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Lounging licking leaping
Prancing pouncing peeking
Corners closets crouching
Tail twirling twitching
Sniffing sensing sneezing
Hissing huffing hunting
Pretty purring preening
Curiosity kitty killing
Nine long lives living

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What evil lurks in tiny minds
To do despicable acts
I wish we could predict with signs
And stop them in their tracks

Some think the world is now insane
There's more of "Them" than "Us"
But listen to this thoughtful claim
Jump off the hopeless bus

As long as we have Heroes near
Who risk their Lives and run
There isn't much we need to fear
No setting of the sun

In or out of uniform
Working or just watching
First Responders as their Norm
Arrive to do the helping

For never fear the evil deeds 
We all must go on living
For good will always plant the seeds
Of Heroes Forever Giving

© Rick Zablocki 2013
Dedicated to those First Responders in Boston, New York, Madrid, London and Elsewhere.  We salute you.

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Morning Pleasure

cat laying on top
dog sprawled across my cold feet
coffee tastes so good

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Darkened skies green tinged
Trees bent down
Branches cover streets

Heavens part, flooding
Here then gone
Nature rolls forward

For Debbie's Contest 
The form is a Lune. 

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The Hidden People

An Old Icelandic Legend

After the Fall from Grace
After the Eating of the Forbidden Fruit
Adam and Eve raised a family
They had too many children and some were dressed in rags

One day, God asked to visit
Adam and Eve panicked
They hid the children in rags
So God could only see their
Most beautiful ones

During Dinner, God commented on
His belief that 
Adam and Eve were missing 
Some children

This they denied, but
God is all knowing

Before he left, God asked again
And Adam and Eve
Denied again

God was Angry

"Because you have lied to me twice
The children you hid
Will always be Hidden"

And that is why many in Iceland
Believe that
The fairies, trolls and elves
Live in the Rocks

© Rick Zablocki 2013

A story from My Trip to Iceland

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Red is for hotness
Cinnamon cayenne raging 
My cheeks are red
When in your arms and kissing
You light a flame inside me

May 11th, 2013. 

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Give Peace A Chance

The rich are getting richer
The poor are losing hope
Mother Earth is dying
Over populated
War Torn
Anybody notice?

Is the Garden of Eden gone for good?

It starts with You
And it starts with Me
Get Involved
Accept Differences
Dialogue, not Bullets

We still have a chance

But do we have the time?

June 7th, 2013

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What Sinister Fate

What Sinister Fate awaits us all
Our Souls no longer living
Evil thoughts to us all call
And No One is Forgiving

The Dead awake up through the ground
There is no reason why
What lerks behind the wicked hound
Forever refusing to die

There is no life in blood shot eyes
The End of Days are near
What peace may come to those who die
Is something we all fear

Hades shadow blocks the sun
There is no warmth just cold
Armies of Darkness on the run
Evil growing so bold

Famine disease starvation too
Accompanies Colonel Malice
Skies so black where is the blue
Is it hidden in Satan's Palace?

What Sinister Fate awaits us all
Our Souls no longer Living
Evil thoughts to us all call
And No One is Forgiving

March 25th, 2013 for "Sinister" Contest

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Is It Love

Is it love that makes me choke on my thoughts
Whenever I am near you?
Is it love that makes my hands so clammy
Whenever I want to touch you?
Is it love that makes my heart erupt
Whenever I think of your smile?
Is it love that makes me surrender 
Whenever your voice is singing?

It is Love

For I would
Travel the Stars
For an Angel

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I Don't Know What I Am Feeling

Want to know what I'm now feeling?
What's wrong with you have you been drinking?
Sometimes emotions tough to pin down
Sometimes emotions never to be found

My face is flushed, am I so mad
Is that fear, am I really sad?
Embarrassed am I to talk to you
If you were me, what would you do?

Stomach queesy my nerves are shot
Am I afraid or am I not
Is there in me a bit of rage
Why this is something I cannot guage

My fists so clenched I'm ready to run
It doesn't stop its never done
There is no sense that this is making
Why do you stare you think I'm faking?

Is it anxiety, fear or worry
Sadness happiness raging fury
Must get in touch with my head inside
So my emotions no longer hide

Crying tears of love or shame
I'm confused I cannot name
Emotions flooding inside of me
Please my friend help me to see

© 2013 Rick Zablocki
For Donald Williams Emotion Contest