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A Forever Smile

No matter what you're going through
It only lasts a while
Only one thing lasts forever
That's your beautiful smile

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Blue Jeans

I'm a country boy who needs you
The first time you're washed you bleed blue
You go with all of my T-shirts
If I rip you I will be hurt

As crisp as Mississippi's air
I still will wear you with a tear
You are something I'll never share
Got four or five favorite pair

Something I won't trade khakis for
Brown as bags from the package store
Since my favorite color's blue
I want you in every hue

From the stonewashed to rigid you
When I can't buy I visit you
I'm hoping that they give me you
'Cause your fit I'm addicted to

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Love Is

Love is a splendor
But what makes it better is that you remember
The good along with the bad is to be rendered
Like a shard in our hearts from a splinter
Love is a beauty
To keep it up and looking good is a duty
And always seem to come apart when treated loosely
Take control of my soul please use me
Love is a lily
Much too important to compare to something bitty
No, love is a prosperous city
Love is life and life is for the living
Just what you are
Love is a river
And it flows and of life it is a giver
And it grows into something much bigger
When it slows it no longer flows hither
Love is a natural
There is no where to run love is after you
Just to get you to the floor love will tackle you
Bleed you until there's nothing left love will baffle you
Love is a beauty
From inside through your eyes shines truly
Beautiful light from your eyes shines through me
From time I've come to find what love is to me
Just what you are

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Mississippi River

Her strong and mighty currents flow
From Ohio Valley
South to the Gulf of Mexico
Alligator Alley

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My Love

My love just thinking about you
It always blows my mind
My love I sprinkle about you
Tastes like the finest wine

My love that I will give to you
Will stand the tests of time
My love I will be here for you
As long as you are mine

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When I was yours I loved you so
Seemed you did not love me
You never ever held me close
Put too much above me

I am a man we make mistakes
And you've made mistakes too
I'm glad that someone took my place
'Cause some things I can't do

I've made you laugh I've made you cry
Know you from head to feet
I left without your kiss goodbye
I tried to cut you deep

In the end when it's said and done
You will remember me
As the man you let get away
No longer hinders me

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When I Kiss You

I deeply stare into your eyes
Your love is such a gift
I've never felt this kind of high
Just when I kiss your lips

I've only used my tongue to speak
But this is something new
I've never tasted none as sweet
As when I'm kissing you

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Planet Earth

You are just a rock in orbit
Hovering 'round a summer sun
You are changing like the solstice
Like you have done since time begun

Your species are assorted
Some are from ole and some are young
A few have gone without notice
A few are gone their days are done

You are just a rock in orbit
On your axis looking to dock
You are destined to be ported
Somewhere to be more than a rock

And soon you will be forted
Protected by the building blocks
With which 'round the sun escorted
And you will never ever stop

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Baby's Mama

Cut my tires, bust my glass
You should have been a piece of a$$
About me you did barely care
Until I laid within you bare

And blessed you with a boy or girl
Then helped you bring them in this world
Now the situation gives
Just visitation rights to his

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Memories Of You

My thinking about you haunts me
We went from deep in love
To this place where you don't want me
Now we're deceasing love

I forgot to say I'm sorry
For all the times you hurt
There isn't a need to worry
Already quenched my thirst

For the taste of the sweet nectar
That only lovers spew
Your giving up us will fester
Then rot inside of you

Until the day we meet again
Your memory will live
Within my mind and heart until
I can no longer feel