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Take off that mask that hides your past it's ok to show the real you
Like everyone else we have made mistakes and are struggling
 each day just to make it through
Take a deep breath of air and open up your heart,
 if you continue to hide your feelings you'll never get a new start

The truth will surface and show up on your face
 so stop hiding in the bushes and get right back in the race
You have to look towards the future and let some things go
Get in tuned with your heart and let your feelings flow

You'll release some pressure and the stress you will relieve
So go on with your life and work towards something to achieve
Never lose sight of who you are, always know your self worth
And know that you have purpose, that's why you were put on this earth

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Queen for a day

If I were queen for a day I would sit on my thrown
loving myself and all that I own
being pampered from head to toe
traveling worldwide whereever i want to go

If I were queen for a day I would live in a castle
living the life of glamour free from all hastle
relaxing on a secluded beach in the bahamas
and sippin endlessly on bahama mammas

If I were queen for a day I would dress to the nine
everything I wear would have me looking so fine
smelling of perfume that's oh so sweet
living in the lap of luxury just can't be beat

All hail to the queen which is me
be it real life or fantasy
but wouldn't it be great to see
a dream turn into reality.

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A Mothers Love

A Mothers love can never be measured
It's something that just simply must be treasured
For who else can give us a mothers love
As it is meant to be given from the Lord above

Mothers are send from heaven to nurture and care
And be a shoulder to cry on when we need them there
To scold us when needed and give us an occasional whack 
For sometimes that's what was needed to get us on track

For those whose Mothers are gone but with you in heart
Remember all the great times you spent and never let that part
The lessons and the foundation they set to help us grow
How much we love and appreciate them words can never show

So to all the great mothers out there who feel unappreciated 
I understand because motherhood is truly underrated 
But be not discouraged because your hard work is not in vain
And with the day you will find your sunshine after the rain

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Take A Little Trip Through Your Mind

Take a little trip through your mind and explore it
Dive deep into your thoughts, don't ignore it
check out what really drives you, what do you really
go through when you are happy and when you are blue
How do you decide the next step to take, or determine 
between what's real and what's fake.  Dive deeper and
find out what makes you mad, check the inner parts and
find out what's good and bad.

Take a little trip through your mind and explore it
dissect each and every part bit by bit.  Find out what
makes you strong and what makes you weak.
Search the inner thoughts of your mind, don't play
hide and seek.  Break through those barriers that hold
you down, no longer shall you allow them to keep you bound.
Tap into your strengths and power, envision yourself up on
the highest tower.  Step out and soar on the wings of the wind,
everything that you need to make it comes from within.

Guide all your thoughts, dreams and hope, and with life you will
be able to cope.  Be all that you can be and do not stray.
Keep a level head and everything will be OK.  
Take A Little Trip Through Your Mind today.

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What's Good

Life is good if you make it that way, seeking out the sunshine through skies of grey, keeping a positive attitude on a regular day to day, never letting the blues make your joy fade away.

knowing and believing that you can do what you set out to, pressing forward and continually striving until you see it through, strengthening your mind and soul so that on track you will stay, kneeling down each day and night and thanking God as you pray.

Learning from the lessons that life has taught you, always keeping it real and to yourself be true, being yourself not letting people change who you are, believing in yourself and being the best you by far.

Keep a level head and remember the things that momma said,  always be open to new things and allow yourself to be fed, remember to always keep an attainable goal before you so that you will always have something to look forward to.

What's good today is whatever you choose to make it, Life, love, health and happiness could all be yours if you take it, be kind, compassionate and caring to one another be it stranger, friend, mother, father sister or brother.

Just know in your heart that at the end of the day you are able to say, I did everything in my ability to make a difference today.   

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Do you remember

Do you remember back in the good ole days
When we would lay in the grass and look at the sky in amaze 
Do you remember when bread was just a nickel and we weren't
Always left broke and in a pickle.

Do you remember leaving your door unlocked and no one cared
But now days you won't do that because your to scared
Do you remember going to the store for candy with just a dime
But now to buy candy from the store you must work overtime

Do you remember when neighbors would look out for each other
But today that doesn't happen unless you are a sister or brother
Do you remember when all you had to do is your very best
But now everything is a challenge and were always put to a test

Do you remember.

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Your Love

Your love is like the wind blowing through my hair Your love is like a child born without a care Your love is like your face so sensitive yet strong Your love is what I'm hoping for to last my whole life long Your love is like the sea rushing to the shore Your love is what I need more and more Your love can make me laugh your love can make me cry Your love makes me never want to say goodbye These things come from the heart and they need never part I'll always think strongly of your precious love

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This Thing Called Love

What is this thing called love, is it being served breakfast in bed or is it waking up reminising about the sweet words that he said. What is this thing called love, is it dinner and dancing by candlelight or sitting on the porch sipping on a glass of wine by moonlight. What is this thing called love, is it he loves me he loves me not, or could it be that I've finally realized what I've got. Love is a powerful thing, emotions run wild as it tugs at your heart string. To be in love is really great, but don't just settle for any old date. For when it is right the sparks will light, cause this thing called love is dynomite.

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I'm falling to pieces and I don't know why
Sometimes I feel so low that I just sit and cry
I want so badly to get up but something's weighing me down
I try so hard to force a smile but all I can do is frown

I'm falling to pieces and I can't get it together
Sometimes I feel my life is full of grey and stormy weather
It's tough to keep my head to the sky
When each and every day I struggle to get by

My life might be in little bitty pieces right now
But piece by piece I'm gonna turn this thing around

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Where were you

Where were you when I needed you the most
when I cried out your name you disappeared like a ghost
where were you when I needed your help in the middle of the night
just a moment ago you were right by my side and now you're out of sight

You promised that you would be here to keep me safe from harm
and hold me tight and closely in the comfort of your arms
to help me find my way when I get lost
and shelter me at all costs

It wouldn't be so bad for me if you hadn't given me false hope
because once upon a time in my life I could cope
I guess I trusted and depended on you to much
and in the end all you handed me was just a crutch

So now I must learn once again to get along without you
and get myself up off the ground and start off fresh and new
dust off and get up and go, what's ahead for me in the future 
I honestly don't know

You could  have told me something thou instead of leaving me sad and blue
The only question unanswered for me is where were you.