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Lost in Youth

Lost in Youth

Rainbows in the clouds, walking on  railroad tracks , locomotives up close 
Kickball games , I am left footed, spooky reflections in a mirror, running naked 
Wooden desks and chairs, kids in the classroom , the little girl across the street 
Black and white T.V., Air conditioning , a new blue car, exhaust  fumes
The farm, coal fired furnace , warm heating ducts 
a collie , a cocker spaniel and a horse named Thunder
Dark starry nights , telescopes , comets and satellites
Northern winters, snow covered fields ,sledding, frozen lakes , and Orion 
Camping in fields , mosquitoes bites , quiet dawns and heavy morning  dew,  
Grandparents ,riding  lawn mowers , apple trees , flower and vegetable gardens
 Southern Summers , warm muggy nights , ceiling  fans ,open screened windows
Screened in porches, ancient toys, , tiny  transistor radios, baseball games  talking late into the night 
Badminton , side lawns , and long rides home
Public pools , icy waters and underwater swims 
Trombone , marching band and high school football games
Sleepy classes, friends , lunchroom games, and girls 
High school graduation , college and final goodbyes

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Apple Blossoms

When chances  meet thru modern means and poet trees
Then  misty dreams drift close together
As first meetings with no care 
And long flowing  hair , 
Red as apple blossoms blooming fair,
 Bewitching smiles and longing sounds 
And sweet nectar drifting through the air
Faint echoes of loves pure air and poetry abound
Bitter sweet from afar , the smiles
 rosy cheeks ,and twinkling eyes 
And most of all white doves
Floating in the sky

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Roses and Friends

Roses blooming late in spring ,
 Fresh and green reach for the sky 
Wanting everything to make them sing
Rains come and go ,leaving the sunshine
 along the road to make it grow 

Gardeners reap the benefit of beauty and love
Cultivating  flowers like doves
 beauty lies in the attraction of hope and sky
Making friends with everyone with witty replies 
Caressing the earth , embodying the beauty that make them lie
In fertile ground ,my best colors I send 
Red ,red lips of colors fly
Reflecting the passion of  earth and sky

 Desiring to grow roses as reflections, cared  with love and affection 
 The gardener cultivates flowers to perfection
At times weeds  creep in ,attracted by foreign things
 alongside the road , Leaving you alone to wonder 
What they really wanted you to bring 

Some roses leave u wanting  more 
Than bitter leaves and growing pains
Fields of  colors, all restored
Fresh from harvest, fresh from the rain 
Till all that’s left to you in return 
is beauty, gained  in full measure,  lying  in vain

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Untitled Visions

 Cold clear water lapped 
against the tall green grass
from lakes filled with bass 
and red and black robins
 stand splashing their backs
 Among green waving ferns
 lying on the sandy bottoms 
 As mists gently tiptoe through
 on silent feet  in early Autumn

 Bright yellow dandelions
 and white daffodils dot the wilds,
as fragrances of wild rose drifts across the fields
 Puffy white clouds hurry by in reply
A shiny red apple hangs alone in the sky

Three girls lay white in the sand 
And snow lands gently on  feet and hands 
Brushed by the wind it wanders thru the night 
And each one arrives clean and bright
Red ripe strawberries snuggle against bright green nests 
While lazy white rabbits and big black owls rest 
Orange  and gold leaves float serenely by 
Tracing patterns in the fading twilight 
And still three girls lay white in the sand 

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A friend is like

A friend is like …
A long sunset walk on the beach 
Or a tangy bite of a newly ripened  peach 
A piece of warm double layered chocolate cake 
Or a  quick dive into a cool clear lake 
A long slow naked hug while lying on a soft fuzzy rug 
Or your  heart singing ,unexpectedly hearing the telephone ring
A passing stranger giving a quick warm smile  
Or a barefoot splash in the summer rain , meanwhile
The soothing rains  continue through the night 
Making the  long journey of delight 
Warm and gentle, peaceful and calm 
Like Sleeping thru the night in a gentle balm

A friend is like ….
Cheerful chirping crickets on a clear August  night 
Or laying on the warm island sand waiting for the twilight 
Watching the blinking secrets of fireflies sitting on warm summer grass
 Or gazing at the dark starry skies on a boat with a creaking mast
 Listening to  cool jazz in a darkened café
Or riding snowy wooded lanes in a horse drawn sleigh 
A warm southern night filled with fireflies and cicadas
 Mixed with  the perfume of Lilacs and magnolias 
 Hand in hand walking thru fields of scintillating crystals of snow 
As stars proclaim your love while winter winds blow 

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Xmas enchantment

                                  Xmas enchantment

White flakes falling from grey winter skies
Flocks of daffodils beneath snowy  mounds lie
Rivers of  red candy canes flow gently by
Along evergreen banks, dew covered grasses,
 lighted trees and sparkling wine

Covered with bows and laces
Sitting round hearths and fireplaces
Covered in quilts lying in their beds
Children dream of warm kitchen counters 
decorated with mountains of treasure,
cookies, cakes ,and pleasures

Ginger bread men and sugar plum fairies
Dance with visions floating in their heads
smiling chocolate faces melting sugar 
with  passionate kisses and soft gooey embraces 

 Long stringed bands  from every land
Serenade  lovers and places with  unparalleled  restrain
 Stringing chords from haunting  refrains
Under blue moons and starry skies
Where soft whispers lead to lovely lies

Blood  races with wine and champagne 
The night unravels exciting lovers and friends
Couples planning extravaganzas travel 
Staircases covered in pine scented garlands and laces
 Leading  to pleasant places, dreams and fairy tale lands
celebration halls with room to dance
Spreading the cheer to every face
 Or any kind of  differing race

Merry Christmas to one and all 

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Memories of Winter Nights

Looking back the way I came, 
there was really no one to blame
 We bonded and became friends
Over months of happiness and refrain 
 enjoying our company which depended
On writing from your side or mine with a pen 

Like a flower in spring, you stayed a season 
Long enough to exchange reasons 
For long awaited friendship through hard times
Without much encouragement except for rhymes

 Claiming visions of poetry and grace
 out the door you  flew without a trace  
You didn’t  say goodbye , just ran off with some foreign  guy 
Attracted like a school girl to the first refrain 
French is the language of love , so often proclaimed 
With  the lie on your lips you didn’t bother to explain 

 Writing makes u free you say , then why do I feel so sad 
when I write  of you  from  former days
Leaving  nothing in return, You have come and gone
 friendship only left memories 
when there should have been  songs

Still I’ll remember thru long winters nights  
of happy talks , spring flowers and golden lights
Where you’ve gone I don’t know,
 but memories will keep me thru December 
When spring comes once again
 I’ll  plant a rose to keep me warm and remember

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Sailing Away

Were I a sailboat traveling at sea 
All alone with no one but me 
My masts would creak , the decks rock gently beneath my feet 
The hiss of my bow slice thru the waves ,
the tang of the ocean spray as I watch the wake paving the way
 Billowing white sails puffed out in  the summer breeze
And onward I would go merrily out to sea
No use for the land , just wild and free

The dolphins would come and play
The seaweed hang out all day 
Overhead the sky prefers  blue , but sometimes grey 
nothing but me , the sun and the summer rain
The reflections play across the water
The waves lap gently on my bow
No use for the land , just me here and now

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Dark Grey Skies

Thick rain soaked clouds came floating by on sullen grey skies 
Branches swayed and leaves waved,  tied
 In unison with the whipping wind 
The rains came soft and gentle ,one by one, floating
 among an endless series of soft humid waves
 Puffs of dust kick up as rain hits the ground , 
the enticing smell of the brown clean earth pervades all around 
The ponds break  into endless circles  of tiny  drops 
Sliding down branches , dripping from leaves, running down the darkened bark, plopping 
In the silent air ,Soaking the ground  into soft muddy earth, healing cracks, soft like dew
the rains speak their true voice and intent without a clue
becoming pounding and insistent ,angry and relentless, as one by one they beat the ground 
And the cycle comes full circle ,around and around 

Cool air from atop the sky filters down through hot steamy mist 
wind driven clouds form funny ominous shapes in the sky 
Bending and twisting  to keep up with their fierce and relentless brother
Throwing countless drops down onto the clean brown earth 
The Angry winds and warm drops count their times to hit the ground 
Covering forest and field alike taming the long forgotten dust
 that became the earth following the season of drought 
Lightning burns across the sky and crashes among the giant embers standing wet, black and gleaming 
Stark and ancient they stand tall and straight , silhouetted against the angry sky
The rain comes in sheets of grey , pouring out of the heavens 
In a thunderous wave that threatened to sweep clean the skies

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Virtues To Vices

Rainbows painted in the sky
White daffodils singing in the rain 
Drops of dew glistening in the morning sun 
Clear desert pools of cold spring water
Red plump strawberries nestled in green beds
Summer mountain meadows of grasses and  blooming flowers 
Golden stands of Aspen glowing in the setting sun 
Scented pines and carpets of needles baring naked warmth
Autumn leaves of red yellow and brown fluttering in the waning sun 
Thunder and lightening flashing banners across the sky
Flooding rains and hurricanes calling an end to summer
Silent snowflakes underneath dark fluffy clouds
Winters brown weeds standing tall and lean 
Black mud oozing through naked feet 
Dirty snow melting in the city streets
Dead stumps rotting in the ground
Marsh gas wafting up between your toes 
Mosquitoes swarming after your eyes and nose
Clouds of flies feasting on earthly remains