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the year's shades and colors
translucent or opaque toned
by the intense losses
and all the sad events
the year's touching,  beautiful memories
so bright, tender and unctuous
such a comforting Mass
with countless heartwarming spells
the year's  living past and present
gilds  the wheat and the chaff
a protective layer  of opalescent varnishes
based on the tears  and laughter  during the days gone
the year's boundless endless tidal
large and small worlds surrounding you
significant  silence  on  Christmas Day
solitary moment  for all to  hear, feel and see

all year's crystal clear Christmas angels 
with your all seeing eyes at home in terrestrial and celestial spheres
these days radiant in so many Christmas corners
collect and reflect all the colors of the rainbow

(c) Elly Wouterse

note: under 'Poets notes' a link to the illustrated version of this poem. 

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Solar power

behind darkest clouds
the moon accompanied stars
limitless lost light
until the sunset
in a heavenly blue sky
colored a new day

Written for "Choka Me - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Dr.Ram Mehta
by Elly wouterse
(Choka 5 7 5 5 7 5)

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Three moving stones in the dark

almost three hours before dawning
on this silent and cold December morning
three little stones are crossing the street
the sound of a toddling stampede
caused by a threesome of spiky stones
standing still only reveals the stepping tones
in the wee small hours
on the pavement covered with white flowers

on this first frosty clay cold day
while three little hedgehogs are on their way
to find a place to stay all winter long
for a few moments my bike light their guide
I watch a mother and her two little hedgehogs for a glide
in a one-liner-run to their winter housing
for their dormancy dreaming until their awakening

(c) Elly wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem


nature sings softly her lively recital
everything  is glorious and looks vital
the swans exhibit courtship behavior
their dances visual pieces for their spring-paviour

thrushes chitter their earliest symphony
birdseed germinates and outspreads spring widely
two newts show a beautiful mating dance
strawberry plants use their early spring chance

a show of new born green just above the ground
alders pollen causing sneezing peoples' sound 
few snowdrops,  celandine,  white dead nettle
and hazel trees show leaves and huge mettle

appetite dictates this walk with our dog
a craved annual entry in our blog
at length awaited while walking and watching
dozens of reasons for thinking and talking

the artificial Christmas tree just packed
the baubles and the glass peak safely wrapped
a large cup of hot chocolate a good mate
served forthwith stale Christmas cookies on a plate

(c) Elly Wouterse
(edited 12/17/2014)

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Out of control

interference from the present outside  
in between humans struggling or browsing
always phones are being  used  or ringing 
radios broadcasting their loud flood tide  

news from all over the world  all  the time  
humans searching or fighting their own way 
the times are  changing  every  single  day  
a positive message a hidden mime  

hardly or no space at all to reflect  
calm moments mirages at a distance  
stress the only possible existence  
bombs of events claim each their own effect  

searching for my view and the clue what to do  
my attempt to walk trough reality's  coup 

(c) Elly Wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Hidden mountaineer

hiding the deepest valley
the secret inhospitable mountain area
defines the depth of height
never reached before
after repeatedly tumbling down
and again climbing uphill

starting another hopeful rally
ignoring fears and stages of hysteria
looking for that tiny little light
knowing there must be so much more
when reaching sunlight's heavenly crown
reflecting ultimate happiness in a simple "I will"

written for "Pinnacle - Poetry contest
Sponsor- Anthony Slausen
(c) Elly Wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Dancing with a star

she gives
her final days
in so many ways
so much content

she will spend
every single second
you have to reckon
with that
despite this hat
covering her bald head 

the private blend 
of her harsh reality
heartfelt meant
to be
the time of her life

something new
will appear
out of the blue

with the one she loves
she packed 
her suitcases
her ski gloves
and sacked 
her cancer
for now

she takes
some days off 
for a brief break 
to stay
for more than one day
in a different town
she wants
to dance on the square
covered with snow
with the one she loves
and wear her beautiful  gown
with or without her wig
because they both know
she has to go

she cried
all her sadness died
in the freed space
with the grace 
of happiness
for still being alive

she looks
with her sparkling eyes
she shares the books
of all her lived lives
in silenced words

she smiles
all her travelled miles
shine through
until  the day
she dies

she'll spend
every single second
you'll have to reckon
with that
despite that hat
covering her bald head 

she gives
her final days
in so many ways
so much content

(c) Elly Wouterse

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About the importance of being

five lightnings coming out of the blue
more black clouds hanging in a queue
life's reality is really stretching 
loads of inner strength continuously fetching

thought for a long time I took it all
again being tackled and another fall
skydiving below former grounds
silences the cold killing sounds

inner strength the leading voice
not giving' in  again a choice
fighting every single second
the only way to go on I reckon

life's so much more than sightseeing
it's all about the intense desire of being

(c) Elly Wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Take a break 2

sharing the moment 
the serenity of space 
the light of a flame

©Ellie Daphne van stralen 2012

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Smiling snow

on my way
for my morning walk
today’s treat
a street and pavement
covered  with snow

for me
a break for a while
something comes  my way
while passing by

I watch Buddha
in his little garden
sitting in the corner
on the edge of his square pond

a thought crosses my mind
I really try
but I can not remember
the day  he wasn't there

made out of grey stone
covered with snow
sharing  his presence
he doesn't talk
he looks small
he tells so much
his is so great 

HE showed a miracle
he made the snow smile
all over his face

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen