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the art of movie makeup

i study a pretty at a face
soon there will be no trace
a color here
another there
what a what a disastrous ace

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Pain is a reminder

From my years of living 
I figured out two kinds of pain 
One is physical 
it only last a while 
The second is emotional 
it last forever 
I have experianced both 
they are hell
But if I had to chose the worst 
It would be the emotional pain 
Because you never get over it

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the story

i walk i talk i move and dance,
i sing i scream but in a trance.
feels like i am being pushed into a wall
then forced back out bear sole to all. 
someday's i feel like i'm nearly there
and on those days they're had to bear.
and most of the time i think it would be no harm
if i just go and be me
but then those days turned to weeks
and i feel like a wanted freak 
and on that tune i bid farewell 
to all those people who made my cry 
and those who pointed and laughed 
i hope your happy where your at.

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art the exprsion of the mind

if you look at a picture what do you see
a bear
a lion 
a screw
if you look at a sculptuer what do you see
a scarf in the wind 
a naked lady
a brain or two
all this art i see around me is someting 
that i interpret in my mind 
comes out out as a lovely thing of my heart

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picture day

the sound of laughter 
that fills the air 
of people in line 
girls fluff and prim
and freak at the zit 
the just now notice
guys practice there smile 
flrt with girls 
 hang out with ther crew
the peope taking the pictures 
have seen it all 
they say one word 
but as i wach all this go on 
i think about what are they going to be at the end of the school
when everone is saying there goodbuys and laugh at the past 
will i get to see the end and whach it happen right infront of me

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love is complicated

what is love
it is nether happiness
or sadness
or alone
it love could be to anything or anyone
it could be peanut butter
or you spouse
it could be jonnie
the Jim 
then back to jonnie
it could be everything 
or nothing 
but no matter what it is 
love will always be there

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can you see it
smell it
or even taste it
hear it 
chase it 
or want to go near it
the thing i just described is your imagination
it is impossible to describe yet it is wonderful
it can be so many things 
in a little kids mind its one thing 
in a beginner it is their first masterpiece
and in a old man it is the works of a genius
but to me the observer it is everything under the sun