossroads, waiting
 for the daemon in
his car,
Strive for
perfection, that
time when I'm
playing guitar,
One day I'll be that
Delta blues playing

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New Friends

New Friends

They took me in upon the ward,
It was my doctor's whim.
The patients stared out through their doors,
With drugged up fix'ed grin.

Answer this and don't do that,
Is all that they would say.
No smoking in the corridors,
Then they took my cig away.

Outside now was a foreign world,
Where normal people played.
Secure in their box like homes,
All their taxes paid.

Dual diagnosis was on my card,
Which hung there by my bed,
Such drawn out words, spat around,
Would permeate my head.

My fellow patient, not content,
Rocked there in his chair.
Others sat quite motionless,
Minds without a care.

Illness falls without a word,
On even those thought strong.
Yet for those of us who do succumb,
Would say, "there's nothing wrong".

What I would like, just to say,
Is the mind's an unknown place,
Complex neurons, synaptic nerves,
Do hide behind your face.

So when you feel a fevered mind,
And meet someone who's crossed the line,
Do not fear this unknown land,
Put your hand now firm in mine.

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Relationship to String Theory

Relationship to
'String theory'...
...Tries to explain
everything; but not
Commotion as Bosons
and Fermions
Travel to reveal the
building blocks of

Yet nothing can
explain a feeling,
Peeling back the
skin of the
Worse are we for

Synapses fire in the
Strain the axions;
devoid of spin and
Recharge the
painters palette!

So that colours of
Hurl Quarks to
combine into
Protons and

By what sensation of
the heart,
Starts the
realisation that we
know nothing,
Missing a beat of

I Surrender to my
Parity with others,
as our worlds move
Bit part actor, hung
by a cosmic thread.

Fling me to the
cosmos, the search
goes on,
Hadron Collider,
Einstein, Hawking,
Mannikin of life,
force of nature,
Major time to
reflect on LIFE,
I am content!

Chris Matthews


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All Night Cafe

Approaching the solitary window,
Cold bites deep to my veins,
The belongings to the window's innards,
Crack out wards, light up my way.
The glowing warmth and smell of it's doorway,
Invites you, to the 'All Night Café'.

Breath lightly on the window,
Cold wind catches it hard,
One moment caught from moving,
All sense of feeling barred.
Huddled in the corner, mug of tea to hand,
Covered in rags is the resemblance of man.

He has no knowledge of his surroundings,
Which have treated him so severe,
He keeps on hiding from us nightly,
With yet one more pint of beer.

See sweat filled walls look down on solitary man,
Sits crumpled and worn, preserves what dignity he can.
Wind leathered face, stiffens disgrace.
Unshaven, unclean. Visible and smelling are the places he's seen.

Look into his eyes, they are swollen brown,
The darkness of which match only his frown.
His cheekbones in contrast, stand out proud,
Skin, clinging thinly, as his corpses constant shroud.

Decide to move in closer, having been unnoticed inside,
The staff sit living in the kitchen, where from such reality they hide.
Still, he sits coldly, as I, invading his space,
My form forever lowering, stops, opposite expressionless face.

For a moment my attention is taken, by a voice high ticking on the wall,
It's face forever changing, one day it too must fall.
Outside howling, the wind is crying to get in,
Starts kicking at the doorway, raising the noise to a din.

There is laughter in the back now, as the clock it strikes one,
Everyone seems to be saying, "life must go on".
Turn back to the table, my friend has a tear in his eye,
All the lonely people in the world, yet nobody answers why.
Reach out to touch him, then all I wipe is on glass,