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The sparkling blue gem

Scaling the skies and beauty of her wonder world A fairy saw a sparkling thing down in a valley Intrigued she flew up to it Mesmerized she was, when she saw it A big ,sparkling ,blue gem with lustrous shine Thrilled by its luster ,she touched it And woof!!! Her magic wand disappeared She lost her wings and all her powers In desperation ,she touched it again and again But to no avail Disheartened she walked up to the nearby brook With her head in her lap ,she started crying Suddenly she heard a soothing music The music of rumbling, ruffling brook Freshly scented spring air wiped her tears Dusky splendid skies brought her smile back A new world was unfolding before her Elated she was, when she walked on the dewy grass Her eyes shone, when she saw a small pink flower, growing under a rock Her heart skipped a beat when she touched the bark of the tree Intoxicated by this beauty, she wandered around And unknowingly reached back to the vicinity of the blue gem On seeing it again ,she felt that it’s beauty had increased Again mesmerized by its luster, she touched the gem This time with an enlightened heart and a beautiful mind And woof!!! Her magic wand reappeared Her wings and powers restored Since night was befalling on her She with an elated heart ,flew hastily up to her abode Resting on her couch ,she felt something stuck to her feet It was the fresh dewy grass Holding the grass blade in her hand She smiled ,as she knew She had learned a lesson that day Had seen a new world, a world beyond her magic and had learned to keep her feet grounded….

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Marriage and love

Love is what binds us
Love is what I feel for you
A divine union
Is marriage for you and me
Celebration of  our love

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lessons learned

Lessons learned are life's gain

Without them life would be mundane


Each day brings a gift with it

To unwrap it you have to endure pain


Come what may,you have to brave it

Otherwise,all the gain goes down the drain


Take those lessons seriously ,my dear

Lest,you live your life all in vain


Lessons learned and lived properly

That is what, our end should retain.....

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Hearing that heartbeat

Hearing that heartbeat 
Felt shivers from tip to toe
Each kick so welcome
Weaving dreams for my unborn
A mother making process

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Not yet

Haven't come face to face with my life yet
My desires haven’t turned into my goal yet

Don't know what i am in search of
My efforts haven’t bore fruit yet

Yearning to fly in the vast blue sky
But i haven’t turned into a bird yet
Wanted to soothe each inch of me
But I am not a perfume yet

Don't get ,what I keep on thinking
Haven't  controlled my senses yet..

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My colours

Paradise and hell reside in me
Good and bad a part of me
I am what I am
There is nothing like me...

My colours sway
I change with each coming day
Think about me, the way you want to think
I m just walking along my way

My dreams are my own
To me ,my path has been shown
Don’t worry about me
My patience now, has grown

I know there is an end
No rules I want to bend
To live life the right way
A helping hand I want to lend

Don’t judge me by what I wear
I am more than that I swear
A sea of emotions I have in me
A lot of things I have, to share….

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if these walls could talk

If these walls could talk
They would have narrated my story
How without you, I live in a constant shock
How I have lost all my  past glory

Witness to my  everlasting misery
My walls would have wailed for me
At least ,they would have made a query
whenever I am lost somewhere in me

Sharing my lonely nights
Seeing me crawl into that cold bed
Knowing all my shivering frights
Crying for me ,as if I am dead

I would  have talked to them about you
About the love we shared
All that ,that happened between me and you
About the life, when we were paired

Living  with this eerie  loneliness
The only noise ,is of a clock
With your hatred creeping into me ,as illness
I wish these walls could talk…..

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fall colours

Carpet of crisp dry leaves
New colors nature conceives
Misty ,hazy ,chilly autumn air
Fall colors in full flair
Trees seemingly on fire
Nature seems stringing musical lyre
Rustling bustling autumn wind
All the foliage gradually thinned
Winged leaves flying in the air
Naked  branches so bare
Luring fall colours everywhere
A colorful degenerating atmosphere

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Black Night

Entangled are this night’s threads
So unnerving are these dreads
Darkness envelops this night
Tearing me to shreds 

Caught in these threads I am
Now I view life, just as a sham
Left alone in this dark cave
Through eternal darkness I swam

Left with no twinkling light
My  life can’t take that flight
Tired ,I want to gather my strength
Now, is the time to change my plight

When it is darkest of dark, they say
It’s time for dawn ,to welcome day
Here I am with open arms
Welcoming  that eternal ray	

For Craig Colson's Night - Dark - Black --Happy-Sad Contest...
Sept. 14, 2012 

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Clipped feathers

My feathers  clipped by ruthless time
               Me  in my prime
                   In a prison
              Of life’s treason

Some strength ,still  left inside my heart
               To freshly start
                  To get going
                   Again flying

My patience helped ,to grow new wings
              Those feathered  things
                A flight to dreams
                Now, easy seems!!

By- Irfana ali Bhat
Contest- Just A Minute!