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My home is my castle

thick stone walls a safe fortress
candles dancing near the cracks
crimson-red fireplaces and axes
chimneys and couches caress 

climbing all the worn stone stairs
shiny polished by the past 
discovering new places so vast
plunging in largest oak chairs

expanding hugest castle
countless rooms with large arches 
illuminated due ruling darkness
while coldest snowstorms rascal

noblewoman of my castle
and my only true vassal

© Elly Wouterse 

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem


nature sings softly her lively recital
everything  is glorious and looks vital
the swans exhibit courtship behavior
movements weary tiles for a spring paviour

thrushes chitter their earliest symphony
birdseed germinates and outspreads spring widely
two newts show a beautiful mating dance
strawberry plants use their early spring chance

a show of new born green just above the ground
alders pollen causing sneezing peoples' sound 
few snowdrops,  celandine,  white dead nettle
and hazel trees show leaves and huge mettle

appetite dictates this walk with our dog
a craved annual entry in our blog
at length awaited while walking and watching
dozens of reasons for thinking and talking

the artificial Christmas tree just packed
the baubles and the glass peak safely wrapped
a large cup of hot chocolate a good mate
served forthwith stale Christmas cookies on a plate

January  2013

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Smiling snow

on my way
for my morning walk
today’s treat
a street and pavement
covered  with snow

for me
a break for a while
something comes  my way
while passing by

I watch Buddha
in his little garden
sitting in the corner
on the edge of his square pond

a thought crosses my mind
I really try
but I can not remember
the day  he wasn't there

made out of grey stone
covered with snow
sharing  his presence
he doesn't talk
he looks small
he tells so much
his is so great 

HE showed a miracle
he made the snow smile
all over his face

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Take a break 2

sharing the moment 
the serenity of space 
the light of a flame

©Ellie Daphne van stralen 2012

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

The song of silence

your turned our  shared world upside down
without explaining in more or only few words
changing closeness into the opposite of nigh 

hidden in your dyslexic stronghold
you missed  the shame I overcame 
ignoring my myriad attempts for another try

behind your translucent glass-brick wall
you're suddenly earsplitting deaf
ceaselessly refusing to explain  why

a living nightmare slowly muted
the opposite of a love song dies down
embedded in tears I still cry

sorry seems to be the hardest word
not for me to say sincere and heartfelt to you
but for you to understand by losing also your third eye 

behind thousands  of hugest question marks
the presence of your absence displays
a killing-field of friendship where people partially die

© Elly Wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem


cut through darkest nights
high and low surrounding sounds
loud voices of lust 

calling for a mate
hitting their strings and pedals 
playing Wa-Wa songs

stars remain unknown
scoring number one listings 
to be born so soon

seen on FOX TV 
rare musical late-night-shows
aired from wooden stocks 

© Elly Wouterse

PS. Obviously I'm going for the wa wa sound

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Garden secrets

behind hidden fences 
grievance rules
most significant feelings
flow under iced  snow 
behind closed gates 
credence crawls
most significant forces
mow until the seeds show
behind entwined shrubs  
reliance reigns
most significant faiths
plow until the stalks bow 

fragrances reveal
most significant plants
blow a flourishing flower show 
beyond hidden fences

MY SECRET GARDEN Free Poetry Contest 
©Elly Wouterse

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Furies of heat and water

the burning ball of sunlight
the wind fueling hotbeds
flaming aisles paralyze
heated steering wheels 

the pouring sky floods landscapes
the gusty wind fuels waves
submerged aisles paralyze 
rusted steering wheels

worlds in motion and despair
fire and water destroy
while occupants paralyze
heaviest  steering wheels

furies of heat and water
as presented on the news
people in traffic jams and
opposite rages 

© Elly Wouterse

Entry for Giorgio A.V.'s
Impress me - V (Old / New) Free Poetry Contest Details
7th theme - Nature

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

For a poet asleep

nowadays the snowfall  fails 
to lure you while in a way
the poet rooted deep inside 
is sleeping  somehow

© Elly Wouterse

PS.just a 'quick' note inspired by words from a dearest friend  for her while she's  busy taking care of her  overloaded daily grind...............

Details | Ellie Daphne Poem

Good day

radiant sunrise the painter
 the sky with clouds her canvas
countless softest pastel shades
whispering good day

(c) Elly Wouterse

Want to see the artists painting: under About this poem the whole view. Enjoy!