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Furies of heat and water

the burning ball of sunlight
the wind fueling hotbeds
flaming aisles paralyze
heated steering wheels 

the pouring sky floods landscapes
the gusty wind fuels waves
submerged aisles paralyze 
rusted steering wheels

worlds in motion and despair
fire and water destroy
while occupants paralyze
heaviest  steering wheels

furies of heat and water
as presented on the news
people in traffic jams and
opposite rages 

© Elly Wouterse

Entry for Giorgio A.V.'s
Impress me - V (Old / New) Free Poetry Contest Details
7th theme - Nature

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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Garden secrets

behind hidden fences 
grievance rules
most significant feelings
flow under iced  snow 
behind closed gates 
credence crawls
most significant forces
mow until the seeds show
behind entwined shrubs  
reliance reigns
most significant faiths
plow until the stalks bow 

fragrances reveal
most significant plants
blow a flourishing flower show 
beyond hidden fences

©Elly Wouterse

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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Good day

radiant sunrise the painter
 the sky with clouds her canvas
countless softest pastel shades
whispering good day

(c) Elly Wouterse

Want to see the artists painting: under About this poem the whole view. Enjoy! 

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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For a poet asleep

nowadays the snowfall  fails 
to lure you while in a way
the poet rooted deep inside 
is sleeping  somehow

© Elly Wouterse

PS.just a 'quick' note inspired by words from a dearest friend  for her while she's  busy taking care of her  overloaded daily grind...............

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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one can lock
a twitter-account
one can block
a person on Facebook
but the remaining flock
of a tangible loss
a metaphoric rock
lands every now and then
a heartfelt shock
echoes again
no one can undock
from feelings deep inside
their biological clock
ticks time nearby
the blocked and locked
know  without words why

(c) Elly Wouterse

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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To a guy called ROBERT or

lately I saw your first name
I remembered
down on the nail
your questionable fame

you say you're not to blame
you tendered
your own conscience
playing your fraudulent game

isn't it a shame
you membered
all that wasn't yours
despite  the judges claim

another new dame
being rendered
your growing list
and you're still not to tame

to you all the same
nothing to be tempered
more betrayal 
for you again another game

no one can frame
the mess you blendered
you're gone again
with a new last name

lately I saw your first name
I remembered
down on the nail
your questionable  fame

(c) Elly Wouterse.

Truly sorry to all other - beyond all doubt -  fantastic guys  named Robert.

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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for Irfana Ali Bhat amidst of Kashmir floods

watching immense floods dearest friends are somewhere there flooded friends silence
Our colleague - poetess Irfana Ali Bhat lives in Kashmir - and her hometown Srinigar is under severe threat of the worst floods in 5 decades............... Until yesterday I knew from her she was relatively safe........ since then she (I pray and hope and wish) is busy n surviving the growing flood and taking care of her lovely family (her daughter Badr is also a very good friend of mine). If she's able to return to or facebook of the Soup - wouldn't it be nice if her mailbox would be filled with warmest wishes and maybe the knowledge that people have been praying for her............ her facebook email-address : or connect with her here on the Soup.. and serve her a heartfelt and warm bowl of Soup.......

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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193 Dutch and so many more angels in heaven

193(*) Dutch photo's yelling
silenced heartbreaking stories
flying both not and too sky high
angels in heaven

(c)  Elly Wouterse

two pages of the morning paper... 193 pictures of Dutch people killed @ the plane incident in the Ukraine sky... and there are so many many more and all are telling - silenced for ever - a heartbreaking story.. 
and there are so many more saddening situations... 

I hope you don't mind - being Dutch - that I wrote this little poem about that terrible moment of facing those faces for the first time..

(8) 07/24//2014 Today the counting continued... adding one more to the Dutch number of victims...

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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Is it off

reading this
race is stopped
is revoked


what IS up
why wherefore
work it out

clammed up

© Elly Wouterse

PS. Because some of the Soupers commented the way they did or wrote me personally:
The situation leading to this poem.. Suppose you've submitted a poem for contest after all your struggles to write the best you could ... and then contest is cancelled.. 
Frank H.'s contest... with exactly this title  - I think very original title - made me write this set of haiku... nothing more and nothing less.........  
This time no double or tripled layers........ :-) 

The contest was temp. cancelled................

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse

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Hello Kitty (world) 
Contest Judged: 5/6/2013 12:00:00 AM	
Sponsored by: S. K. A. T.
Place	Poem	Poet
1	HELLO KITTY	Ellie Daphne
1	Hello Kitty	Seren Roberts
1	Hello Kitty	Maria Paz Samelo
1	Hello Kitty	Tim Ryerson
1	Hello Kitty	sadaf syed
1	HELLO KITTY WORLD	Donn Ronquillo
1	Hello Kitty	Richard Lamoureux
1	 HELLO KITTY	Yesha Shah
1	Hello, Kitty	Andrea Dietrich
1	Hello Kitty	Joseph May
1	Hello Kitty	Constance La France
4	BEDTIME	George Zamalea
4	Sundae and the Sunday Paper	Carrie Richards
4	Meow Meow	Robert Pettit

Helllo-Kitty girl
attending school as usual
living in the Netherlands - Amsterdam
taking along her Kitty-Bubble-Gun
because she is a Kitty fan

Kitty's teacher twirl
doing their job unusual
obeying rules causes huge toddlers jam 
forbidden hello kitty bubble fun
hello-kitty-criminal school ban 

Hello-Kitty hurl
as sudden as unusual 
a female teacher no longer a ma'am
toddlers and parents all really spun
denied making another plan 

Hello-Kitty- swirl
as sudden as unusual
nationwide this odd rule a declared scam 
the girl fosters her Kitty-Bubble-Gun
recurring girls' stargaze in a span

@Ellie Daphne

I read a Dutch Newspaper  "De Telegraaf"-  and on today's (22.1.2012)  front-page(!) - the  article about a "hello-kitty-criminal".
This front-page news article(as unbelievable as this is) connected me with the "Kitty" contest on the Soup"
This IS based on a TRUE story....................

Copyright © Elly D. A. Wouterse