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Swan song

The passionate young man on his way to his love
Walked by a lake carrying a snow-white dove
Inside his shirt he held it close to his heart
When he heard a song - an enchanting work of art

The melody was captivating, full of sorrow -
The cries of a soul for whom there’s no tomorrow
An unknown fear gripped the young man’s heart 
Dark crevasses of life to him were an unknown part

So full of life and hope, inevitability he never had to face
The source of the irresistible sound he wished to trace
He looked behind the dense brushes hiding the water
On seeing a wondrous swan his agitated mind grew calmer

He stood there mesmerized, the scene not comprehending
And a chill he felt from the bottom of his spine ascending
Why does something as beautiful as this must end?
Against a dark premonition himself he could not defend

The song told him everything that was, and ever will be
As he stood there listening, in his mind’s eye he could see
The birth of dreams and hopes, the path and the finish,
The igniting spark, the flame and the death of every wish

The swan sang his last and was swallowed by the lake
Slowly the young man from his vision did wake
He felt the dove in his shirt frantically flutter
He gently held it high and let it go, not a word did he utter

Innocence cannot build his nest in a bosom laden 
And burdened with knowledge so dark and craven
The young man continued his journey to meet his darling
A long shadow followed him in his footsteps crawling

Across the lake on yonder side, hidden by the morning fog
An old man, frail and haggard, sat quietly on a bone-white log
He heard the swan too, and watched it get swallowed by the deep
But at this lonely funeral his half closed eyes did not weep

He felt it in his bones, and knew the end was near 
So the swan song filled his feeble mind with fear
Since he was a young man he searched for the answer
The question being: What comes when to death we do surrender?	

He looked to the sky but in vain, he begged but to no avail
The heavens did not open; his body and spirit were broken
When with the last notes of the swan song resounding
Asking for a sign, he saw a dove above the clouds climbing

On his crooked legs he stood as straight as he could
Raising his hands he pleaded, “Take me, if you would”
The solemn swan song became a victorious celebration,
A joyous symphony of the never ending glory of creation

The frail old body fell back onto the bone-white log
Never again to emerge from that otherworldly fog
But a peaceful smile on the old man’s face remained
Having his long-lost innocence of youth finally regained

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem


Why did this day have to end?
I didn’t even ask for an extension 
Miracles died thirty years ago
Now I just watch the universe roll by
I know the lights always fade
I welcomed the dark
For the first time 
It felt like a blanket
Covering everything 
Everything…my world is small
Just bury me for a while
I know you are not here to stay
But still
Just keep me here in the dark
I dread the morning
Trying to make a what’s-the-difference
Hope is the last to die
Whose turn is it tonight?

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

The Battle Lost and Won

As naturally and effortlessly as birds fly
Unannounced and quietly an Idea came by
Faster than the weightless wind it flew
Where it came from no one asked, no one knew

Longing for a cloak in which to be wrapped
It knocked on many doors asking to be dressed
It wished to be given a shape and form for all to see
It wanted an existence, and in this world a chance to be

The farmer was farming, the worker busy working
The judge was judging, the thief in the shadows lurking
The preacher was of the invisible kingdom preaching
The poet alone with his heart and soul for the Idea reaching

It seized him and became the fire in his veins
The beating in his heart, the throbbing in his brain
It became the movement of his arms and legs
He asked for the right words like a beggar for food begs

The Idea through the flesh was about to be born
The invisible by the visible longed to be worn
Like newlyweds neither knew too well the other
They had to unite: each’d be both father and mother

Now the idea took control and led the poet’s pen
Then It was overpowered by the brutish man
Now he’d try to bend It, to suit his words, to shape It 
Then It bent him so that into each other they’d fit

He wished to be a channel for the Idea he sensed
It had a burning desire, a purpose to be expressed
When possessing parts of both the work was done 
An idea of the Idea was born - a battle both lost and won

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

Wild Flower

Unassuming simplicity 
Child of the wild 
A bit of color to catch the eyes
It’s too much to leave her behind 
Sentimental blindness
Can only give bad guidance 
Leave her; why break her?
Look only, but do not touch
You’ll soil your hands
Can never be friends
To embrace nature is not in your nature
Think you’ll just put her on your table?
You’ll be unable
A narrow vase by your hands made
Freedom cannot recreate
Take her home, and she’ll wither
But your guilt won’t die with her

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

The Well

A well of crystal clear water, untainted potentiality 
Dug deep in the ground by a house of motionless morality
Refined, dainty dwellers of the house were abounding
But howling winds of doubt on the door came a pounding

The winds brought dark clouds of fear and foreboding
Faith, hope, truthfulness and fidelity have begun eroding
Whence the warlike, wailing winds came there is no telling  
But once the whispers began, of them there was no quelling

The master of the house was enticed and by fear persuaded
His judgment faded and the cosmic for the telluric he traded
Promised he was nothing, perhaps mere elemental existence
But with blind persistence he thirsted for his own subsistence

“Drown your past, smother your pride, and stifle your dignity,
The price for your precious prize will be a mark of infamy”
One by one the master sacrificed and slaughtered his brood 
Lifeless, they were all thrown in the well after being subdued

The water once crystal clear turned murky, opaque and dim
Existence to the master was granted, but life became grim
He stands by the well, peering into the bottomless, abysmal pit
Forever thinking to undo this unhallowed story he`d writ

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

Santa Muerte

Let me out of my bony cage, where 
I`m imprisoned, filled with rage

Let me out of this mind, don`t mind
If you lose it for me, be so kind

Let me cut the silver cord
Hurry with your flaming sword

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem


He sought the sacred fire for so long
One day it manifested through a song
The flame was small and gentle, as he ran with it
The dark, deserted streets were beautifully lit

He took it home, spoke not a word
Then came the silent whisper, “Ye must be undeterred”
He took an old wooden clock, broke the hands of time
Fed them to the fire as church bells did chime  

The flames grew stronger, sustenance they craved
Whatever he had he gave, till he was slowly enslaved
He loved the fire, and it consumed all but his desire
He was willingly caught in this miraculous mire

His books and clothes, his possessions were next
They fed the flames as the world stood perplexed 
He knew no father, mother nor needed no friend
He lived for the fire and longed for the end

“You must be weightless if you wish to ascend”
So he burned his dreams and sorrows to transcend
He became empty and hollow inside, a shell of a man,
He felt lighter and lighter and his flight he began

His past and his future still lived in his blood
Quickly he slit his wrists and gave them all up
There he was, drained and hollow, sitting by the fire
With nothing left to do but to expire

He embraced the flames; the heat propelled him higher,
And together they danced forever in a ball of beautiful fire.
So if you meet a salamander on a cold, dark night
Know it`ll teach you about the fire, if you treat it right

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

Without a Reason

My own life is outside my jurisdiction
Freedom is in need of a new definition
Why wake and dress and eat and sleep?
Myself in this prison why do I keep?

All movement determined by outside forces
No need to think, feel or make my own choices
Consider the waves of the sea in constant motion:
For their existence is there a higher notion?

Compelled to race to their destined shore
When their goal is reached they are no more
Is that how and why we live this life?	
Is there no other reason for this suicidal strife?

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem


Ideas to change my mind
Attempts to chain my mind
There’s a wild horse inside
Roaming the shrinking prairie
Whose voice does it heed?
What advice does it need?
To tame it is to break it
To put it to good use is
To put it in a yoke
Shake it off, throw it down
Forget what you’ve learned 
This is how freedom will be earned

Details | Laszlo Kecsedi Poem

Riding the Night Mare

Friends and foes of flesh and bone from me they have flown 
A different company I keep in reveries of twilight sleep
When night’s dark blanket does fall, I begin to hear their call
Carriage wheels creak, horses shriek, I look, but dare not speak

Some appear restrained; others seem in good manners untrained
Pale complexions, faces unshaven, countenances dark and graven
Friendly words are not uttered, heavy hearts remain un-fluttered
After a brief admiration I join this motley delegation sans hesitation

Through sleepy streets we ride, through dark alleys we arrive
To our place of gathering - in silence, without any chattering
Far from city lights, under a moonlit sky an owl hoots thrice
As if to wonder, “Are these nocturnal creatures of virtue or vice?”

These ghastly preachers with ominous features invade his lightless 
Kingdom with a mysterious mission - in search of freedom, 
Perhaps driven by some demon, or for some other unknown reason
The owl has seen enough, so it swiftly flies away with a huff

In a ruinous castle by moonlight lit, at a round table we quietly sit
The ghostly figures each reveal packets from under dusty jackets
On the table they are placed, then with their burning eyes I am faced
This is to be a feast, my hosts are many, but guests there aren`t any

The packets are unwrapped, their curious contents are unmatched:
Flavors of love and hate, horror, and beauty, to devour all is my duty 
Some taste sweet, fruits of exotic flavor, I eat; everything I savor
Others brought blood to the table; to swallow this too I must be able 

I eat, swallow, devour, my hosts are pleased; suddenly I am seized
By a feeling of heavy heart and head, I enter a dark sleep of the dead
When I wake, in my mouth there’s a strange taste, in my body I ache 
But the ghosts` sustenance must be treasured, their feast remembered

Or else I`ll be dismembered, the dark treasures in the woods gathered
Will be retrieved and given to a more worthy soul, for their goal
Is to bring their bitter, bloody honey to feed the mind not the body -
The essence of life distilled by the dead in images and words I was fed