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Each Precious Moment

Every moment of life has meaning divine
Craft them with love, cherish your time
Remember the past but don't dwell within
for it is here, it is now that joy begins.
There is truth, there is balance in all that we see
from things left unsaid to leaves on a tree.
Let gentle soft rivers flow through your mind.
Treasure each heartbeat, try to be kind.
Be truthful and honest in all that you do.
Pain caused to others one day returns to you.
Tree branches bend from the wind blowing.
Actions have effects, ours seldom knowing.
Reach for the sunlight, enjoy the view.
Love freely given, each second is new.
The soul is a vessel, true love it can make.
In each precious moment, give more than you take.
Single moments in time can shape history.
Create happiness or cause misery.
A morsel of food to a mouth full of hunger
Lives lived with regret, wish to be younger.
Each moment that passes cannot be returned.
Move forward, live fully with all that you've learned.
Time before us, blank canvas to paint
That which is past becomes cloudy and faint.
Life is now. Life is here.
Live, love and laugh, hold it so dear.

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Tender Caring Loving Heart

Oh tender caring loving heart
To build this fortress round you start
Protecting you from further pain
would doom to never love again
Fly your flag upon the hill
Recall the past but present fill
Find in each day, loves embrace
Into the mist, sorrow chase
As day and night emit their charm
Share dark and light, don't be alarmed
Let goodness grow in all you do
Each day of life can be like new
Oh tender caring loving heart
Strength and beauty are your mark
Revealed in every step you take
Joy and happiness you'll make
Sunrise, sunset beauty seek
Climb to every mountain peak
Shout to all around you're here
Make it sing, make it clear
Find the power deep within
Live and love, new life begins
Oh tender caring loving heart
Rise again and never part

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A series of choices

A series of choices is what shapes a 
Some lead to joy, others to strife.
They come in all sizes, both big and 
Some lift us up and some make us 
Our choices affect us, but so often 
Strangers and friends, family and 
Take care that your choices are 
honest and pure.
In every choice, try to be sure.
Choices revealed in actions and 
They're nestled in wants, desires 
and needs.
What we say, what we don't.
What we will, what we won't.
We are judged by our choices, for 
good or for bad.
Living with memories, happy and 
Choices are rarely ever rehearsed.
Once they are made, seldom 
Who we are at the core can be 
shown by a choice.
I hope that in yours, you'll always 

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Grand Ancient Rivers

Flow mighty rivers, what all have you seen
Rise and fall of empires, string of storied kings
As veins carry blood, you give Earth its life
Carving the landscape as if done by a knife
Ancient, so ancient, much older than man
Incredible show of Gods mighty hand
Oh Nile and Amazon, visions so vivid
What secrets you keep alongside the pyramids
Yangtze and Yellow, through China you flow
Fog and mist rising, light and shadow aglow
OB-Irtysh, Lena and Yenisey too
Through grand scenic Russia, mysteries come into view
Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio you carry
Life giving waters, beside you we tarry
The vanity of man, tis he gives you names
creating boundaries, staking his claims
How much blood has been spilled, along sacred shores
Man wants all you can give, and then he wants more
You were here long before him, and will flow when he's gone
Still rushing and rippling your beautiful songs
Reflections of Sun and of Moon on your face
Inspire our souls with power and grace
We've drank and bathed, and cried on your shores
We've polluted and dumped, filling your pores
Please forgive us our trespass, in time we will go
Still rivers, grand ancient rivers will continue to flow

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An empty echo bellows from within the depths of a chasm. Endless and cold, it moans an apathy that desecrates the sanctity of love and alters the signal of all feeling and emotion. It reaches and bites the heart, concealing from vision its true mission of destruction. Tightly wrapping itself around the soul, it plunges its deadly sting through its victim, cutting off the gentle flowing mixture of happiness, sincerity, laughter and devotion. Mindless faces speak a meaningless language. The lips seem to move in an endless array of contours as a lone silhouette vanishes with the last beam of light. Alone it stands as it silently waits for time to pass. Alone in these vast depths of indifference, there is no hope, no salvation from the inward conflict that evaporates the soul. Bow your head little sparrow. Weep the tears that none else can. Reveal the pain that none else will. Lift your eyes to a destiny. Take the future up in your tiny wings and bring it back to me. Together we can cry over the past and fly away. Darkness is the absence of light, yet you and I see. Within the chasm flickers a small candle. To you and I little sparrow, no freedom is too distant, no change too great. We persist with love where blind hatred dwells. Lingering within us is a hope, a dream and purpose that lifts the wind beneath our wings. We've tasted the bottom of the chasm. Together we can cry over the past and fly away..........

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Snowy White Owl

Snowy white owl, tell me a secret
Should I dwell on the past or should I just leave it
Depth and expression of feelings so strong
Is it a strength or could it be wrong
Longing, yearning, depth of it growing
Explore every feeling, not fully knowing
Past, present, future.....mingled as one
cloudbursts then sunshine, has healing begun
Tender, kind, gentle and pure
passion and caring, in these I am sure
True love, tender mercy, in these I believe
The souls strength and power, I clearly perceive
To give every part of myself is a must
To have and to hold with care and with trust
Snowy white owl, reveal to me
Are such feelings a weakness or pre destiny
Snowy white owl so grand and so fair
Tell me the truth, show me you care

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When Something Isn't Right

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that something isn't right ?
Now multiply a hundredfold, this represents my plight
The world laid out before you, on the surface all is well
Non specific swirling darkness, grave forebodings dwell
Try to keep your focus, through long shadows ebbing light
While all along dark spectre creeping, approaching endless night
Not a fear of ghosts and goblins, or monsters under bed
But a feeling deep inside the core, that penetrates the head
Things are not so bad you say, you're better off than many
If it's comfort you are seeking, you're not receiving any
Suffocates your optimism, and all that's good and true
You ask yourself what is this thing, and what it wants from you
Search within you, try to find, your strength and your voice
Looking for the answer as if you had a choice
You want to see its ugly head that you may stand and fight
But as for now, all you know is something isn't right

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Know that we are one.
Without the Sun I am dark.
Together we are one light.
Your eyes see the light and you are one with it.
We are one.

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True Love

Take my hand silent angel, let's fly away
This heart is too strong to weaken or fade
Love felt by one will flicker and die
No time to grieve or ask reasons why
There's beauty around, petals with dew
Sun on my shoulders, the mountains in view
The birds and their songs tell of love in the air
The blue of the sky, the clouds painted there
True love is real, someday will be found
Try not to let broken hearts drag us down
When love runs away, it's not meant to be
Something greater awaits, a true destiny
Someone deserves a heart strong and pure
When that day comes, true love will endure

Details | Walter Williams Poem

Storms of Life

The storms of life, they twist and fray
Rain slowly erodes our values away
Caught up in this hectic pace
Can lose ourselves without a trace
Sometimes it seems it's all illusion
Leaving us in great confusion
Wind and rain, blowing sands
The future nestled in our hands
Be wary of the constant strife
Lest we become the storms of life