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Goodbye, My Pepe Taco

Ah, Pepe!   My Pepe-Taco !     My Little One!                                
so much more than just a dog …. 
how delightful, how clever, how handsome, how affectionate!
you really smiled, and really said “I love you”…..
to get my attention, you kidnapped my slipper and hid it under the bed;
you dropped the empty yogurt cup in front of my chair and looked at me, waiting;
you tugged gently at the hem of my skirt, wanting to share my potato chips;
you ate cheerios and milk off a spoon like a real person…
often i sat in the rocking chair and held you until my elbows went numb.
if you thought i was out of your sight for too long 
you barked in Pepe bark code “come back!  i miss you!”

last night you curled up next to me on the soft blue and white quilt 
close to my heart, 
and we went to sleep - 
                                 but you did not wake up……….
my heart is still  listening for you... 
now there is a little circle of stones out in the yard
I planted seeds there that will be bright yellow and brown flowers
like the colors of the coat you left behind.

one day I will not wake up
the soft blue and white quilt long forgotten..
and somewhere, in that Other Place,
i will hear you barking
“come back! i miss you”!
calling me Home. 

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together we were a pencil

together we were a pencil i would write down all our dreams then you would erase them

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single large grey bird walking

There was a single large grey bird
Walking around in my back yard
What is the matter, I asked him
He said well
I was flying with the group
And got distracted by a
Rather beautiful sea bird
I don’t know where they are now, he said
So I told him that earlier that morning
I had seen a “vee” of birds flying overhead
And there was definitely an empty spot in the formation
That was where I should have been, he said sadly
We thought about things in silence for a moment
Then I looked at him and said
But, you do know the way, don’t you
He lifted his head up toward the sky
Well, yes I do know the way, he said
He looked at me for another moment 
Stretched his wings once
And flew away.		

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early dawn haiku


                                                          crystal drops
                                                    strung on a fence rail