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Below are the all-time best Goran Rahim poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Does He

You left me for someone else,
You have no feelings for me.
But now all I want to ask,
Does he love you more than me? 

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Your Umbrella

                                   Can be yours,
                             Whenever you feel like
                   A drop is Pouring down from sky and
              It reaches your beautiful hair. I can be yours,
       To protect your beautiful face, I can be yours, whenever

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A Kite

                                               I could fly
                                        Like a kite in the sky.
                                     Because each time I see
                               A kite, it reminds me of freedom.
                         Each time I see a kite, it define a free bird.
                  I wish I could fly like a free bird, I wish I could fly
                      To the skies that heart desires. I wish I could
                         Fly to the town, where my heart belongs
                                I wish I could fly like a kite, to a 
                                   Sky where I could express 
                                       Freedom and Liberty 
                                            I wish I could
                                               Fly a kite
                                                   In a

          I wrote this piece remembering my childhood life as a refugee.

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Her Breakable Heart

 A breakable heart
And the fragrance of a rose
 Some tears in her eyes
For an unknown destiny
And a cold night of city

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The Dimples on Your Cheek

 I wanted to sleep
 Without writing any word 
For your smile.
 I wanted to pretend
 I am not touched by your beauty and your style.
 To convince my words,
 I had to show your picture to my heart.
 That is when 
I noticed the dimples on your cheeks.
 Trust me,
 It made your picture the purest art. 

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Your Glare

Dear the moon in sky
I recognize your beauty
I value your glare
Alas, I cannot reach you 
As I have fear of flying 

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Our cold nights are gone
A snowy day is ahead
Seasons confuse me

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The sound of the winds,
A dark night of this city.
Without you tonight
Disappointed in promise
Spending my time with Sandy.

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Cold Season

My wool cap on head
Welcoming the cold season,
In need of fire logs.

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Visit My Grave

When I die,
 I know 
You will not show up in my funeral.
 Whenever you miss me, 
Please take out my written journal.

 When I die,
You experience some grief.
 That is why I will leave you 
My poems,
They will give you some relieve.

 After me,
 Please keep your smile,
 Please be the same.
 If you ever forget my love,
 Please remember my name.

 I know 
You will not be in my funeral,
You will say "who cares."
 In a corner of your room,
 You will shed some tears.

 Don't feel guilty,
 For the times You hurt me,
 I have already forgave you.
 Please do the same for me,
 For the times 
I have bothered you. 

Whenever you feel down, 
Thinking the life is so tough.
 Don't forget,
 For you,
 My dead heart is still full of love.

 When I die,
Don't cry, please be brave.
 I know you will not come to my funeral,
 But, please visit my grave.