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Best Valentin Bogatinoski Poems

Below are the all-time best Valentin Bogatinoski poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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A dirty red thought
Slipped on the cheeks
Rolled down the neck
Touched the beadedbreast
And disappeared in the ether
Like an endless message...
To your heart

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Gate of the soul

Wobbly rough gates
hide scent
flowers of the soul

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Fire bird

Of nothingness
Summer fire bird
Wind with wings yarned 
Mountains and hills over skied 
With sky blue in the eyes 
Wellspring where Rainbow 
Sadness in Fortune turns 
Nest of dreams curves
Gardens of fantasies made 
And joy through ample flew 
set sails to the Universe. 

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When dream touched reality 
somewhere where Time ends 
somewhere in the middle of Space
the eternal sleeper 
Eyes opened,
Death forgot

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Conversation on crucifix

Conversation on crucifix
Sun in the eyes
Dying in the air
Of alcoholic steam
For the hopeless
monuments of the Future
Scattered through the civilizations,
Kills the religion
Quench the fire 
Hope for consolation,
Conversation on crucifix. 

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Stone and words

I’m building a house
of stone and words.
At night what with words I build
At day the stone is crushing
At day what with stones I raise
At night with words I’ll ruin.

In the end, tired
in front of the ruins 
I buried the burden of existence 
I’ve made a bench,
I sat,
And I wait,
           I wait, 
               I wait…

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          will be lost.
The forgotten
          will awake.
Through the cells
            an element will stream.
The civilizations
             will be crashed.
The twilight, will stay.

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We raise up to the place,
We’re reaching the time,
On the place, when the dream wakes up
In the moment,where the reality will fall asleep
In a dark shadow, a cradle,
blinds the ridges
With bright cloud,? cover
darkens the lake.

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Raised from the ruins of the past 
Elevated view in the skies 
Left the Earth,
In range of fraudulent colors, 
Clearing the soul
Through the darkness that led
To a bright spot of Truth
Feeling the peace and disturbance 
                              the joy and pain
of the Knowledge.

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LONELY to Kahlil Gibran

Lonely as a Source in the desert.
Lonely as a Tree in the valley.
Lonely as a Darkness in the night.

Lonely, who water to the crave gives!
Lonely, who rest to the tired brings!
Lonely, who glow to the star gifts!

Lonely You are not!

You remained to the World
You and Fate
You and Poetry
You and Truth

Lonely You are not!

Friends are Yours.

Lonely You are not