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Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

You are my Proverbs 31

I thank God for blessing me with you,
I scream the Lords name out with gratefulness,
I close my eyes and I cry to the Lord with appreciation,
I smile as I pray to the Heavenly Father for the greatest gift I had ever recieved.
Thank you Lord for giving me my Proverbs 31.

When you came into my life on the 5th of December 2011,
I knew you were something special,
I knew there was a reason why God hasnt taken me into the Heavens above,
because He had blessed me with something far greater than Heaven,
It was you.
My Proverbs 31.

I knew you were the one from that moment I saw you,
from that moment when you paused my whole life through one touch,
from that moment when I couldn't believe that you were real,
and not some hope in my imaganation.
I knew you were the one when every bad thing in my life was out of mind
I knew you were the one when God blessed me with my own Proverbs 31.

You showed me real love,
you showed me happiness,
you showed me that the two of us can fight and we will grow stronger together,
you showed me that life can be amazing even through the grey days,
you showed me that you are my Proverbs 31.

I will love you even when my heart stops,
because it will always beat within yours,
I will always protect you,
that I promise you,
I will always have your back just like you have always had my own,
I will cherish the love we share and the moments together,
I will always be there for you
because you are my Proverbs 31.

So I thank you Lord for Lisa,
I promise you I will love her through everything and I will protect her,
because she is Your daughter,
and I promise you that she will be forever safe and forever loved and forever happy.
Thank you Lord for my Proverbs 31.

*this poem is dedicated and inspired to and from Lisa Ndlovu, my first and only love. Thank you for showing me happiness.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

Saying Goodbye

When you hug me one last time,
It feels unlawful to let you go,
It feels like my heart gets the death penalty.
When you kiss me one last time,
It feels like a sin,
It feels like God strikes my heart with lightening, 
When you whisper in my ear "goodbye", 
It feels like the worst screeching sound, 
It’s like my ear drums just want to burst with pain.
But when you walk away,
It feels like I'm about to have heart surgery, 
The Anaesthetic didn't work,
It felt like the doctor ripped open my chest cavity with his bare hands.
Goodbye is possibly one of thee worst pains.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

Mind control

Your formidable beauty controls my eyes,
As I try to stare straight through you,
Just seems impossible because I'm distracted by 
your gorgeous brown eyes and your amazingly 
different smile,
There's more to you than your beauty,
I felt it when I felt your life changing kiss,
Felt my soul being sucked away,
Making me weak so you can control my mind,
Just so I can be inlove with you,
I released myself from that piercing kiss like 
cupid's arrow,
I was hoping to feel different,
Your mind control has got a lock on me now,
I want to be free.

You had full control over me,
You kept my heart beating,
You controlled every thought pattern I had because 
it was always about you,
My mind was about you,
My heart beats when I'm around you,
My lungs gasp when I see you,
Let me free!
Let me go,
I don't want to be controlled by you anymore.

I ran away to be free,
But I couldn't understand why I felt so empty,
I felt so lost,
Could you control me from this far?
Maybe I am free and you never had control over 
Maybe I was wrong after all this time,
I think I'm inlove with you.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

That special kind of beauty

Beauty is a person, place, animal or object that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. 
But I disagree,
Beauty in my eyes is a phenomenon that's so extraordinary it’s more than just a person or object, 
Beauty is remarkable because it creates strange feelings and emotions, 
Beauty makes the dead become so alive, 
Beauty makes the demons become angels, 
Beauty makes me crazy, 
Beauty isn't just physical attributes, 
I know this because I met you.
You shown me beauty isn't just on your stunning face, 
But you have this glow inside you that makes me want to be with you,
It makes me want to glow just like you.
Beauty has more than one meaning,
But to me you have that special kind of Beauty.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

What is beauty

A smile so beautiful it knocks the life out of you, 
Leaving you all dazed up, 
Like Mike Tyson punching you with a right hook, 
You faint from the incredible beauty.

Brown eye's so gorgeous they pierce straight through my dark heart,
Making all this hatred I once had and turn it into joy,
Eyes that save you from death, 
You just look straight into them and you know she isn't Medusa,
You turn me into light and not stone.

Her hair is so radiant,
Smooth isn't the texture,
Because that is perfection,
The smell, the feel and the look,
Makes you believe that God blessed her with hair from angels.

You are the definition of beauty but there's way more to you than physical beauty, 
You got incredible beauty from the inside, 
A pure soul, 
A loving woman, 
A strong person, 
A stubborn attitude, 
And a brave heart.
Your inner beauty shines out of you for the world to see physically.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

When we kiss

The moment my lips touch yours,
It’s like injection of adrenalin,
My heart beats increase rapidly,
When our lips connect,
It’s like you the Goddess of thunder and lightning, 
You strike a bolt of electricity straight into my soul, 
And a thunderous bang echoes endlessly, 
As my heart beats beat against my chest, 
When I kiss you it’s like your lips are made from poison, 
I feel so paralysed, 
But I don't mind, 
I don't want to move away, 
When I kiss you and how our lips make love, 
It’s like it’s a erotic moment, 
The way I feel inside you, 
When we kiss, 
I feel like a drug addict high on cocaine, 
Because when I kiss you I feel so high, 
And I never want to stop, 
Addiction is what I don't mind having, 
When it comes to kissing you.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

I want to be in heaven

That feeling that takes your breath away faster than any form of beauty ever discovered, 
That feeling when your life just lifts into a phenomenon like no other, 
That feeling when you glance into this invisible universe, 
Just staring into space no one but you can see, 
That feeling when you’re heart races and you sweat with temptation, 
By the heat of this unexplained situation, 
That feeling when you feel like its heaven, 
You don't want to be anywhere else but by that incredible vibe, 
That feeling when you came into my life and touched my heart with your angelic hands, 
That feeling when you kissed me and sucked my living soul out and spat it into the heavens above, 
That feeling when you were my distraction, 
My invisible universe, 
You were the closest feeling to heaven, 
You are all I crave.
My heart longs for that burning desire,
My heart longs for you,
I want to be in heaven.

*’That feeling when you glance into this invisible universe, 
Just staring into space no one but you can see’
Meaning that no one can see what you are busy day- dreaming.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

Time travel

I had lost you,
my only reason for breathing,
so I built a machine,
made with heavy tear drops and a broken heart,
wondering will this really work?
I spent so many years building this machine that might cure my heart,
I only have so little time left.

It was finally built after so many years,
I had no idea the time that had passed,
all the tears that had dripped from my heavy eyes,
the blood pumped through my veins from my warned out heart,
but I shall find you again.

I travel to the past and back to the future,
where are you?
as I wheep my soul dry,
on the edge of giving up like a man ready to jump of a cliff,
I gave one last hope and lost myself in my thoughts,
I travelled forever till I had no time,
last breath I had left,
I closed my eyes and saw your face.

I spent all my life travelling,
for what?
when all I had to do was look into my heart because thats where you always were,
right inside my heart,
I smiled as my life ended and I grabbed your hand and we lifted for eternity.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem


A girl,
Who when I stared into her eyes the meaning of life came alive, 
When our foreheads were together it felt lik we were two soul mates that were meant to be fused forever, 
That moment when our lips touched, 
It was like my heart wanted to make love with hers right at that moment,

A smile she had was so angelic,
I felt like I could drift away and die peacefully, 
That look in her eyes when she stared into mine, 
I could see our hearts beating together, 
That moment when she spoke and the words I love you came out, 
Felt like the meaning of life that made me believe it was alive, 
Replaced it with love was the reason for life.

Details | Wade Appelgryn Poem

Pure beauty

Beauty so incredible and so rare,
It’s like witnessing the solar eclipse,
Blinding as it may seem,
But I cannot stop staring.

Lips so intoxicating, 
It’s like kissing the heart of ecstasy,
Making my heart over beat,
So much insanity.

A body so mighty fine,
So delicate,
So soft,
Yet so dangerous,
One sniff of her stimulating skin,
It’s like sniffing cocaine.
Possible damaging my mind and nervous system,
I don’t care, 
I’m lost in the seventh heaven.

Everything about you is bad for me,
But I can’t help myself,
The sin
The lust
I want more,
I need more.
Your beauty is one drug I’m willing to lose myself over.

Pure beauty