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Blank Verse Rhyme

Blank Verse Rhyme

The master said “create blank verse in lines of ten”.
Form five Iambic feet without a rhyme.
“These five Iambic feet you must achieve”.
The verse will have a rhythm you can hear,
when studied closely this will be revealed.

For, lines of blank verse rhyming discontents
the master. “Do it over, take all night”!
The lines of blank verse sing a little song,
each syllable, each rhyme, you’ll hear them ring!
You’ll sing the tune of verses blank and pure.

And now I keep up with this blank verse trick,
I hear its tick ten syllables per line.
It rhymes so soft; I have it mastered now,
so naturally it falls right from my pen.
Oh, where will this blank verse rhyme find an end?

Yet, twenty lines of syllables came out
much faster still than I had thought they should.
I love each rhyme, the timing so precise,
I hope it pleased the eye and ear. I turned
it in, it came back very clearly signed


-Tiffany R-2009

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Your Door

Once, I stood naked, sweet fool at your door.
A free spirit in chains, cold on my feet,
Aching  for answers, my back on your floor!

Words,you said, only complicate things more,
Yet secrets slipped while gripping the sheets.
Once,  I stood naked,sweet fool at your door.

Lips whispered I was unique to explore.
I blushed under the rhythm of your beat,
Aching for answers, my back on your floor!

Two hearts racing like never before,
On fire, you shook, writhing in my  heat!
Once, I stood naked, sweet fool at your door.

The love in your eyes was hell to ignore.
 As you were leaving our tears were discrete, 
Aching for answers, my back on your floor!

It's my fault you don'n sleep there anymore!
I knew better, still, I crept down your street.
Once, I stood naked, sweet fool at your door,
Aching for answers my back on your floor!

-Tiffany Dawn 2010

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Play with the rhyme
Words parley on paper 
Pursuing points penned in the night

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Thirteen Times the Dragonfly


The dragonfly drops.
Sunshine glimmers on its
diamond wings.


Unlike the black cricket,
sweet muse of the night, 
no dragonfly sings.


The dragonfly skips
on crystalline, still water
deftly tracing endlessly echoing rings.


A monk would say:
 Dragonflys are what they are 
one should not compare them to things.”


Let your eye become
the dragonfly’s glassy eye.
Gain sight that is shiny and reflecting.


I fly low with the dragonfly 
above a sunflower meadow.
Small children are laughing.


A dragonfly skates perfect
circle eights around the star
that appears first every evening


The dragonfly tiptoes across
  a golden rose.
Young lovers are seen wedding.


The dragonfly waltzes with the rain 
in an ocean blue sky that shines
after the thunder and lightning.


The wind suddenly shifts--
the dragonfly is cast into summer.
 Moments are franticly fleeting.


On a clear moonlit night
the dragonfly did not fly.
The world continued dreaming.


In the spring, the dragonfly 
will rise above burnt ashes
 to reclaim heights worthy of soaring. 


Chasing the dragonfly
uniquely unveils the masterful mystery, 
 of what it means to be living.

Tiffany Ragsdale-2009

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The sky drizzled light,
Combined in a bow of rain.
Seven bright colors.

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Political Debate

Silver lips convince  
Enlightened minds to forget
Moral intellect.

    Truth tip toes through golden lies,
    Into un-commissioned  eyes.

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First Base

Hi, hello, I'm not writing this to be cold or 
condemning, considering I've politely
played by your rulebook since the beginning
Before you asked and i started giving.

Ive struck out twice, me the batter 
and you the pitcher; in my foolish, 
fumbled,and friendly attempts
To better understand the 
image you present.

Seriously, please note i barley made 
it to the fourth inning before, 
you chose not to revise the words 
you were sending. 

They suddenly Slammed 
me back to first base 
eyes carelessly cartwheeling 
In the story you 
were spinning.

You typed me out like i was some 
kinda naive second hand stalker,
 while i was attempting
 to be a silly sweet
 smooth talker.

I've apologized post haste for my part 
that left us in this awkward place. 
I implore to articulate how do i wipe
the slate clean?

Just name the time and space
Where i can play my role to your pace
Id like to pleasantly convince you 
That i clearly know my place.

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You are you, I am me

You are you, I am me
I wonder If I am seen
I hear Life passing into the night, 
like a river passes into the sea

I see That certain cats think,
iam a lying fake that only think of me.
I want To Erase and forget 
what you said to me today.
You are you, I am me.

I pretend That im happy,
 when I'm really not okay.
I feel Lost and shipwrecked, 
 love is far away.
I touch You awkwardly.
I worry If i will be good enough today.
I cry Because you dont believe a word I say.
You are you, I am me.

I understand I dont think of you,
my word always come out carelessly
I say How did things become this way?
I dream That i will awaken from this reality.
I try, And you lash out unexpectedly
I hope To find a way out of this insanity
You are you, and I am  me.

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Afternoon Spell

Fleeting memories encounter vague enchanted pleasures at the bottom of the minds well. 

Their delicate everchanging existence intoxicates the huanted  headspace in which they dwell.

Images infiltrate an insatiable conscience where fools invent necessity and cry superficial tears.

Momentary merciless passion commands the heart to kiss fantastical desire with lips that never tell.

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The Widows Hour

A black widow hides
the hour’s count, in a painted
red glass, on the underside 
of her belly.

Unlike a snow white kitten,
the hard shiny black widow
receives not one loving caress.

In the pale moonlight the black widow spins a silver web.
It created a growing and binding spell-like enchantment.

A man and a woman
are dancing through time.
A man and a woman and a black widow
are dancing through time.

I do not know which I prefer,
Us making love by a sizzling fire
Or us making love on the cold wet sand,
the black widow scurrying across the beach
Or the moment we met.

A web repaired a broken window
with finely spun silk.
The shadow of the black widow
remains hidden from view.
The silence
hanging in the web
spoke a thousand words.

Descendants of Adam,
Why do you fear this little spider so?
Do you not see how the black widow
splashes and plays in her bath
as naturally as the child within you?

I know that I know nothing
and I remember everything all at once;
I know, as well,
that the black widow does not worry
about what I know.

Dark spaces harbor the black widow.
Shake out your shoes,
shirts, and jackets after they’ve been on the floor.

The black widow’s shadow
encloses the stars like an eclipse,
even I cannot overlook a
cosmic event as rare as this.

She walked across the Nile
in crystal slippers.
Escaping, she never looked back
over her ivory shoulder,
the black widow’s shrill song flies
through the wind and echoes on the water.

Grains of sand are filling the glass slowly.
The black widow must be endlessly dreaming.

The sun beat down while it rained.
I was not moving
and I was not going to move.
In the peak of the thirteenth hour
the black widow traced circles,
after kissing me lightly on the 
back of my hand.