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American Pride

Americans are proud people
bringing peace to every steeple
causing wars they will not do
destroying enemies for their due
eating fast foods they will 
forgetting all the thrill
God’s a tricky subject for some
having faith but no one will come
Indians have lost their lands
jackpot slots replace their sands
Kamikazes hit us hard
no one held a winning card
military keeps us safe
nuclear threat is unsafe
open arms policy long gone
Policing neighbors? Should be done
quit pollution always a goal
recovery is in my skull
science against religion
we’re better than a pigeon
understanding is the key
I hope we’ll always be free
war should never be the answer
with many falling to Cancer
youngsters keep growing up quickly
with parents becoming sickly
hold on to that American pride
we’ll take on challenges with stride

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Thoughts Before Bed

the past is haunting me
I just want to be free

there doesn’t seem to be an escape
and success have never took shape

is this my destiny 
hardly any money

money isn’t God
I may have been flawed

but I’m one hundred percent pure
I believe in this life for sure

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Fresh Start

A thousand voices
one thousand and one orders
boot camp is over

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The Forgotten Past

yesterday's feelings
I have memories of them
but I do not dwell

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life’s always changing
don’t come apart at the seams
hope hasn’t left us

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7 Up

water with sparkle
my un cola memories
a Seven Up kid

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Haiku way of Life

love writing haikus
some day I'll speak in haiku
for now I'll write it

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Broken Promises

Broken promises
being made most of the time
honesty no more

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My Belief

Because I write
they look down on me
or am I mistaken?

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Marriage of Hell

Dressed in white she was
five years later I'm in jail
Marriage was pure hell