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Remember Me

words i use to fill a space 
to stir a feeling 
influence and excite 
like movements energy 
distance's footsteps make 
proven emotion stains memories past 
weakness enveloped as of night 
no voice nor sound
fluidizing  lines of power 
sheltered from familiars sight 
breaking free sparks 
arc of might  
expectations shimmer 
i will win this fight 
new hope soars surpassing 
feathered speckled clouds 
I breath I live I feel 
the words I write

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Afternoon In July

Children playing in the park, 
Laughter echoing in the wind, 
Feeding the ducks, 
Ducklings in tow, 
Birds singing sweetly, 
Rabbits burrow. 
Swings and round about, 
Children's laughter how they roared,
Sliding down the chute, 
Not one child bored, 
Flower to flower, 
Buzzed the bee's, 
Church bells ringing, 
Through the spring breeze, 
Tractor plowing near fields of sheep, 
While nearby cows lazily sleep, 	
Birds flying through trees So tall, 
Whilst children paddle near the waterfall, 
A chirp is heard near the thickets, 
A closer look reveals a. thousand crickets, 

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This is how

 From my heart
 The spirals fount
 Upwards into my mouth
 Rolling around forming
 Sound reverberating outwards
 This is how i speak

 Spinning thoughts
 Imagination grows
 Auto response's
 Pen to paper
 This is how i write

 Looking upwards
 To things i cant see
 I live in hope
 A feeling of freedom
 A need i keep
 This is how i believe

 Reaching out
 Pulling closer
 Taste of sweetness
 Hidden pleasure
 The last one is mine
 This is how i eat 

 A painful wave
 Eyes i wish to close
 broken up into pieces
 Alone in the dark
 This  is how i sleep

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Butter Or Marge

Creamy, salty and rich, 
My father he did mutter, 
He took a bite, Crunch, 
As mother started to stutter, 
God knows WH  WH why you love it so, 
After all its only butter, 
Well he said there was a copper, 
His wife loved it to, 
Yet he couldn't stop her, 
So he pulled out his truncheon, 
Which was quite large, 
And shouted no not butter eat Marge, 
Well it ended in tears almost divorce, 
Five years on, 
He's eating butter of course,