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Rainbow's spread hapiness

                                               Be it half, or be it full
                                       Rainbows are just so beautiful
                                    An angel's slide, God's beautiful art
                            Butterflies seem to take colors from this cart
                    It is the smile of the rain                 with the rays of sun
                  It proves to dark times                        that happiness won 
                 Nature's lovely band                               decorates the sky
               A belt of colors, that                                  are painted so high
               It brings a big smile                                     on each one's face
               VIBGYOR we say                                            colors we can feel 
             Rainbows spread joy                                       and that too for free!

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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Sending a unicorn to PD

(This one's from God's POV:)

Dear Unicorn, 
I never sent you on earth,
'Cuz I was afraid of what they'll do to you

But on October 7th, I'll set you free
You know why! It's PD's birthday!!
Go to her, give her your charm
One little visit won't do you any harm!

Embrace her, love her, Oh boy!
Let her cuddle like you're a soft toy
Peek at her with your lovely big eyes
Give her the wish of no sad 'goodbye's

Give her some magic
Like the one she has in her PS words
Give her a hug
And make the birds
Sing a happy birthday song for her :)

Dear unicorn, go to PD
Give her all the love,
Give her all the happiness,
And only then return home.

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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To PoetrySoup I’m new; I register and post a song
I enter it in a contest, curious if I’m right or wrong

I get an honorable mention, for the one that I entered
The first comment it seems! Oooh what is it, I wondered

The name of the commenter, I see, is POET DESTOYER
I feel a little scared, is she really a destroyer?

But then I find out, she’s so nice and I like her songs
But what leaves me curious, is her name after all

Every time I visit her page, I know why she’s got the fame
But even today I am curious, POET DESTOYER, what’s your real name???

although, its true!!

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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the AIDS song


Right now it’s only cough and cold
But you won’t survive until you’re old
Your friends and family will stay away
No matter how much you plead or pray

You’ll lose your weight and faint at times
You’ll prefer dying than being alive
No one to take care of you at night
You’ll be untouchable, yeah that’s right

It doesn’t matter how I infected you
All they’ll think all you do is screw
Your life will be like a living hell
You’ll be alone and lonely, can’t you tell?

You’ll regret that day I entered you
The days you have are very few
Within no time you’ll beg to die
But I’ll kill you slowly while you cry


Right now it’s only cough and cold
But I am gonna get you trolled
My friends and family will stay with me
They love me so much, can’t you see?

Skinnier I’ll be, unhealthy I’ll be
It’s not ‘you’ and ‘I’, with us it’s a ‘we’
They’ll stand by me, take care of me
They’ll take me home, I’ll be free

But today they asked me the reason
Was it some blood transfusion?
Yes it was, I wanted to say
But I realized my life had started to sway

They’re going away, the ones I loved
Was it really necessary for me to be shoved?
I trusted them to stay with me
But now I’m begging you to let me die…

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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Endless love

                                    Endless love

                  I entered the		          world and I
               Instantly loved the	      person I could see
             It’s only because of	     her, that today I am
           Able to be the person	 I’ve always wanted to be
        She had to do it all alone:look after me, make a home
          When I was scared and looked back, she was there
              When I was ill and felt very sad, she was there
                When I broke down, I lost it, she was there
                   When I wanted the fun, she was there
                       In ups and downs, she was there 
                            Our love is certainly endless
                                I’m proud to say that
                                   I have the worlds

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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My definition of love

Baby, the day I saw you first
Dunno how my heart had a burst
You soon became my friend
Would friendship last till the end?
Staying without you, oh that’s the worst

High time it was, I’d waited so long
You’d finally proposed to me with a song
Ooohh I could hardly wait
You were already my mate
I wished nothing would now ever go wrong

We usually sat together like a dove
Now was that really true love, love?
Sad songs seemed so boring
Romance in full sure seemed luring
Now was that really true love, love?

Your lovely smile was now my smile
Our relationship was not at all fragile
I started drawing hearts and roses
We took photographs in various poses
Without you, I couldn’t even stand a while

One day that was, I wasn’t feeling very well
You immediately rang the nearest doctor’s bell
He had a really bad news
From all the doctors we took reviews
I was about to die, they said from their shell 

That is the day when I realized
Our love was never actually very precise
My love had different forms
Between us, we had no norms
I sure had a soon to be demise

Relating romantic songs to you, was not true love
Electricity racing at your touch, was not true love
Your presence at my last breath, telling me 
You’ll never leave, kiss me, caress me
Making me smile, while I die, now that’s true love...

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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Don't read

I told you not to read, still you are here
Aren’t you reading just cuz I said not to, dear??

Haha! Got you! Reverse psychology it is
Control that smile playing at your lips!!

You couldn’t! Isn’t it? Now, don’t comment dear peer!!!

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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A wild fantasy

If I were Death, I’d hide my face From the person who rang my bell I’d make him find me through a maze To test if it’s heaven or hell That person’s right place to be A look in his life and I can tell The person who’s just come to me He’d leave every single thing behind There’s a new afterlife for him to see Hell is hell you keep in mind Every act reversed with you this time That’s how justice you will find But if it’s heaven, winds will chime You’ll be lucky, you’ll be fine Bliss and love from time to time I will get what’s rightfully mine The decision to judge your after life No turning back, no changes now Your fate, your actions will derive now my hands shiver my love is here Will I act dutifully??? --- for "Terzanelle Fantasy with a Questionku Chaser Poetry Contest" by Richard Lamoureux

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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innocent questions

My little sister was back home from school
Today she had questions deep as a tidal pool

Did I do something wrong? Why don’t I have a tail?
All the animals do. I’m sad, it leaves me pale

If trees live like we do, why don’t they walk?
Why did God punish trees? Why can’t they talk?

Why does an elephant have such a big nose?
Why can’t I follow a butterfly, fly as it goes?

Why is a notice called circular, if it’s rectangular in shape?
Why are old time queens famous for having grapes?

Why do giraffes have such a long neck?
Why do woodpeckers do nothing but peck?

Why do cuckoos lay eggs in a crow’s nest?
Hey please answer my questions, so I can ask you the rest.

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012

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Life and Death

Life and death

Some things you know, some things you don’t
Then why do you believe in the things unknown
What you see- you ignore, what you don’t- you fear
Your fear makes you a loser, can’t you see this dear?

You don’t really know what comes next after death
What actually happens after your last breath?
If you’re scared of death, you’ll be scared while you live
Don’t mess up your present; the present is your gift

Some talk of death like its worst thing of all
Afraid of the moment when death will make its call
But think, if no one died and all of us survived
Would it be possible for the resources to be revived?

There would be people everywhere, no place to stay
No water to drink, no place to live, and nowhere to play
What’s the use of a world like that?
What happens is for the best, always believe in that

Some talk of death just to judge their friends
To see if it affects them or they carry on their trends
Some hate death, some welcome it
But success comes to those, who live every bit

Death is just a phenomenon like walking, talking or birth
It’s nothing to be scared of- it is the most obvious thing on earth
But before you die make sure, that you’ve done what you’re born to do
Everyone has some talent- yeah that’s 100% true

Don’t be suppressed and open your heart
Don’t let the bad spirit catch you off guard
Identify your talents, and live your present
In the fear of future, don’t waste you present

We control our life, be independent and strong
Have faith in your intuitions, they’ll never be wrong
Death will come when it has to; you are born to die one day
But no matter how far you go, your memories will always stay…

Copyright © apoorva patrikar | Year Posted 2012