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Tribute to a friend

Liberty's tree is reeling drunk indeed
upon the life of saints and patriots alike
though I speak of a hit and run strike
men are crushed in her wine press of need

Why did she pluck such a good fellow?
who fought our beasts of oppression
who peddle sorrow, tears and depression
as he bravely stood for a better tomorrow

Dimgba, you were a bright beacon of hope
you made friends early with bitter truth
that made many stand before you mute
as you gave the poor masses a reason to cope

Yes we shall march to your grave side
to lay to rest these fears that enslave us
these pains that hold us down like a curse
these we shall bury deeply side by side

To mother earth your body shall rest at last
your free spirit shall soar on a crescent star
guiding men who will arise to leave a scar
upon these political heavens held fiddly fast

We shall not say goodbye but well done
your enduring legacy will never be undone

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A dirge for Dimgba Igwe

The rooster dares to crow
as the reaper reaps and sows
tender souls of human life
upon this earth full of strife

Before the breaking of dawn
when void shadows lie to fawn
a righteous seed will stand a price
denying this cock from crowing thrice

The sick sickle that reaps this seed
shall live before our Sun to bleed
as spored seeds do solemnly fall
awaiting the suns righteous call

Though these words may hit and run
leaving a mangled poetry as fun
the Sun approaches vengeful and bright
bringing all our hidden works to open light

Adieu Dimgba Igwe our voiced seed
your bloods wailing call, angels shall heed

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

The Man Died

He lies a mangled heap of naked shame
dead to nagging worries, thoughts and sorrow
a worn dusty dress clings to his lean marrows
silent he lies in a noisy street with no name

All his lofty dreams and achievements
lie quietly with him in his exposed grave
all his prayers and high hopes none can save
mute the too heap a colossal embarrassment

The joy of an only male child is still
the cheer of giddy success is silent
tears from sobbing hearts are absent
only a crowd of sober vultures at his heels

Curious feet walk briskly away from him
who once lived, loved and sinned like many
who now heedlessly lies without a penny
facing a shy sky who turns away dim

He remains a terrible sight of cold shame
putrid morning, a cynosure of attention
crowds salute hand over nostrils in petition
to our commanding John Doe with no name

A corpse of our national soul lies
dead in the center of our patriotic eyes

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

Adieu Maya

 A new star graces the sky
shinning bright, twinkling blue
an ebony star that was you
who sits upon our hallowed sigh

Your words echo promises of hope
rhyming our beating heart to our soul
making us become a verse of heavens goal
even though I wonder how can we cope

Maya you were too beautiful to remain here
where God's angels are seldom known
into the soil of our heart you have sown
rich laughter our eager ears still hears

Angelou you are our mocking bird
who sang clearly her divine song
who soared our heavens so long
your song seems like all we hear

We miss you our lovely Maya
our true black and proud mama

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

Be like a Tree

If men would but stand fast like a tree
Though fierce winds blow and rains fall
Bending and dipping but not breaking at all
You will stand in quiet majesty, tall and free

When conditions grow harsh with disfavor
Stand strong, proud and unwavering in faith
The tides will turn though it may come late
It will crown you with laurels of honor

When seasons turn favorable spread your arms
May your fruits give the motherless food and hope
May your shade give the homeless reason to cope
Then the world will flock to bask in your novel charm

When all that is you is rooted good and deep
No storm can reach the rich dreams you keep.

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

You alone 2

Some days may not lie in our hands
when we work as elephants but feed like ants
when the grains of our heart is seeded with can't
only you may choose to fall or to stand

When we try to but fail to understand
when a kissing Judas lies in wait as a friend
when all that hoped for comes to an end
only you may choose to fall or to stand

When our rich dreams sink in quick sand
misfortune courts our everyday life
we find no peace as we romance with strife
only you may choose to fall or to stand

When love breaks it's soothing band
our weary hearts are rent in twain
when all that is good seems to wean
only you may choose to fall or to stand

Even now when these words seem to fail
choosing Christ alone can you begin to prevail

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem


Memories are golden nuggets of the past
those fleeting moments that does not last
stored in the vault of a tempered heart
drives these weary feet down it's present path

Memories of a lost laughter, a stolen smile
when naive innocence happily lingered a while
when toddling hearts were not ruled by needs
love lost call were boldly answered indeed

Memories striving to meet up and grow up
listening to advice of those responsibly atop
losing the secret pathway back to virgin Eden
living a sad lie with hearts so openly hidden

Memories of you and I do linger still
at the fading footfalls of the sun's heels
in quiet moments of truth and noble silence
I face you seemly naked without pretense

Memories are gone just like yesterday
like early morning dew that hates to stay
memories, a slice of heaven made true
because of someone as special as you

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

Breath Again

Could such coarse hands
strike forth such sweet music
drawing gently the strings of your tunic
heavenly melodies I vaguely understand

Could such stuttering lips
eloquently call forth pleasure
drawing out the decibels we treasure
from the grooved fountain of the deep

Could blind eyes dare to see
the face that launched a thousand ships
imprisoned in blissful smile of companionship
dares me to be what I must be

What strange roars I hear?
what crimson storms rage?
feeble feet wobble shy courage
as my body shudders in pleasing fear

At the moment of little death
buried in arms we bring birth
to noble life as we breath again here.

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem


As this fevered vision comes to pass
these saviors with their plagued feet
grinning lips bereft of truth and teeth
sorely hunger for our wealthy carcass

Armed with a legion of noisy mosquitoes
billboards, loudspeakers are screaming out
glossy party programs from north and south
hide in shiny boots ulcers of a leprous toe

Heaven on earth, Utopia upon this earth
fills this polluted air with a fog of expectations
empty bellies, potholes and dry taps yawn in frustration
to these aired slogans trampled in to their death

Beggars in suits trail along with their plates
marching in crescendo to galled pipers tones
crumbs will buy souls truly branded ill fortune
whose chalked fingers met no lettered slate

To the royal banquet of a nations carcass
strewn by violence, greed and poverty in plates
chokes off earnest prayers that arrives so late
as our rotten saviors gasp, sigh and pass

Awed we stare at their remains in animated shock
choking upon their loot they run out of sheer luck.

Details | Ifeanyi Ajagu Poem

Vessels of Honor

God has hidden great treasures

in vessels of seeming dishonor

who are out of funds, luck and favor

being different they incur our displeasure

Many stars are hiding in their shell

a beautiful soul masked as cursed

full of mistakes, failures and costs

allow our expectations to crumble to hell

Still many of these late bloomers

dream up a life many do envy

living beyond our rat-race slavery

they see our world with the eyes of groomers

Pruning our world with their dreams

thoughts, words, inventions and arts

from great deeds to such little acts

their legacy is to harvest our joyful screams

God has hidden star treasures

in odd vessels within plain sight

that we may learn to fear His might

learning not to incur His grave displeasure

Such lonely stars twinkle in the blue

heavenly treasures unknown to you.