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Best Jon A Cavanaugh Poems

Below are the all-time best Jon A Cavanaugh poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Poetry Soup

If poetry was a soup
Of words stirred in a kettle
We could pour them on a page
And read the poems that settle

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The retirement age for SSB
Is fast approaching seventy
And age past which - we should retire
Leaving little time - 'til we expire

We'll take pills to medicate
Which will keep us somewhat healthy
And are over priced - as merchandise
But make others - very wealthy

Our fixed incomes won't keep up
With run away inflation
So we'll sit at home - we'll eat like birds
And live in caged - anticipation

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The Jungle Gym

Jungle Jim is rather grim
And now is old and gray
He misses the activity
Of children hard at play
The children grew
Made new friends too
And eventually moved away
Now his time has past
He's failing fast
And falls into decay

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Starbucks, Starbucks give us a latte please
We're in love with all your assorted teas
We want to try all your flavors
We'll share them with our neighbors
The coffee's hot
We like it a lot
In awe
Everyone agrees

Parody of the song "Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre

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Santa 2

Santa off his sleigh tonight
Stalled at home and out of sight
Because of those that disbelieve
He's bringing gifts on Christmas Eve

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Traffic lanes
Stop to watch
Approaching lights
By piercing
Brilliant sights
Buses, cars,
Trucks, or trains
Scramble visions
In their brains
One Possum

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A Mother's Sorrow

I can't see past rain and sleet
All's obscured beyond two feet
I can't see a road or trail
Through this harsh and blinding hail

I can't see obstructions near
In time to safely steer us clear
Can this heater keep us warm 
Through this nasty winter storm

I can hardly sit and steer
Kids and great dane interfere
This is driving me crazy!
This is driving me crazy!

I can't see to safely drive
Dear, I hope we all survive
Dear, the car is acting odd
Dear, I hope it's not a rod

The road is packed with ice and snow
That is why I'm driving slow
I must stay alert and drive
So that we can stay alive

I've become a mom of woe
Weaving helpless through this snow
O! no, I can hardly see!
Weather, weather blinding me!

I think that I shall sigh a sigh
A gas station just passed us by
I will quickly turn right here
I see no policeman near

O! how timely gas tank dry
Now we've got a fresh supply
My energy has fled and gone
We're nearly home so let's press on.

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The Diamond

Please don't hold the diamond back
In serpent metaphor
Examine its fiery facets
Gaze into its icy core
Consider if you can
The plan
Its costly bite
The bane of man

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A scouting ant atop towering plant
Espies some unattended pies
Then ants seize crumbs that we'd think scant
Booty to them of incredible size
And as the pies are laid to waste
The ants head home with all due haste

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We're beasts of burden
Like asses and mules
We've stubborn streaks
We break the rules
We cooperate
We compromise
But unlike animals
We tell lies