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Best Matricial Nathan Poems

Below are the all-time best Matricial Nathan poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Can you feel it

Love in the air
can you smell it
Always so loud 
can you hear it 
Out on the Prowl
Can you see it
Always wanting more 
Do you need it

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Too much times past

Inspiration is just so hard to come by
But I though i 'd found something
That would last
But I guess to much
Times past 
and I never really
Knew my dad
But t ain't something 
Cry over
Cause in just a few years 
............. ( it 'll all be over )
I'm tired of your  lies
I guess to best we severed all ties
But this ain't bout you 
It's bout me 
Even though you
Ruined everything
The damages are to big to repair
So I guess its better to 
Act like you don't care
But 2 can play those games 
It's not like I ever needed you here 

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A melancholy of things unknown

There it is 
Lingering in all my fears
A melancholy of things unknown
I feel it ever so close 
Dancing on the brim of reality
So close but never far enough
Nestled deep In my thoughts
Whispering softly it calls my name  
We both dance gracefully 
Our paths never intersecting

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secret Valentine

Dear secret Valentine 
I hold you letter 
In my arm
Like a soft 
Or a goodnight kiss
Your word linger in my mind
Only to remind me 
Of the troubles I've left behind
But never the less
I digress

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Love letter 1

I wanted you more than i wanted anything
More than air
More than love 
more than life 
and all that remains after

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With my last breath

At night the silence fills the air
Uttering sounds that are so unclear 
But it better than any nightmare
And so I stand here 
In the cold air
With my last breath
And a huge thirst
And I won't fright 
Cause of whats left

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Loving you was a delusion
I was never in love with you
I was in love with what we 
could be
The memories we could've 
The stories we could have told

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The cold sting if rejection has a 
numbing affect on me
I don't know whether its denial 
Or i'm just being pathetic
I cry alot but i don't feel 
I miss the future we could have 
The memories we could have 
I guess I wanted you to much
I love you too long, even 
though it was never meant to