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Remember what I taught you

A dedication to my grandpa, 
i love you and miss you,
Your legacy lives on within my heart

The sun can shine
So bright, it makes you blind
Fooling, deceiving.
Very misleading .
The world telling you it's a good day
With just a simple ray.
Penetrating your mind
Telling you to leave all that behind.
So you leave it … Searching for anything to find.
To fill that hole in your heart ...with something kind.
So you go for a stroll in a park
And see a dog with a playful bark.
As you step near
You start to grow in fear 
Foam in its mouth 
You notice your head dropping south
Chin down
And start to frown.
You realize it's not so sunny anymore
Rain pours
No more birds soar.
Drop to your knees
And freeze
Start to cry.
Then wonder why.
Why do I feel this way?
Looking for answers, you go to the bay.
Watching the storm come in, you hear someone say, 
"Remember what I taught you,
You have to be strong.
Find the right
In the wrong. 
Everything will be okay.
Some days will rain. 
Some days will shine,"
Looking around to see who it may be
You continue to listen to the voice from the sea,
"some days you need to stop everything
And pray.
The Good Lord will take it away.
I've always been your strength
Strong for you and yours sister both."
As you realize who it is 
You start to cry, from sadness…
And bliss.
"I know you miss me…
And I miss you too.
No need to cry, 
Oh Catelyn, oh me oh my. 
But just always know I'm here,
In heaven 
watching over you. 
If you ever need me.
You know where I'll be. 
Watching over you from the clouds.
No need to worry.
Don't stress so much.
Life happens.
It peaks
And it stinks..
Given , I wish I was down there to talk to you. 
But it's all in God's plan.
Everything will be for the better. 
Now I'm sorry I have to go,
Check on your sister and cousins you know
Whenever your feeling rough
Whenever life gets tough
Remember what I taught you. 
Rain may continue 
Life will happen in different Venues
But go dance in the rain
Let go of the pain. 
Enjoy the life God granted you
…it won't last forever.
Don't plan out the future 
God has his plan
Live his will out
Not yours
Remember your still a kid,
So smile and I love you Catie did"
Tears rushing down your face
Tears of joy or sorrow 
You don't really know.
Remembering what your grandfather taught you,
With his strength You stand up 
Something in your chest starts to bump
Your heart, it's whole
Beating once again.
Pain is gone 
And you live on.
Dancing in the rain
With only life to gain.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

Details | Catelyn Huffman Poem

You're worth it

Sometimes we want to grow up fast. Others we want our youth to last. Sometimes we want to change the past. Others we want to leave it alone because it was such a blast. Either way, however you feel. You have to find a way to cope and deal. Because life is a journey Sometimes a competition, a tourney. along the way there are things.... That beat up life and leave it with dings. Sadness awaits. After all we cant change fate. Tears racing down rosy red cheeks. Blinding us from seeing the beauty of the snowy mountain peak Depression like lightning strikes. Down like a volleyball we spike. Anger and frustration builds. Combining to form destruction in guilds All leading up to stress. But remember you're always blessed. Remember all those bad times. When all people did was go out and commit crimes. When hungry people had to go out and wait in long lines Maybe to some people that only happens sometimes. Maybe to others all the time. Either way, however you feel. You had to find a way to cope and deal. Somehow you stood the rain You lasted through all that pain. You didn't fall tumbling through the drain. You made it through the times that were long. You are strong. Maybe going back and forth, ping pong. Differing what's right. and what's wrong. But here you stand. Holding your own land. Even if you feel like you don't. And there's no luck you won't. I know you will. Because life isn't always downhill. Either way, however you feel. You had to find a way to cope and deal. And here you are standing now. Now of the past, let go. And in yourself you will grow. After you realize the point you're at is no longer low. Instead you get to enjoy the beauty of Sharing and and giving and receiving everyone's love. Because you're worth it.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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On the boardwalk, skies and waters a majestic blue
On the boardwalk it’s me and you
Together hand in hand.
Together we just bought this square of land.
Monopolizing from
People who landed to hear the wave’s drum
People who landed to hear the ocean rumble
Making it last.
So this game doesn’t go to fast.
Richer by the time
People land on the boardwalk and pay a little more than a dime. 
This is the boardwalk palace.
This boardwalk for my king.
And I shall be your Queen
On the boardwalk, skies and waters a majestic blue
On the boardwalk it’s me and you
Together hand in hand.
Profiting more than money from this land.
More than beauty, riches, and power 
But the one thing that really towers
And the memories
On the boardwalk, skies and waters a majestic blue
On the boardwalk it’s me and you
Together hand in hand.

(FOR CONTEST ENTRY) Scottie dog–Vienna Bombardieri Iron–Richard Palmer Race car–Destroyer~Poet Thimble–Anne Lise Andresen Top hat–Brittany Caldwell Horse and rider–Skat Shoe–Alicia Lorraine Mathes Wheelbarrow-Christina Vasquez Banker- Joe Flach Police officer-Nancy Jones Monopoly Person- Carolyn Oclaire

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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Burning Embers

After being together for a time of great length
I have no idea how I put up with you, or where I get the strength
You make me so furious, just so mad!
Why do I put myself through this, if I just end up being sad?
I get a reminder every morning when I turn to your side of the bed.
The passion our love used to have, a fire burning such a deep red.
Years pass and the fire dies down
I look at you and your once glowing smile, turned into a frown. 
What’s changing I really don’t know
Sometimes wondering if it was all a show…
But in the morning, breath stinky and hair a mess
I look at you and know I’m blessed. 
Because behind those eyes I see a spark
Memories of making out in the park
The only time we’d cry
is when we had to say good-bye. 
I see something that’s keeping us alive
During the screaming shouts there is something in our hearts we are trying to revive
We’re trying to rekindle the burning embers
When all of the sudden, not just our minds, but our hearts remember
We lean in for a passionate kiss
And all of the sudden, remember the feeling of bliss.
And who knew that was the fuel we needed,
A blissful kiss our hearts and lips have so deeply missed
To rekindle our fire
To rekindle our passion
To rekindle our faith and trust we had in each other.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

Details | Catelyn Huffman Poem

Still take a bullet

My Valentine
 My sunshine
 Thought you'd always be mine
 Today is two years…
 Full of tears.
 Still want the dream we've had
 Although the hurts too much , just a tad.
 VIP you know what this stands for
 MVP you know there's more.
 Crushed . hurt . lies.
 Always more hi's… than goodbye's
 Thought today i'd be in your arms
 This is a wake up call, real alarm
 Never would of thought it
 The price it cost I bought it
 Guess you didn't take my currency
 Didn't wanna think of me.
 Now it's time to think of you.
 Although my love will always be true.
 I gotta think of you...
 Loving you will never stop
 Not when I'm on the bottom your on the top. 
I'll love you more than you'll ever know.
 I'll love you more than I'll ever be able to show. 
Brings tears to my eyes
 To remember those butterflies
 Gotta make you happy.
 I'll be behind the scenes faking sappy.
 No, i won't be okay
 But I'll make it through today 
Speechless, Don't know what to say
 But for you I'll always be there MJ
 Chris Brown, No there's not a right time to say goodbye.
 So I hope you live life to the fullest.
 For you any day any time. I'll still take a bullet.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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My mister,,,,,

My mister right
My mister wrong 
Break my heart, and put up a fight
Then sing me a sad song.
Say you over me.
Then start crying over me. 
Say I ain't nothin to you, 
But I'm your everything too.
The memories you done forgot.
Then say they preserved and won't ever rot.
Say it won't happen again 
But over and over.
Same old thing.
Running around in circles.
But I'm ready to move ahead.
As I lay down in bed 
My mind drifts away..
Wondering how life would be if you woulda just stayed.
Without You, i dont know what to do,
Wish I could say I was over you,
But be this just ain't true.
Why did you have to be split.
Couldn't fix it with a first aid kit.
Half I love.
That's the half from heaven above.
Half from hell.
Deciving lies didn't ring my bell
So you had me fooled.
Head over heels and dripping drool.
Even though you were mean and crewel.
Still I'm in love.
Although you tell me to cut my wrist
I still care.
Your still my baby boo bear. 
Your my angel
My devil
My missing piece to the puzzle
Give me a little bit of everything I need.
But now your gone, this I hope you read.
Maybe get on the same page up to speed
And don't take advantage, greed.
Cuz honey this killin me.
Listen to these words be.
Regardless of what I do. 
Those promises I made remain true.
I'll save my heart for you.
The promises I made stay true
You my mr wrong. But you my mr right too. 
I hope we can work this out because
I miss you.
I want you.
I crave you.
But most of all because
I love you.
Both parts of you because it's who you are
...Even though it's got me torn.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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Young, and Wild, and FREE

You used to keep me outta trouble. 
Keep me n a little bubble. 
Always watching my back 
to be sure I didn't lack. 
Kept me on a path. 
Now Im walking out in the grass. 
Trying to do me, 
whoever that may be.
 But until I figure it out, 
I guess I'll just live
 young and wild and free...

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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If I'm Dreaming

one day
 we okay
 the next night
 we fight
 it just don't...
 nevermind i won't
 Wish this would...
 Bet it could.
 Could make some since
 if on my heart you'd see the dents.
 if you would have some compassion
 and see that you're my passion.
 off this passion I thrive
 for love I strive
 unless this is all a lie.
 Sometimes i think it is when you say goodbye.
 or perhaps a dream
 but we're a team
 I want us to last.
 been there in the past,
 And I want you there in the future too
 but if this is all a dream I don't know what to do
 So tell me it's real.
 Write it on my heart and kiss it for a seal.
 And if I'm dreaming pinch me.
 And if that don't work punch me.
 Because I don't wanna live this dream, 
If it isn't real
 And I don't wanna live any other way
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 Because of the way I think you love me,
 Because of the shining moon over the glistening sea
 because of the bright orange sun setting in the distant blue sky,
 Is all too beautiful
 to be real.
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 And if I'm dreaming pinch me.
 And if that don't work punch me.
 Because I don't wanna live this dream, 
If it isn't real
 And I don't wanna live any other way
 So tell me it's real, babe.
 Promise me it's real.
 But if I'm dreaming...

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

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When the newness ends

Sometimes I miss

 the way you used to ask for a kiss.

The way you'd gaze n my eyes.

And see past the lies.

The words you used to say,

Like tell me how pretty I am today.

How much do I mean to you?

Seems like anymore I don't have a clue.

The sweetness, no more.

Because now its just like what for?

After Two lovely years.

We've changed gears.

Newness has escaped.

over us love has been draped.

Keeping us together,

Always and forever.

We know all of each others secrets.

The ones down the deepest.

When we're together we get bored.

Staring at a blank door.

You play games while I sleep.

Silence without a peep.

Yeah sure nothing's new.

We've done this a time or two

... Or a few.

The point is now that i know the darkest the deepest...

Of all of your secrets.

I can truly appreciate who you are,

This is why I made you my morning star.

I don't care if we stare at a wall

I genuinely cherish the moments we do absolutely nothing at all.

Just fast away in my dreams, in your arms.

Away from all harm.

The sentimental type of feeling.

The one that got me to start believing, 

That love could be a happy ever after.

Maybe had some tears, but more laughter. 

That's why I don't mind.

Get comfortable relax and unwind.

Nothing more we have to find.

Because we have the worlds greatest treasure.

Something that can't be measured. 

You've got yours

And I've got mine. 

No more waitin in line.

Because from the start 

you stole my heart

And Now baby,

nothing will

Ever tear us apart. 

And all that flows,

Even through what should be fatal blows.

Is love on the end of cupid's little arrows. 

So even though I miss the newness.

And all the sweet things you used to do 

This love is rare.

This love is true

It belongs to me.

It belongs to you.

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman

Details | Catelyn Huffman Poem

She was the sicissors and I'm the glue

Lotsa feeling coming back like in my lost poem ‘Brand  New’
Staying up late looking on the streets way past curfew
Oh all the sympathy I’d get if you even had a clue.
But I’ll keep it between me and god as I’m praying in this pew
Maybe talking would help but I doubt your going through this too.
Ever been so in love your ready to say, “I Do”
Just to find out that person doesn’t really love you
Heart and mind melt while your soul turns to goo
He still wants his old girl  even though he said they were through.
Starting to see in black and white colors losing hew.
Thought he’d be better with something better and new.
Got me feeling all alone like a tiger locked up in the zoo. 
Still together and wanting to stay too
Just not sure where this relationship is going to go to
Do you love her?
Or do you love me to?
Will I ever be your one and only?
Like you are mine/
Or are you getting my hope up to high to
Ever float down.
I wanna be your number one
Not your number two
Especially to the one who
Means absolutely everything
To me. 
My world. My sunshine.
The one I don’t ever want to lose.
Seems like I’m in crazy competition with the past
Baby here I am trying to make us last. 
I’ll hold you.
Protect you.
Wipe your eyes too.
We can be apart of the few
Got that real and true love.
Stick together when it’s the same old nothing no longer new
Stick together no matter what we’re going through.
She’s your first love,  and that’s okay.
I’ll understand if you’ll always love her too.
But please make me your number one.
I’m sick of being your number two.
In a blink of an eye all these thoughts race through
My heart mind and soul all now in a yucky goo
But maybe my goo
Can be your glue
Fit together all the broken pieces doing whatever I can for you.
So I’ll keep it o myself, my pen, and my paper.
Because I don’t wanna start this fight again tonight
Just stay close and hold me tight.
While I’m 
I’m what’s right for you
And you’re what’s right for me too

Copyright © Catelyn Huffman