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Where were you Father

Watch him as he may grow
Don't leave his right side
For he will eventually know
I've watched as he cried
Because you couldn't do that
You left him here alone
As you hid, watched, and sat 
Ignoring your telephone 
He grew close to the dark
He plays with blades
Makes sure to leave a mark
I watched as he bled and laid 
Staring at the sky
Not a sound
Listened to you lie
And now his joy tightly bound

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All Broken, Cracked, Dead, 
Everything Frail. Gory Hell I 
Just Keep Landlocked Making 
No Optimism. Preachers Quote 
Relentlessly Suspending Time 
Underground. Villains With 
Xenophobe Yearning Zen.  

Xenophobe- one who fears, 
mistrusts, and dislikes 
foreigners or what is strange or 

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Your image may stay when I go

I can no longer stand
My bones tired and weak
Won't someone give me a hand
Although I can hardly speak
It seems as if everyone is blind
Except the only voice I hear
So elegant and one of a kind
But to lose her I start to fear
I'm beginning to fade
I can still see her perfect smile
My last day has been made
And overall it was worthwhile