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devi me II my childhood

Crawling for many days 
my knees getting dark 
my hands losing its soft touch 
increasing anticipations on my mom's face 
still soiling my clean panties 
At last, my first step 
joy shooting across  mama's face 
uncontrollable tears tumbling down her cheeks 
me laughing,advertising my two milky teeth 
a moment of pure joy incomparable 
mama and i drowning in innermost love 

My second step,  
my legs wobbling mama stretching her arm 
yearning for a hug 
But no, my first heavy fall 
a tear trying to fall 
mama quickly compensates me 
not willing to destroy the moment 
compensating me with sweet breast milk

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Incomplete portrait

 I met a pretty queen 
whose eyes sparkled like  
the diamonds of Sierra Leone 
whose lips as red and hot  
as chili pepper 
whose cheeks charmingly dark 
as the night skies 
whose hair as smooth as 
the silks of the merchants of Persia 
and her palms as soft and versatile   
as the clays of the garden of eden  
she bears breast, ripen breast  
meant for only kings 
her shape like the 
curves of the mighty Limpopo 
her legs like the cedars of Lebanon 
the sound of her footsteps like  
the rhythms of the xylophone 
 But though i am a professional artist  
no amount of paint and textures can portray 
a full portrait of the queen of my dreams.

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The rosy request

The moon is smiling 
the stars are blinking 
love is raining 
crickets are singing 
and angels are calling 
whiles my heart is saying to my rosy butterfly 
"Can I take you to dinner"

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I begun life in prison cell, 
as dark as a bottomless well, 
 with no difference between day and night, 
i cuddled myself  tight. 
Awaiting the day of bailing, 
that i will be filled with joyful wailing, 
and walk in the countryside, 
with heaven on my side. 
Only to be released and end up captured, 
comfortably arrested, 
suckling milk with no bother , 
a new born baby in the arms of  a mother.