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I see your beauty, I sense your calm,
I feel your breath intense within.
I know the time is nearly here,
For you to come and claim your lair.

I see your strength, I see your fight,
I see your whimsical delight.

Why me I can ask myself,
Yet it will not get anywhere.
The truth laid bare, that's the way,
Maybe I deserved this way.

I see your knowledge, I see your disguise,
I see your being cursing through.

Lest I do not get the chance,
let me say my only chant.
I saw your beauty, I was hooked,
nothing there will ever change.

Such attention, such devotion,
such an evil to be admired.

You know nothing of evolution,
all you know is destruction.
All you touch, all you seek,
You are a void of malignant obligation.

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Free Tiger

Tip toe as I look to seek,
furtive in my main approach.
careful of my whiskers throat,
I need them to twitch and gloat.


My coat it gleams, I am so proud,
my muscles compliment my shroud.
My stripes, the're pensive.
I do not like to show them.
I have them so I can hide,
not from you humans.
Oh no.
From my prey.

I am free you see.
I am not a coat,
a walls design, waywardly impressive though that would be.
Hmmm I am not even a pair of slippers or a hat.

I am me, surreptitious in my approach.
The king of my domain, nature intended it you see.
I am the feline of my jungle.
I am set to roam without a fee.
I am set to be me ........ just 'cause I'm free. 

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To write is to hold, to cherish and adore.
It is to absorb all around you and put it into words.
It's to make history, the telling of your soul.
It speaks for itself, it needs no spoken word.

To read is your own perception, take it as you will.
It is your life that you reap as you read with all intent.
Every story has an end, yet your mind can add a new chapter with an endless clarity.

Hold onto this and feel what you wish.

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Just you

Svelte, salacious, enticing A determination No .. just you

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How ?

How can the world end up a quagmire of irrelevant destruction. Is it not ourselves who delved too deep, encircled territory, distributed weep. We dug the fathomless hole we find ourselves in yet, we seem to intrinsically force the blame onto other entities.


We are not distant, we are not uneducated, we are not even immortally bound by the governs we deliver.

An encircling of hate fills the putrid air, the staleness of resolution, far ended, hanging in its’ own, administered fate. A swirling, bubbling mass of undercurrent fills every ocean. Blood and money washing away the very essence of life.

Is this the way?

Copulation with the destroyer?

Humanity inbred with itself; a fatal deliverance of the rules.


Surreptitious in its’ approach, delicate in its’ balance. Like a misting fog coursing its’ way through every concourse of life. Its’ fingers caressing, tickling the treasure, nurturing with its’ endeavour to cook the air still and to clean the clots from the sky.

Feel the staid, breathe the wave, tenderize the flavour of evolution. Evolve the devolution that we are rutted firmly in, twist it on its’ head and realize the intrepid state we find ourselves fraught with.
Caress the real, absorb what could be so deep in your veins that you live it and smolder its last breath. We are the people, we are us, we are the same, we are of one, so why?  Just why? 

Is this the way?

To fight and to clash, to sing and to pray, deliver us from evil and all what comes may. Bombs exploding, terse words rebounding, heaven and hell merged as if one. Break free from the strop, hare like a hare, soar like a bird, needless despair.

Be free, stop flouting and flaying, courting and baying, whistle the boundaries of all that is good.
Be free, don’t hinder, betray, purge or dismay, let us stand up with a gracious affray.
I bow down to thee, fluent with ease, put down the carcass and build up with with no fees.

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Thank you

Thank you for your slightest whim.
Thank you for your swagger.
Thank you for your deep portrayal.
Thank you for your comments

Your words they mean so much,
lifting me each day.
Whether sad or full of joy,
straightforward, with a play.

To know what you have thought about,
or even how you feel.
That feels like a family,
an extended one for real.

There is no season that will pass,
where I don't recall.
Poetry Soup is just that,
the tastiest one of all.

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The Post Lady

I see your van arrive, emblazoned with the postie sign,
the glamour that's within so hard to hide.
Your face so soft, smile so sweet,
such dazzling teeth that Simon Cowell can only strive for.

Gracious, unspoken, modest,
a tempt of gorgeousness that oozes without even trying.
Natural talent, bizarre, a dizzying height,
a rapture of beauty and one of heavens kisses.

Your eyes, they laugh.
To get lost in them is to get lost in an unending maze,
a welcome maze that no one would want to be released from.

You are your own picture, your own poem, your own song.
You can have your own flower but these you have to help grow.
You, you climbed the highest mountain and rained down on us with such blessed glory no nurture was needed.

We can borrow beauty, nip and a tuck, make up here, gym there - you just swarm it as if a tornado has come and ripped up the rule book.
Engrossed in a wave of oblivion your beauty amassed and fitted together like a freshly made jigsaw in tip top condition.

Enough of the adulation, 
I just can't wait to see your smile again.

Details | Dougie Sargent Poem

My dream

My dream

Fields of dreams, starkly given life.
Subtle tones of pure whisp and light.
Imagination to run wild.
Heavenly mist in all you've yearned.

Quick and fast, like thunder's struck.
Sight appeasing like lightnings lot.
Comforting like the roughest seas,
I am here for you to glee.

My hearts a cavern that knows no bounds,
It's only there for you tosee.
Explore it to your hearts content,
Pure and simple,you have my hone.

Through all the strife and all lifes gain,
There is no precious like you to flay.
Your beauty simply surpasses,
But in the most illustrious way.

What more is there that I can say,
Other than the mightiest sway.
YouI want to be just so,
Because you, my girly, you are my tone.

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Hi Little Bee

Hi little bee
It is nice to see you are free
Hi little bee
Are you coming here to sting me
Whisping flutters, your angry wing
Sing the song of a mighty spring
Hi little bee.

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I used to watch your beauty pass,
Hoping you would stop and grasp.
In awe of your beauty, I wished that you were mine.
I thought ‘ how lucky would I be ‘.
My little bit of perfection,
Such an angel, demure with no affliction,
Far too good for me.

You are a graceful wisp, a delicacy of the finest flavour.
You are the air I breathe, the flowers that I smell,
You are the woman I wake up to, and the dreams I go to sleep with.
There is not an ounce of me that does not love you,
Nor is there a millimeter of my being that does not yearn for you.

You came into my life like an earthquake hitting home.
Your sweet sounds, your resolute opinion,
Your very own demeanor cascading down,
All coursing through my veins with the vehemence of an unstoppable tide.
You’re everything.

Am I dreaming above my weight, could this really be my fate.
To have the love of you so proud, to hold you every day with shroud,
To be the one to caress your lips, to heal your woes, be your support.
What is it that I have done to get to cherish my only one.

You’re amazing, every day you shine my light.
I’m stunned, a thunderbolt embedded deep into my heart.
There is only underestimate, no one,
 not even you can truly fathom exactly how much I love you.
I will endeavour to show you every day.

                                                                  C armelita
                                                                  A dventurous to the core
                                                                  R esplendent beauty.
                                                                  M ely to some,
                                                                  E verything to me.
                                                                  L uscious in all you are
                                                                  I ngrained with allure,
                                                                  T actile with every pore.
                                                                  A true Enigma.

You are the apple of my existence,
To take you for granted would be to insult civilization itself.
I am star struck, I am numb with love for you.
I have never felt this before.

You are akin to an array of mystic galaxies,
Your heaven and earth are all my fantasies,
You are the greatest I have ever seen,
You are my life with all esteem.