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Septembe Blues

September, you are a wistful song
Summer sheds a tear when you come along
Sunny summer melodies yield to your mellow song
Its melody fades while yours grow strong

Summer ends and a certain sadness ensues
Sunny days make way for winter blues
September gives us glimpses of summer
Though days be short and golden leaves slumber

The vibrant colors September brings
disguise the coming winter sting
As summer dies it makes one last sunny stand
But will return, for thats how it was planned

Until then we must endure a harsh season
All bundled up, keeping warm is the reason
When the first snow  falls
The pristine beauty leaves us enthralled

Soon summer will begin anew
Gray clouds make way for skies of blue
We awaken from our winter slumber
And welcome the butterflies of summer

For Joanne Grisetti's Copy Cat contest

:Inspired by the poem: September
Which was written by: Andrea Dietrich

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Sleepless nights

 When counting sheep on sleepless nights
fail to make me sleep
I count the stars  in vaulted heights
that through my window peep
Then  lullabies from up on high
brings my soul to rest
In dreams I fly   across the sky
in slumber's peaceful quest

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Shades of your smile

 In solitude I sit, in the silence of thought
As my mind conjures memories past
In the still frame of shadows your image is caught
Seared in my memory the day it was cast

I wonder if your smile still has that glow
Oh, forbid the clouds to cover your light
That your smile through the clouds will always show
And brighten the darkness  in the heart of my night

That i may grieve not, alone and forlorn
Knowing that  you,   in happiness soar
My heart though heavy, no more to mourn
As your smile shines brighter than ever before

And if in the silence bitter tears fall
My heart will seek solace in love's sweet recall

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The silent alarm

For some reason, this morning her alarm clock failed to sound. With eyes half closed,
 she glanced at the clock.  It was around 8 AM. She got dressed as quickly as     
she could,  hurried to the train station. When the train  arrived; she managed 
 to get a seat . She  put on her glasses and took out her crossword puzzle.   
  She  became lost in the clues. She had finished  one puzzle,  was on to the next,  
when the  voice of the conductor interrupted her thoughts. A delay was announced.   
 As it turned out, the train ahead had derailed.  Many were seriously injured. 
  It was then,  she appreciated the silence of her alarm clock.

a peal of thunder
  shatters the peace of the day
 rain comes crashing down



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Silver lining

 No words can blunt the pain of a broken heart
Though dulcet melodies may sooth it for a while
Much more than tears dost thou impart
With time  once more to see your golden smile

How then can thee  revive thy  broken dreams
Doth sorrow's weight besiege thy soul?
Lo, the weight is lighter than it seems
With time the silver lining gleams

But who can mend a broken soul?
What unseen force can repair the inner core
He who dwells on high can make you whole
Like diamonds,  your light will shine once more

And when the silence is broken by thy thoughts
Your spirit will rise above the dreams you sought

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A Songbird's ode to Autumns gone

 As winter's gloom  descends upon  the trees
Autumn slumbers  'neath the fallen leaves
Spring's distant dream is yet to be perceived
As trees  weep in the cold silence of  their grief

Autumn slumbers  'neath the fallen leaves
As a lone bird sings a melancholy song
The trees weep in the cold silence of  their grief
To a songbird's ode to autumns gone

As a lone bird sings a melancholy song
A sad song within my heart is born
As  I hear the songbird's ode to autumns gone
That echoes in the twilight until  morn

A sad song within my heart is born
As winter's frost  through the forest  spawns
The songbird's ode to autumn echoes until morn
Before it takes its envied flight to warmer dawns

As winter's frost through the forest spawns
Spring's distant dream is yet to be perceived
Then the songbird takes its envied flight to warmer dawns
As winter's gloom descends upon the trees 


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Drum beat

Drum beat
  The sound of hearts
Beating to love's smooth rhythm
Sometimes a  brokenhearted  tune
  Hoping for another chance at love's oft
 Moody melodic emotions
That dance upon  lyrics,  
   The beat goes on...
  Drum beat


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 The tree that held the forbidden fruit
     Held our destiny in its roots
The ancient secrets that it kept
     May hold the tears that the willow wept

The tree that holds  the robins nest
     Holds life most precious, it is blessed
The tree from which  the nightingale sings
     Holds the melody until spring

But the tree that I will forever miss
   Is the tree under which we kissed
So long ago our hearts did leap
   With sweet caress and passions deep
         The tree where hearts will meet in bliss
Is the tree that holds tomorrow's kiss

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Raindrops and roses

 When gray clouds imposed their will upon the sky
With roaring refrain thunder replied
And raindrops in buckets came tumbling down
With life giving waters the earth it did crown

As it rained and rained all through the day
I watched from my window at my garden's bouquet
As the lilacs and violets in fragrant repose
Swayed in the wind as did the rose

When raindrops met roses that summer afternoon
I watched from my window up in my room
As the flowers drank this nectar sent from above
There meeting it seemed was all about love

Details | Joseph May Poem

A glimpse in the garden

      My garden lies between the trees
 Where lilies dance in gentle breeze
      And lilacs whisper pretty please
 To  a butterfly's caressing tease

         Nearby glows the  buttercups
   Where  honeybees come to sup
        While  hummingbirds on branches squint
  To catch a glimpse of hyacinths
      And daffodils in yellow coats
 Sway to songbirds dulcet notes

    Queen Anne's lace is also grown
 With Forget-me-nots and anemones
     But the rose in beauty stands alone
 And smiles demurely from her throne