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Best Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday Poems

Below are the all-time best Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Sunglasses Questionku

                                                              % %
   %                                                     %         %
        %                                                               %
             %                                                             %
                 %                                                             %
                    %                                                            %
                          ooooo YOU    ONCE    TOLD    ME ooooo
                          D E A T H    IS          NOT      THE   E N D
                          o                           o                              o
                         o                           o    o                         o
                       o                            o      o                        o
                       o                           o       o                       o 
                         o                        o         o                     o
                           o                     o           o                  o
                              o  o  o o o oo               o  o   o  o


                              WHY    ARE    YOU    CRYING    THEN ?

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Seasons with the APPLE-PEAR: my one dollar-Questionku

£                                                            $
$      ££$>         $                          $               apPEARing as an APPLE,
$   $$$£                        $         $                     and APPeaLing as a PEAR,
$ /                                    $
$/                                                                she was PEAR and she was APPLE,
$                                                                both sides of an APPLE-PEAR...
He      said.
After         all,
The      Perfect     Man 
asked     for     Perfection;
But   was   SHE   really  real?
And was she really the only one
to love him and reveal the most
appealing APPLE of desire ... ...
Or  was  it  ...  just for greed ?
That empty loving... ... !!!
All cruelty... ... !!!

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STAMPEDES 'round the kids

   STAMPEDES 'round the screen,
         STAMPEDES 'round the kids,                                T
                  Scritch   scratch       'round                                 N
                  !   Their      match.      Everybody                        E
                  i      Aims  to  catch                                         W
                  !          Mom's batch of little gamers.
                              P                                      !                   P
                              E                                      !                  E
                              D                                      !                   D
                              END 'EM ALL      Leave    alone                A
                              STAMPEDES!      our video kids!               G 

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The Rose, A Questionku

                                              o                                                 $orrow$ 
                                       o         <> As                                   o<>$orrow$
                                           o   $          the flows                /               $orrow$
                                o           <>                     o              /                $orrow$
                                o       o                             from her /                 $orrow$
                                      o      O                        sorrows                    $orrow$
                          o      o                                     drew                    $orrow$
                         o             o                              the veil                 o<>
                      o   o      o            O                                              o<>o
                    o  o    o  o      o                         from their eyes,   <>o
                   o o  o                o         O                     /             o
                  o o  o           o                                     /
                 o          o                             O          Died
               o  o   o                                             The
               o  o                  o                           Rose
             o  o                                                 /
             o                                                  from
                               o                              their
              o                                              blows
                                                           O  and   o O   Oo  
                   o                                 O         the    o O  O  O
                                                  O              hail      o  Oo  O  
  Pearls are pouring,                   O                     !        o O  OO  
                                             O                      in        o O  OO 
                                             O                     their  o  O  OO
  Like dew on The Rose:              O                 lies    o  O.Oo
  Who's hailing her sorrows?                O        O      O   O

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The Dylan Death Song Questionku

   FALLS  DOWN  AND  DOES  NOT  MEND          µ
                                                             µ  µ
                                                           µ       µ
                                                         µ            µ
                                                         µ            µ
                                                           µ        µ
                                                              µ  µ
                                            """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""  ""D
                                      J                                               E
                                   U                                                A
                                    S                                               T
                                    T                                               H

                                    R                                                I
                                     E                                               S
                                   E                                                N
                                    M                                               O
                                   B                                                 T
                                  E                                                  .
                                    R                                                .
                                                                                       .                                                   .                                              ...   T H E     E N D   . . .                                
                                         NOT  THE  END ?   NOT  THE  END ! ? 

JUST  REMEMBER,                                          For the tree of LIFE is growing
DEATH  IS  NOT  THE  END:                          Where THE  S P I R I T  never dies
JUST  NEW  LIFE  BEGINNING ?                With the bright light of S A L V A T I O N
                                                                 Shining through the empty skies..

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Come4tunes and comfort me - My frenemy's best birthday wishes

2day once more was fun day, because the sun was there:
Of course! Like all the sundays, as usually they were...
if only you were there 4 me, and not 4 all together!
The sun has gone, and in the mood, it's moon day that begins 

and all around the ticking sounds that I hear all around me,
there's suddenly my Blackberry: a ringtone's sent to me.
As yesterday was 'gain your birthday, told the ringtone sent to me,
As usual, I'm sending you 4 tunes to comfort me;

because I know that once again, as for many a birthday
you surely still are thinking of the things that run the same way:
There is The Sun, there is The Belle and Moon day !s their frenemy's day;

and I am used to sail away for it's too hard to see
that your stubborness clings to him and it won't let us be...
Goodbye, my love; I hope next year you'll come4tunes to comfort me.  

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Bob Dylan Answerku

The master thinks
behind sunglasses:
What new controverses?

And in my dreams
I asked about death.
And the new life after?

The master frowned
behind his glasses:
a controversial point?

The mystery man,
He gave an answer:
His own true opinion?

                                                              % %
   %                                                     %         %
        %                                                               %
             %                                                             %
                 %                                                             %
                    %                                                            %
                          ooooo   WHEN  I   TOLD    YOU    oooooooo
                          D E A T H    WERE          NOT      THE   E N D
                          o                           o                              o
                         o                           o    o                         o
                       o                            o      o                        o
                       o                           o       o                       o 
                         o                        o         o                     o
                           o                     o           o                  o
                              o  o  o o o oo               o  o   o  o

                              P R O B A B L Y    W A S    K I D DING

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A false Questionku

                              <> <>         golden LEAVES AROUND the ranch:                                                                                                                           
Autumn leave's leaves                 <>   --   <>    <> you                   
Leave the ranch in gold:            <>                               see
Are branches in their sleeves?                                            them
                                  And       /             <>                         sway,
          ---------              real-   /                                                  <>
         (           )              ly      /                            <>                   <>
         ----------            grow-  /                                                  
                                   ing      /                                  <>            golden
                                   old?      /                                                         
See,  the  b r a n c h   in   autumn                                                    to
                !                                 !                                   <>           the
                Slips   in   a u t u m n   sleeves;                                      ground:
                                   !                         !                                          
                                   And the r a n c h all golden                       dyeing
                                                 !                        !                 <>   their
                                                 Sleeps on golden leaves               little
                                                                                      <><>    death?

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His cousin's wedding

We received the invitation,
pretty card...and pretty late,

for I need deepest inspiration
to prepare such a debate

between my husband and I:
The cousin's his, and I am shy!

Shy enough to need one year
to decide what I could bear

on my shoulders on that day:
bright red dress or simple grey?

That pretty card came pretty late
And as I stood at our gate,

staring at lovely designs,
I already saw bad signs:

The sky was blue...
My blue dress too !

The garden green...
What should it mean ?

My roses grew
wild tangerine

And I felt more
like a child, crying.

O my, that pretty card was late
I'll have NINE months before the date 

To put a colour on my dress
And get my husband say me "Yes !"

O my, that pretty card is late
I better start with the debate

Right now before he leaves his office
I'm phoning him to send a kiss.


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3DOM Questionku

¤                                          )  
¤                _     ______      )
¤               /  \     /-----\          )
¤             (^-^)   (^_^)        )
¤                 !           !             )
¤            ---------  --------        )
¤          / !      ¤  !!       ¤  ! \     )      
Dial 3DOM#####¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤             Dial 3DOM
4, 5, 6 and ask:¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤            Dad and Mom, and ask:
Should I finish my task?¤¤¤¤¤¤¤            Did you finish your task?
Dial 3DOM####¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dial 3DOM
4, 5, 6 and call:¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dad or Mom and call:
Is it so essential?¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤              Why can Tom break the wall?
Dial 3DOM####@@@@¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dial 3DOM              
4, 5, 6 and... Say,####¤¤¤¤¤¤              Dad and Mom and... Say,
D'you think it's worth the day?¤             Is it so hard to stay?