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Best Jon A Cavanaugh Poems

Below are the all-time best Jon A Cavanaugh poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep was stalked by a creep
Who's advances were lewd and incessant
So she "tazed" him on high at a setting marked fry
And he's now incoherent but pleasant

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My dear departed cat

To my dear departed cat
You died young 
'cause you were fat
You didn't exercise a bit
Didn't walk when you could sit
You were always clean and neat
And enjoyed your hourly treat
We were very much the same
And Oh, how fat we both became
I miss you cat
Oh, how time flies
I really need to exercise

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The peace pipe

Native Americans hand crafted
Elaborate calumets

Made plans for peace
And each one spoke

They passed the pipe
Each took a toke

And stroked their amulets

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The heavy foods that I've ingested
Have settled in my gut and nested
And from within I clearly hear
The sound of an eruption near

The steak, the beans, the curly fries,
The chicken soup, assorted pies
Straight to my gut a drink escorted
But soon I fear will be deported

To uncertain fate these foods convicted
To be digested or evicted
I'm sick from this volcanic mix
Which I hope a pill will fix

I drive out to the pharmacy
And rush in for the remedy
Surprised by an expected mess
I must go home and there re-dress

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Poetry Soup

If poetry was a soup
Of words stirred in a kettle
We could pour them on a page
And read the poems that settle

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Nervous Quirks

There are some - that twitch their feet
And anxiously squirm - within their seat
Some bite their nails - some chew on ice
Some might fondle - an office device
Some contort their heads - and crack their necks
Making those around them - nervous wrecks

If we'd stop these quirks we do
We'd perform a noble service
To those around us that eschew
These quirks that make them nervous

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The mimicry of fireflies
With florescent glow
Alight in complex circuitry
Of luminescent chemistry
In an orchestrated show

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The retirement age for SSB
Is fast approaching seventy
And age past which - we should retire
Leaving little time - 'til we expire

We'll take pills to medicate
Which will keep us somewhat healthy
And are over priced - as merchandise
But make others - very wealthy

Our fixed incomes won't keep up
With run away inflation
So we'll sit at home - we'll eat like birds
And live in caged - anticipation

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Ode to Chocolate

Oh, insidious chocolate
You consume my thoughts a lot
You captivate my yearning brain
And drive my tastebuds all insane
As a siren temptress taunts
Your chocolate icing lingerie flaunts
A silky sweet seductive form
That's always smooth and uniform
You weigh so heavily on my heart
A love that only death can part

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Humpty Dumpty 2

Humpty Dumpty
On a wall sits
As a sniper takes aim
And blows him to bits
All the kings horses
And all the kings men
See an impossible task
And make omelets of him