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Naughty Little Rose

I stopped to smell the roses
and a thorn stabbed me in the nose
Then an angry bee  flew up my shorts
And left me dancin on my toes
I started running for my doorstep
Sting ointment was my desparate need
But i tripped going up the steps
And it gave me bloody knees
My nose was bleeding profusely
The bee stinging me you know where
I was screaming like a wild banshee
Who was caught up in a snare
I went through the door in a mad frenzy
My wife saw my wild-eyed stare
She heard my screams of agony
Then she laughed like she didnt care
I bolted for the bathroom
I spread the ointment tween my thighs
I showered the blood off my knees and nose
Then i slipped and blackened both my eyes.
Theres a moral to my story
A life lesson very true,
When you stop to smell the roses
Maybe the roses are smelling you.

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A Life :He Wept

He held the child for the first time
Such a fragile gift , he felt unworthy
As he watched her drift off to dream her first dream, 
he wondered  about the life awaiting her.
And he wept

She ran into his arms , tears flowed like rain
He could feel the pain she bore
He bandaged her knee and brushed her tears.
and held her until she felt safe again.
And he wept

Her first broken heart tore her in two
She cried for days on end. 
He wanted to hurt the unworthy man who did this
 to his baby girl, but he just held her close and caught her tears, 
And he wept.

The policeman at the door said nothing could be done, 
could he come identify the remains
His heart fell out that this his darkest day
too see his baby girl this way
And he wept

The crowd of friends and family all came to say farewell
, memories were shared of lives she touched 
and how she left so young. 
He stayed behind at the gravesite 
and said " I love you," one last time.
And he wept.

He sat alone and pulled out the videos
Her first steps, her first bike ride, first swim lesson
Her first corsage, Her prom dress
And the last gift she gave him
The wrinkled old sweater he will never throw away
And he wept

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Open our eyes God

They kick God out of classrooms
And evil walks right in
Innocents are led to slaughter
Before their lives can even begin
Our jaws drop from the shock
We are appalled by such a crime,
But we voted for laws to kick god out
To usher in such times
I remember morning prayers in class
And a hymn or two we'd sing
We would join hands around the flagpole
A give thanks for the grace he brings.
This nation was founded on godly principals
And his blessings poured out each day
But we grew up trying it on our own 
And look at the troubles that come our way.
You dont have to believe me
And keep turning your head away
But the proof is happening before our eyes
And gets worse each passing day
Theres now a number of innocent children,
Who are sitting before Gods throne
And hes wrapping his love around them
Because this world has let them go.
How much suffering must we endure 
What will it take to make things right
We must allow God to rule our lives
Til evil is banished from our sight.
We can blame it on the monsters
Or some will  curse God for what was done
But we should look real hard at our own direction
If this battle is truly to be won

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They Cant See

They think because im a man that i wont shed tears
They think im strong inside, but they cant see what i hide.
Its partially my fault, for wearing the phoney smile,
And all the while
I bleed out the hurt and pain
Again and again
They dont see me on my knees begging
Oh god please,
Take this madness all away,
How much does my heart have to pay
So many poor choices
So many condemning voices
They dont see me cry in my house at night,
With the blinds pulled tight,
Living out my existance,
Am i the only tormented one
The black sheep, the wayward son
Will the light of promise one day shine
Will i be blessed in Gods good time
Or is this my fate, my sad state
Yes they cant see,
They just cant see.

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The Cruelest Blow

Here i am away from you
As time just marches on
I can feel it all slip slowly from my hands
Til one day its just all gone.
I think about my love for you
Some days it seems just a dream
And all i can do is hold the memory
Of how things used to be
I gaze upon your photo
And your smile brightens up my heart
But when i lie down in my empty bed
My soul just falls apart.  
You were what i always wished for
I thank God for the day that i met you
But life has played the cruelest joke
By stealing my moments planned for you.

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What if God removed all women from the earth
And no one left for man to love or give birth
Or worse.  mans cursed,
To wander alone in the universe
To cook and clean and shop all alone
And celebrate special occasions on his own
Or there were no more little dresses to by
for that little apple of his eye
Pictures absent of pretty smiles
No one to sit with and chat awhile
No more candlelight dinners for two
No soft skin laying next to you
Man would build dream houses for empty dreams,
No kids no toys no rooms to clean
A gift taken for granted its flower will shed
And selfish love will wind up dead
So treasure your flower and watch your garden grow
And shower your love so she keeps her glow

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They really don't know me.
My existence doesn't affect them.
Unseen on the crowded streets.
Just another passing breeze.
A name not even carelessly whispered.
Just another number.
I'm falling through the cracks.

An echoless scream resounds in my ears.
And so it goes for years and years.
The same unvisited house.
Never noticed at the end of the street.
Where curtains of iron protect;
From intruders who never come.

The unpainted mailbox,cocooned in cobwebs.
Houses the loveletters yet to be sent.
Near the unmarked grave;
In a lonely plot embedded in weeds.
Where the flowers are invisible just like me.

Details | Carl Fraser Poem

A Reason We Die

I pondered one night the mystery
Of why people have to die
How we as a species are doomed from birth
I just couldnt understand why

Was it just from the bite of one apple
That our destiny became forever sealed
Then why should the generations that follow
Suffer over one broken deal

Perhaps from the beginning God knew our 
And the mayhem we would cause every day
If he allowed us to live forever
Perhaps our whole world would be blown 

So he sent his son here with a promise
If we follow him there would be no demise.
And spread the message of love all around
We would live forever in paradise

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Passing the Torch

I used to be creative,
I was crafty with the pen
People liked to read my odes
And would praise me now and then

Yes, i would dive into the river
Where the creative juices flow
My pen would seize the moment
And take on a life all its own

I would scribble til the morning
And sleep would pass me by
But i had to react to my calling
Until it was emptied from inside

Some folks say i have a gift
And should sell a book or two
Ive never heard of a rich poet
Maybe when we die we get our due

So one day some years from now 
When my name is etched in stone
Perhaps my odes will touch one heart
And the gift will carry on.

Details | Carl Fraser Poem

My Lady, A Sailors Lot

Jumped on a ship in Boston
Set sail for the open seas,
Give my lady one last kiss
It'll be awhile she'll be seein me.
I said, "dont worry darlin,
I'll carry you right here in my heart;"
 I watched her wave with a tear in her eye,
You know it tore my soul apart.

Been travelin now bout four months
Or maybe a little while more;
Sent off a letter to my lady-love
The day we first made shore.
Told her how much i missed her,
And how i longed to hold her so;
Please know im thinkin of you baby,
But for now love i have to go.

Boson handed me a letter,
When we made the next Port of Call,
Tore it open like a kid at Christmas,
Now i wished i didnt touch it at all,
She said she was so lonely,
And she met a man who loved her so;
She said," sorry it had to be this way,
but its for the best you know."

Time seems to moves so slowly,
When the sea becomes your home;
Loves will come and go with the wind,
And you still wind up all alone.
Now the sea has become my lady,
She gently rocks me to sleep at night;
And though i miss a womans touch,
My soul will be with the sea tonite.