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Below are the all-time best Lola Barron poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Do you remember the day we met. 
I knew right then we'd be together forever.

Do you remember our wedding day.
You floated towards me like an ivory angel.

Do you remember the children being born.
Small bundles of arms and legs, making our lives complete.

Do you remember our first grandchild.
Precious like our own but less responsibility.

Do you remember our retirement holiday.
Warm beaches and blue skies, just the two of us at last.

Do you remember the first time you didn't come home.
I searched and searched and found you lost and scared.

Do you remember the kind doctors at the hospital telling you not to worry.
You had me to take care of you.

Do you remember waking in the middle of the night.
Thinking there was a stranger next to you.

Do you remember my name.

Do you remember me.

Do you remember.

Copyright © lola barron

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New Year diet

At Christmas as always I ate
So much that I put on some weight
New year I must try
To stay off the pie
And next year, well I just can't wait.

Copyright © lola barron

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Plenty more fish

This Valentine's Day I shall send
To my boyfriend so not to offend.
Even though I am fond,
If he does not respond,
No worries. He's got a best friend.

Copyright © lola barron

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Red hot summer
brown falling, white on the ground
Silvery droplets

Copyright © lola barron

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If you were here , I surely would have known, therefore you cannot be here.

Copyright © lola barron

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All Things Green

My memories of my childhood days are few and far between,
My lucky number seven and my favourite colour green.
Banality of daily life was there for mice and men,
But nothing really matters much when at the age of ten.

I loved to ride my bicycle, go swimming in the lake.
I went to birthday parties, eating jelly, ice cream, cake.
Remember loving sausages and hating cold green beans,
But food was swapped for dating  by the time I hit my teens.

By adulthood my life was marred by being mediocre,
I’d spend my time in pubs and bars, drink beer, play nine card poker.
My parents feared my devilry would not be just a blip,
My father came from Ireland so proposed I took a trip.

He said the memories that I’d have would stay with me forever.
I went. I never thought it, but my dad was very clever.
Irish whisky, Guinness, Smithwick’s, Bailey’s Irish Cream,
They tasted so divine I drank myself into a dream.
My dad no longer talks to me which isn’t very nice,
I listened to him after all and heeded his advice.
The memories that I’m laying down will always make me smile.
The legacy he left for me. The dear old Emerald Isle.                                                                             

Copyright © lola barron

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As I sit I contemplate the hours I spend alone,
Never complaining, never crying.
You used to love me ,want me, need me,
Until it happened.
Now I sit and contemplate the hours I spend alone.

Copyright © lola barron

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I didn't know you'd gone away
I heard it from another,
They said you went because of me
I didn't mean to smother.

I knew your spirit should be free
But couldn't let you go,
I needed you to be with me
I'm sorry. Did you know.

They said you travelled here and there
But never really found
The things that you were looking for
But I was still around.

They said that you were coming back
To always be with me,
But something happened on the way
That no-one could foresee.

If only I had persevered
And you'd not gone away,
You never would have found yourself
But you'd still be here today.

Copyright © lola barron

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Time lies not blameless for the faded, wilting bloom,
But has not dimmed its beauty,
Must not she harbour reflections of awakening Springtime,
But surrender to the Advent of the winter of her life.

Copyright © lola barron

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How I love the shorter evenings

How I love the shorter evenings, fire burning, lamps aglow.
Sunburn and dry sandwiches are seeming long ago.

The leaves already fallen and the trees completely bare,
The snow is pretty on the ground and winter's in the air.

I've had a hearty breakfast, there's a casserole to cook,
I'm watching television and I've finished off my book.

It's feeling like a holiday, I'm seeing all my friends,
The day has no beginning and I hope it never ends ................................

These long dark nights are killing me, they're making me depressed,
I hate my old pyjamas and I really must get dressed.

The fire is spitting sparks at me and burning all in sight,
The lamps remind me of a cave, please just turn on the light.

The snow seems to be daring me to venture out of door,
It's ten feet high, it's freezing cold, it's never gonna thaw.

My friends have eaten all my food and left me on my own,
I've finished every book I have, the television's blown.

I'm yearning for the summertime. I'm longing to be hot,
If ever I say winter's nice. Just shoot me on the spot.

28 January 2013.

Copyright © lola barron