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Love Lost

Love Lost

Again we’ll never love,
And our paths may never cross.
At least we tried to love,
Though in the end we lost.

We now drift our own ways,
Far from where we’d start.
To wish the past away,
I would with all my heart.

I shift through the sand,
Taking what I need.
And that which I leave,
Causes me to bleed.

Persistent you are,
Yet I cannot be.
Though you want a friend,
You need to set me free.

My feelings for you,
Are not as before.
They do not exist,
For I love you no more.

Copyright © monique brandt

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Sorry for pain.
Sorry that I,
Must break your heart.
Sorry to lie.

Sorry to go.
Sorry to see,
The look in your eye,
As I turn to leave.

Sorry you want,
What won’t become.
Sorry you suffer.
I left you undone.

Sorry if I,
Don’t seem to care.
Sorry I “front”.
Sorry it’s not fair.

Sorry I’m distant.
Sorry you’ve tried.
Sorry my emotions,
I try to hide.

Sorry I can’t,
Be here for you.
Sorry to leave,
But this I must do.

Copyright © monique brandt

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Until the End

Until the End

Cherish me
I’ll never let you go

Adore me
My love will ever grow

Value me
I’ll never turn my back

Respect me
My trust you’ll never lack

Treasure me
I’ll give you my all

Admire me
I’ll never let you fall

Hold me
When I become upset

Console me
When I come to fret

Take me
The way I am

Love me
Until the end…

Copyright © monique brandt

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To Him Who I Hate

To Him Who I Hate

I need not a man
To define who I am.
I can make it on my own
Lest I’ll be damned.

Was anything real
Was it all just a lie?
There goes my dream 
Of my perfect guy.

Can’t understand why
The reason behind,
The actions he took
Which I continue to find.

I can’t even cry
The hate rages so.
How in the ****
Could he go so low?

He was my all
Too bad I wasn’t his.
Unfortunate now
That I must have his kid.

Should I stay around
I show I am weak.
It is not the attribute
I choose to seek.

My soul is distressed
My heart aches with pain.
I burn with a fury
Which is hard to contain.

Before me lies strength
Behind me mistakes.
I see there the path
That I must take.

Copyright © monique brandt

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The Lone Tree

Like a lone tree
I am sturdy by myself,
But my leaves still fall like tears for you.

Copyright © monique brandt

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In My Twin's Shadow

I am evil while she is good,
She knows but keeps it in.	
I persuade the truth away,
Causing her to sin.

I don’t want to make her stray,
But she is ever certain,		
That I would never get her lost,
Because she is my twin.

Little does she know that I
Am a less than perfect soul.	
I do not want her to take my route
Falling short of all her goals.

Good twin, bad twin
Right twin, wrong twin
Does it matter anyway?		 
I think I know which one am I
Thanks to our mothers’ say. 

In a shadow all my life
I refuse to be stamped out.	
Always walking one step behind,
Don’t you care what I’m about?

Copyright © monique brandt

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Cold, black seat
Transfixed there.	 
Mind made up
My choice I’ll bare.

Needle to wrist
Sharp point sense.	
Pain is now 

What is inked
Ever glows.
What it says?
Come look to know.

Copyright © monique brandt

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A free spirit
I try to stay grounded.
But well-rounded.

Ever searching
But know who I am.	
Never simple
For I love the glam.

Long, brown 
Hair and eyes.	
Winter is my 
Favorite time.

Unlucky in love
But lucky in life.		
Happy where I am
Most of the time. 

Wanderer of cities
Have lived all around.	
Who knows where I’ll land
Next time around. 

A poet at heart
If my poems are bad I don’t care.		
It’s an outlet I seek
From somewhere in deep.





Copyright © monique brandt

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The Rose

Look at the rose,		
Shriveled and wilted.	
Petals drooped low,
Disfigured and tilted.

Weathered the gale,	
Baked in the heat.	
Survived the trail,
At the end met defeat.

Do you not judge,
 How she looks now?	 
Broken and leaning,
Far to the ground?

I bet she is stronger, 
Than you or I think.	
Though she’s lived longer
Her color stays pink.

Death may be near,	
But she’s wiser than I.	
She does not fear
The next chapter in life.

One last cold night,
She cannot hold on.
Though try with her might,
Collapses at dawn.


Copyright © monique brandt

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Lost Girl

Lost Girl

She leaves at night
No one knows where she goes.	
A constant secret
That nobody knows.

Consumed with uncertainty
Lacking self respect.		
She has learned not to care
Only herself she neglects.

Under bright lights 
She gets lost in her world.		
She puts on a front
An unattainable girl.

The stage is her office
The consumer her paycheck	
She shuts it all out
And tries to disconnect.

To clients it is fantasy
Mere dreams they can‘t attain. 		
But to her it is reality
As she tries to keep herself sane.				

It doesn’t have to be this way
Voices whisper in her ear.		
But she chose to take the easier road
And somehow got stuck here.


Copyright © monique brandt