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Popeye The Sailor Man

There once was a sailor named Popeye
He got through the navy with one eye
Wherever he sailed 
The dames would all hail
They knew Popeye was not a bad guy

Popeye you know had a sweetie
A long legged gal not to meaty
Olive Oyl was her name
Popeye's love was insane
For his love was always entreaty

The trouble you know was called Bluto
A very strong sailor who knew judo
He was after the girl
That made his head twirl
For he felt they made quite a duo

Popeye was not very happy
He spoke to his father name Pappy
Pappy said to him son
Get rid of the bum
You don't want to lose and feel crappy

Popeye was really quite angry
He was really upset and cranky
So he took his old friend
Tied him up in a bend
Walked away a proud and true Yankee

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The Garbage Can

There I sit in every home, 
in the corner of the room.
I collect discarded items
including bottles of old perfume.

Bills and advertisements
magazines and letters too, 
especially those that come
with urgency typed in blue.

You never seem to take the time
to appreciate what I do, 
with all this information 
I could really blackmail you.

So don't you think it would be nice
if you took care of me?
Just clean me up and wash me out
this way I stay germ free.

When you're done
Just line me up, 
with a garbage bag
To show you care for me.

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I was wrong to believe in you dear

It was as if you knew me well

I noticed a change in you

Why were you so untrue?

I felt like a fool

You lied again

How can I

Trust you


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cutting coupons

cutting coupons

from paper left

on the john

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A Stormy Day

A normal sunny day begins
Black clouds have just rolled in
The sun will hide behind them
Signs of a storm to come

With winds so strong, they begin
Churning the leaves about
communication of all goes out
Signs of a storm to come

We rush for cover to protect
Things we love and care for
We beg and plead in total fear
Signs of a storm are near

It’s almost scary 
Day becomes night
Flowers close, birds disappear
Signs of a storm in sight 	

The rain and wind are here
We sit and wait till silence comes
We open the door and see its destruction
Signs of a storm gone by

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impending weather

rainbow sky

in the distant

impending weather

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To hear your whispers and your cries,
The anguish kept deep inside.
The mind not sure of all its fears,
Makes you think you want to die.

I’ve often wonder how could I?
Bring you back from where you hide.
To take part in your life once more,
Among those that do adore.

The way you are when all is well,
A difference  your smile can tell.
A voice we heard when you would sing
with tenderness each note would ring.

Yet something always keeps you there
Where hate and anguish have a place.
In a heart filled with empty disillusion,
Of all your dreams of grand illusions.

Allow yourself to take a step.
To bring you back from emptiness, 
To trust and love those close to you,
Give yourself a chance to see.

Your life can truly be
Filled with joy and ecstasy
The time is now for you to see
It all can be achieved


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i should have Listened

Please tell me if it's true 
Is it possible that you 
Have lied to me again 
With no reason in the end 

Left me broken hearted 
Achieving what you wanted 
Is this the way you play? 
The girls that come your way? 


I should have listened to my Mother, 
My sister and my brother 
When they said I would be stuck 
With a man I could not trust 

I know that life's not fair 
There are times when we must bear 
That life is not for me 
I'd better if I'm free 


I should have listened to my mother, 
My sister and my brother 
When they said I would be stuck 
With a man I could not trust 

Sometimes the answer is where 
You least expect to find it 
My family was always there 
I just didn't realize it 


I should have listened to my Mother, 
My sister and my brother 
When they said I would be stuck 
With a man I could not trust 

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Maybe I am crazy
No, I don’t think it’s me
Opinions they may vary
Positivity is the key
Live and think positive

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Sitting alone in my room at night
Too many thoughts in mind
undoubtedly time goes by
Victim of circumstance, I cry
Why did I let this happen?