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For so long I had given up hope,

Thought I’d roam this earth alone.

But you walked in with such grace and ease,

Can’t picture a day when you would ever leave.

Scared, I was, for quite some time,

For my broken past has shown you why.

Yet here we are, our future withholds,

And as time goes on we’re learning to know,

That love grows deepest as time unfolds.

Details | Devin Bowes Poem

Pleasant Distraction

My mind drifts,
Brings me to your eyes.
It's a pleasant distraction
I throw my hands to the sky.
I toss in the towel,
I give it all to you.
Our story is indifferent, it's incomplete,
It's a pleasant distraction,
I can feel the heat.
Because I want to move on,
I don't want to hurt,
But my feelings remain strong,
Your looks leave me unsure.
You're my pleasant distraction,
My dream, my ache, my cure.

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Cut Your Losses

Life is a game of wins and losses,
You must know when to cut yourself off.
Cause I’ve tried to push through, I’ve tried to hold on,
Relentless yet insecure, I was nothing but a pawn.
Now the tide folds over, the season turns from brown to green
I face towards the sun, you’re still all that I see.
But something has changed, your skin is fading,
I smile as I foresee a happy ending.
And so it goes, the saying holds true,
The more time that passes, the more I forget about you.

Details | Devin Bowes Poem

The Giver

I’m a compassionate creature

I am a giving tree.

So many times I think of others

So many times I forget about me.

The tables keep on turning

And the room constantly spins.

In my world of secrets and darkness

I’m never the one who wins.

I give until I have no more

Then I give things that I need.

So that others can be happy

So that others can succeed.

I see all the same faces

High up here in this tree.

Is there anyone else out there?

Anyone who wants to give to me?

Details | Devin Bowes Poem


You lift my soul and carry my bones

This is the lightest body I’ve ever owned

Learning to live for one, but love for two

It’s all a new story with you.

Feelings of fear surrounded my heart,

Broke my fall, turned love on pause.

I know I’ll love you one day,

But I’m not too sure what that means.

Though these feelings I feel for you, run to the deepest parts of the sea.

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I used the pain to weigh me down,
Surround my lungs and hope I’d drown.
Once I’m gone there’s no turning back,
It hurt to think of all that I had.
Most days I wish I could forget,
But the scars I made left me regret.
I cannot hide how I used to feel,
My pure self-hatred was certainly real.
To this day I can carry on,
I’ve learned to love, and learned to be strong.
Yet there are always those days that take me back
To that deep, dark place in the realms of my head.

Details | Devin Bowes Poem

Common Ground

It'll take some time now,
But we'll find our common ground.
I love you most without a doubt,
I'd be a fool to live without.
Time and time and time again,
It's time that it'll take to be your friend.
I'm willing if you are, to find a new start,
Just give me time to mend my heart.

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I can feel the pain now

let it out, let it out.

You’ve created these walls now,

break them down, break them down.

I’ll try my best to break you and build you back again,

But you’ve got to be willing; let me carry your weight.

I can only hold on for so long,

but for you I’ll wait forever;

I’d hate to see this as a trend.

I love how you make me feel;

scared but comfortable; intense and real.

So let me be your crutch, your rock,

Allow your heart to open up.

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Acceptance of me, acceptance from you,
I can rarely accept what's so blatantly true.
I try and I try, then I try a little more,
Though my heart and my past will leave me unsure.
To trust is a goal I can never achieve,
An investment that I would fail to keep.
Yet now and again I'll find a good soul,
Who'll warm my heart with stories untold.
But that day will come when the tables will turn,
I'll be left with a choice; to trust or be alone.

Details | Devin Bowes Poem

Distance and Lies

Your words are just as cold as your eyes
They have no meaning, filled with lies
Your touch engulfs me 
and surrounds my whole world
You lied, you lied.

You said I meant everything
You told me that you cared
But when I told you what I was feeling
You backed away, you got scared

Now here I live, half a life
Have no direction, nowhere in sight
Hoping that you’ll feel my heartbeat
And come running home to me.