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My Machine

My machine
is sleek and mean
running down
electric streets.

My mind 
is clear and clean
running on music 
and nicotine.

Ghosts hover slowly
over this ethereal scene
and signposts on the road
are not what they would seem.

My machine is 
slick and mean
and it never
runs clean.
It fogs it up,
and smogs it up
ever since I
was a teen.

My mind is a buzz
with music
and love,
running on nicotine . . .

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Shooting Through Space

I am shooting
through space
at an
intergalactic pace,
putting on
a different face
to wrest me
from this alien place.
to be more
than a galactic whore.
Savor the lines
like an alien wine.
Dress me up
and hand me more.
Then cross my 
with your laser sword.

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How's the view
from Mars?
I think we'll
travel there
some day.

How's the view
from where
you are?
Are you looking 
at a pretty star?
Does she
have long
a very bright 
I don't know,
it seems.

Don't forget 
to feed
the dog
before you
He gets
awfully hungry.

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Put Your Gun Away

I Wish there was
something I could say
to get you to 
put your gun away.
I know I got something
left to say
before you blow us
all away.

Little drops of lemon
are floating 
on your mind.
But it's true that
you've got us all
in your sights.

What a day. (x2)


Little drops of
should make it here 
but something tells
that you're going to
make all of us pay

What a day.  (x2)

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The Bells of Avalon

We have to travel further on
to reach the shores of Avalon.
Where we come to hear the ring
of bells that like to sing.

Sing of noble and perilous deeds,
of people riding noble steeds,
to victories in times of hope,
defeating the hands of their foes.

The ring peels out for everyone
who has ever fought for love.
Two times for all who try
to lift the hopes of mortals high.

Three times for a noble act,
coming from a noble pact.
Four times for those in times of war,
who have fallen to the sword.

And then it rings and rings for those,
who are more noble than they know,
who do a thing from in their core
and never have a want for more.

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This Love

I don't understand this life,
I don't know what it is.
I only know this love,
I don't know what it is.

sometimes it makes me mad,
sometimes it makes me cry,
although I don't know why.

But the part of me once dead
is now alive with you.
I'm so in love with you,
I don't know what to do.

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I Love You

I love you, (x2)
that much is clear.
I love you, (x2)
please don't disappear.

Nothing matters, (x2)
but you, my dear.

I love you, (x2)
that much I fear.
I love you, (x2)
please persevere.

Nothing matters, (x2)
but you, here.

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Diamond You, Brilliant Me

Diamond you,
brilliant me,
spread your wings---

Diversion is a playful thing
which somehow I forgot to bring.

Diamond you,
brilliant me,
spread your wings---

Deep below the hollow wind
is a voice that always sings.

Diamond you,
brilliant me,
spread your wings---

Desperate as the time has been,
I’m sure I’ll see you once again.

Diamond you,
brilliant me.

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From the fiery lake to the pits of hell
rests the solemn wake where Atlantis fell.
Ten Kings could not a rumor tell
what sinners hate in their blackest well.

Pyramids peered up in the sky
and parades of men could not defy.
Deep below the city dwelt
a newer law that they felt.

Exploding from the caves below;
an angry surge of molten stone,
that blew up through the Temple Square,
where people marched without a care.

Tides of water swept the street
and Kings laid low in the heat.
Rocks slid down into the sea---
the city slipped down far beneath.

Ships searched long for signs of it,
but could not find the fires lit.
And birds out among the skies
could not find a place to lie.

Someday the light will rise again
And give us what we thought was bled.
When time was that these Kings have led
a truer voice shall be heard again.

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The Siege of Temporial

Riding through the forest hard
is the rider---Elven Bard,
riding through with trusty steed---
feels the city in it’s need.

Riding hard and riding lone,
no one tracks him where he goes.
Bursting through the forest trees---
It is this call that he heeds.

Down along the battle line
is a horn that is raised again.
Moving to their new positions,
make their way with true precision.

Then at last the rider comes,
summoned to the battle front.
Evil crawls out amongst the land.
The city makes its greatest stand.

Riding now across the lines,
he waits for them to give the sign.
Helmet glows with Elven fans.
Now its time to free the land.