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Best Gary Bovett Poems

Below are the all-time best Gary Bovett poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Pohutukawa Tree

Pohutukawa tree I wonder
Which of man’s endless bloody battles
Planted you here?
Your venous red needle flowers
Drop to the ground below
Where they lie in corpuscle puddles

Whose mothers are they I wonder?
Lying in the branches
Morning the senseless loss
Of their loved sons and brothers

Pohutukawa tree
Reminder of war’s terrible cost
So Pohutukawa tree be
Keeper of the peace

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Double Entendre

Does it really have to rhyme?
I'm not entirely sure
It simply takes me so much Thyme
Like it's a herbal cure

Perhaps it is to make you laugh
Is merely what is kneeded
Like dough and other moulding stuff
No creativity impeded

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Why Bananas Help You Sleep

Bananas are
As a rule
Fun to have around
All yellow and soft
And curvy
So delicious when they're peeled

They'll ride around with you
All day wherever you go
As a rule
Without complaining
Apart from the odd occasion
When the journey's been a little long
They’ll hint with their own particular perfume

At the end of a long day
You lay the banana
Face up
On the pillow next to you
It smiles

Should you fall asleep
It will still be there
In the morning
A quick snack before breakfast

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Decided I'd buy a new car
With some money I got from my Ma
So I found an MG
(always wanted one, see)
Now have to drive home from afar

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Attention Seeker

 Halt or I shoot
 Yes hands in the air
 Thats right
 Now sway gently from left to right
 Halt or I shoot
 Well to be honest
 I wouldn't shoot
 I don't even have a gun
 Halt or I stamp (loudly) my right foot
 Just doesn't sound the same

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Performance Anxiety

I may be no linguistic superstar
 Or bachelor,master, doctor of languages
 But i'll have you know
 I've performed my works on many occasions
 To cats, dogs, trees and miscellaneous flora
 All of whom showed quiet
 And genuine interest 
In what I had to say
I have shouted rhymes and
 At the top of my voice
 To the inside of my house
 While every piece of furniture
 Sat motionless in awe
 Rehearsed countless conversations
 While riding bicycle
 Through quiet spectacular landscapes
 Magnificent mountains
 Stood high in silence
 Listening to every word
 Offering quiet encouragement

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks
Would have been a hundred
Were she alive today
Human beings of any colour
would gladly let her sit
Anywhere on the bus
With the possible exception 
Of the driver's seat

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I may be an Emo

I may be an Emo
 Although I've never been in to self harm
 Other than eating and drinking a little too much on occasions

 When I was 18
 A bunch of my friends ambushed me
 Put makeup all over my face
 Planted the seed 
 So a late starter
 Emo at 53

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Idea For The Bard

I travelled to Stratford today
(Crossed  the Avon on the way)
In search of The Bard
To give him my card
As I'd had an idea for a play

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Man In Charge

Sometimes I take a walk 
Down Pioneer Road
Destination lookout post 
Hoist my own colours  
On that white flag pole
To let them all know 
The master's in residence

Settle in the boss's chair 
Look out over the ship yard 
And pretend that I'm in charge
Mine is the permit required
To sail or dock
Load or unload
Board or disembark
Shift that boat 
It spoils the view 
Don't park that crane there 
I'd rather my picture was not obscured 
By your crisscrossed steel beams 
Somebody dim those lights 
It's way past time 
You all went home

Then lower the flag
Walk away satisfied
A days work done 
In however many minutes
I feel allowed 
To dwell a man in charge
Ship yard's master in his own mind