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My little grandson

              “My little grandson”                    Nonet Poem

          I have a little grandson named Lynn
	    who will be three years old this month 
	      he is too smart for his age 
	         speaks English and Myanmar
	             both at the same time. 
	               He likes to wear
                          blue jeans and

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A Man with a big heart

               “A Man with a Big Heart “                             

I met Dr Austin, a dentist in Salt Lake City
Who is caring all patients with no discrimination  
At his high-end clinic, which is always been so busy:
It is hard to find a man like him in this nation.

His clinic is called Gateway Dental Arts, at the Gateway Mall
Which is so cozy with newest contemporary style,
Appointments are easy breezy with just one call,
His expertise is to provide patients to have a beautiful smile.

He works day in and day out tirelessly the whole year
His wonderful staffs all speak so sweet and dear
Encouraging patients young and old, not to fear 
When the doctor had to use all different kinds of drill gear.

Dr Austin didn’t care about money, that’s his principle
All he just wanted is to get the result of his Dentistry, a miracle

Written by Dr Ko Ko Thein  (a) Dr Mya Thein 
                       Salt Lake City.

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Active Volcano

"Active volcano" (haiku) 5-7-5 

active volcano: 
hot smoke gushes up blue sky 
mud cloaks small town fast 

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Nature's Living Slaves

“nature’s living slaves”           (Haiku Poem)

nature's living slaves
prisoners serving mankind
mighty elephants 

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Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter

Spring Summer Autumn Winter              Acrostic Poetry.

Seeking political office is getting hard,
Party politics needs more vigor in this regard:
Republicans must try more to deliver their views
In order to organize the people, without any excuse;
Nowadays, Democrats are getting stronger, after
Gaining control of the White House and the Senate altogether.

Some people think, and it's a true fact, that
Unless Republicans try to review their policy tact,
Many of their seats will be lost in congress,
Mainly some seats in the Senate, also some of the seats they control
Especially in the House: they will have to review and
Revise their conservative norms, regarding Immigration Reforms.

America needs a strong leader
Under the present day economic conditions
To lower the country's debt of over 14 trillions dollars:
Until and unless we try to cut down spending and
Most of us try to reduce excessive wastes,
No amount of effort will save the country from disaster.

We the people think that
In this country it was
Never the right thing,
To increase excessive spending,
Even if we could afford to spend it.
Responsibility lies in all of us to reduce the nation's debt. 

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I love all seasons

      ( seasons that I love )    5-7-5-7-7       Tanka poetry.

I love all seasons;
Plants and flowers bloom in spring
Birds sing in summer
Leaves tumbling down in autumn  
Snow caps mountains in winter

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Dr Mya Thein

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Bob The Builder Lynn

	“Bob The Builder Lynn”  (2 years old)

At our residence in the United States
screw drivers and pliers are always at stake,
if in need, you will never find them even if you wail
as Lynn Waiyan Thein took them all away.
Around the house he would crawl and play
and he is “Bob the Builder”, he would call and say
as he is very much interested in fixing toy cars all day
playing with rings and spanners , the whole day. 
If you are in need, you should better buy a new one
as Lynn is the Commander in Chief with play gun 
Grand Pa, Grand Ma and all Aunts stayed fun.

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (U.S.A.)
Salt Lake City.
Dedicated to my 2 years old grandson Lynn W. Thein.

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the fish bone prick

  the fish bone prick                          Senryu poem

I have fish bone prick
doctor said open your mouth
It is in my foot.

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hero of Myanmar

       hero of Myanmar              (Haiku)

General Aung San
father of independence
hero of Myanmar.

Dr Ko Ko Thein
Salt Lake City

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Three Serious Scandals

                                                                              Political Senryu 5-7-5   

     "Three Serious Scandals"

It’s second watergate
three scandals rock the white house
Shaking Obama.