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Shivery Is Not Dead

Shivery is not dead!
My love I am happy to know 
that shivery is not dead for you 
and I.
In today’s society young 
mothers and fathers have a 
tendency to not teach their 
children shivery, leaving it to 
die out. But I write this poem in 
such few words knowing it will 
make an impact once it’s read 
to have individuals to discuss 
what shivery really is and how 
it’s connected to our savior.

When we go to the car and you 
open my door and then I open 
your door for you 
When I dish out the dinner and 
you feed me 
When I cook the dinner and 
you wash the dishes
When we sit down in a 
restaurant and when I get up, 
you stand 
When we take a walk and we 
hold each others hand
When I wash the clothes and 
you fold them 
When I want to sit down you 
pull out my chair
For only if we teach our 
children to understand that the 
spirit of savior resides within 
us. Therefore we should love 
each other and treat each other 
the same, as our lord and 
savior loves us! From what I 
read our savior is not bias. He 
rains on the just and the 

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God Fearing Love

For I prayed to God to have a 
man such as yourself to come 
into my life
God Fearing 
For the qualities that you have 
I know these are the 
characteristics that Jesus 
displayed for I asked for God to 
send me some one like you this 
way I would know your truly a 
gift from Him and not just Flesh 
I desired once upon a time.
You love God  the way I do
We can talk for hours about 
You are a giver 
You Respect your mother and 
whomever is around you, you 
expect them to treat their 
parents with the up most 
respect the same.
You are willing to depart the 
Wisdom that God has departed 
into the spirit that resides 
within you with anyone. You 
don't judge.
But most importantly is we 
have decided to become 
covenant partners for life and 
standing on our word that we 
will not consummate until we 
take our vows.
You promise not to rush me to 
get married just so we can 
copulate so we can be true 
friends and 
This to me is priceless.
For I prayed for years for 
someone like you and I even 
started to give up thinking that 
such a person like you even 
existed but I am happy to say I 
know and understand that God 
doesn't work by mans time but 
HIS time! Therefore I know the 
best is yet to come.

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Priceless To Me or You

Hearing your first born cry..
Seeing your first born child take his or her first steps..
Hearing your first born say I love you mommy...
Seeing your first born child graduate from kindergarten..
Hearing your first born child say mommy your going to be a grandmother...
Seeing your granddaughter being born...
Hearing your granddaughter cry for the first time..
Seeing your granddaughter reaching out to you because she smells your scent..
Just think if we didn't have these two senses we would miss out on a lot !
Or would we?
If we just would take out a moment and realize the simpler things in life and not take our senses for granted we would appreciate way more

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V alentine's Day origin is               
A ncient Romans 
L upercalia Feast
E mperor Claudis II executed 2 
men both name Valentine
N ormans celebrated Galatin's 
Day- lover of women
T radition that the masses 
adapted into their beliefs
I s now a big business
Nevertheless love should be 
Everyday not just on Feb 14th
Shakespeare wrote about 
Valentines Day in a glamorized 
way but didn't really 
acknowledge the origin of this 
NOTE: To whomever reads this 
poem I'm not against sharing 
love but what I'm against is the 
masses choosing to pick one 
day to buy gifts for this 
particular day for that special 
someone. When there is 364 
other days to celebrate their 
love with that special someone.
MY QUESTION to you would 
So why do you chose to use 
one day to give gifts to express 
your love? 

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The Simplest Things That

The simplest things that bring a smile to my face
Hearing a new born cries
Seeing a father cut his first born child umbilical cord
Seeing a butterfly breaking out of their cocoon 
Seeing ants work together 
Seeing a child ride his/her bike for the first time
Seeing my child graduate from Kindergarten thereafter first grade & now out of High School
Seeing an adult get baptized
Seeing a man and women get married in this day and age
All of these are beginnings of transitions that constitute for new situations to be made

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When I Bumpled Into Your

The other night you were sleeping and I bumped into your feet and it made me recall..
The first time I saw your tiny feet when you were born
The first time you took your first steps
The first time I bought you shoes
The first time you ran away from me to go into the kindergarten class
The first time you walked across the stage for your 8th grade graduation
The first time  I saw you play a full set of drums
The first time you played your first volleyball game 
The first time you got into the car to drive
All in a flash of a minute realizing that your next big step you will be taking is walking across the stage for your High School graduation
I realize that your tiny toes that I kissed 17years ago may still be small in stature but about to venture out in this big world...

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Before It's Too Late

Before it's Too Late
I want to say Thank you 
For the roses you bought home when it was not a man made holiday
For my favorite candies you brought home when I mentioned them in the midst of our conversation
For the unexpected dinner date you arranged for us to have when you knew I was craving for time alone with you
For the text in the middle of the day saying that you love me and you appreciate my smile
For the spa day that you set up for me when I was stressed out from the work week
For accepting me for who I am..( a little over weight and now a little skinner than when you first met me) because I got sick.
For listening to me even though you had a lot on your mind and I said I would rather not talk about it because I knew you had a so much on your mind but took out the time anyway to listen
My love I decided to write this poem to you before it's too late and I don't get a chance to say it as much as I should and/or if I should depart this place called earth before you I want you to know that I appreciate and love you with all my heart 
Just because of who you are!

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Accept Surrender and Believe

When you accept that Jesus Christ is your savior  
and truly understand what it means you will face nothing  alone.
For when you believe He died to set you free 
you can face anything -tribulations
When you accept that Jesus Christ is your savior
The words that you speak have the power to change the atmosphere
When your sick in your body and you take medical test and the results come back saying that your sick as a child of God you have the power to believe you are healed by His stripes
When you surrender your life to Christ you are given the spirit of the Lord to guide you on this place called earth
Yes a spirit! When you hear something telling you don't do that or don't go there and you find out after following what you were told to do you become amazed that if you didn't listen you would have gotten into problems
For when you believe in Jesus Christ, He will never leave you nor forsake you
When you surrender your life to Christ that means you have asked him to chisel your mind, your heart and soul to become more like Him and less of yourself
For when you accept that you can't live in this world without Him and you surrender your life to Him you can get through all things!

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M any deities are used to try to 
replace you
A lmost everyone on this earth 
heard about you 
S hepherds have been created 
by you
T ons of testimonies have been 
collected about 
what you do
E veryday I worship you
R epent is what you give us All 
time to do!

Written by Patricia Lewis

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Unconditional Love

It's been almost a year and I can truly say the love I have for you is truly unconditional
From the very beginning we would speak on the phone for hours not paying attention to the time 
I enjoyed that we never spoke about copulation and/or discussed negative topics
We were open from the very beginning not hiding things from one another
Seeing eye to eye on so many things...
We have even given each other the passwords for our phone and e-mails
We have spoken about our past acknowledging that we will not bring up each others past to hurt one another and/or to make a point
We enjoy that we are equally yoke because we go to the same church and have the same belief/faith!
We both agree that we met by God's Grace 
For we didn't meet in church but came to find out we have the same God child that resides in New York! It just so happen you missed the christening.
For I appreciate that when we don't agree we agree to accept that once we express our thoughts we come to an agreement to pray and ask God for clarity and not in a bias way
For I truly love you unconditionally for I know I would do anything for you within our faith standers to make you happy.