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How could we be suspended in space?
Just spinning in place.
Who could've made an ozone layer?
For the occupants grounded by gravity, and breathing of air.
Life exist on land, air, sea, and the dirt,
Proof of the blueprint of a genius at work.
We image something, to have dominion over the earth,
Particules of its intelligence watching it work.
Placed at a precise position from the sun,
Similarities of 8 planets incorporated into one.
If there is no God, I want to be the fool that believed,
Than the fool in doubt when we leave!

          Scribe M.L.

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As  I continue fighting what's on my line,
a flash of a fin breaks border.
Excitement extinguishes exhaustion
as I reel my recordbreaker ever closer.

Out of the depths of its element
it leaps into mine, displaying attainable
through diligence. As I pull, it dives back into 
the blue boundary determined to be lost.

In order to bring both of our elements 
into coexistence, I step out of my
comfort zone into the fish' element and 
continue reeling. It relaxed and swam to me.

Blessings are hooked fishes fighting for freedom,
Perseverance is the net when you need them.

Touched by another.
I can't remember the other
lines you altered!  Thanks!

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O' Lazarus
Rise up

 C'mon in here 
It's time to learn how to fight
You've been taught to defend yourself 
Far too long
 Let us correct your posture
Put 1 foot at the 12 o'clock position
Thee other at the 2 o'clock position
About shoulder length, slightly bending your knee's
But you must,        remember to move your head...

We were fine as truth-writers and scribes 
Carving wounds upon papyrus
That bled rivers of grand rapids
Leading to the isle of exile

Then we became poets, falling
Unto limit of forms
Wordplay allowing tales of incest
To be Cemented
 To the pedestal, labeled as greats 

You've layed down far too long,    
O' Lazarus

C'mon in here
It's time to learn how to fight
You've been taught to defend yourself
Far too long
 Let us correct your posture
Put 1 foot at the 12 o'clock position
Put thee other foot at the 2 o'clock position
About shoulder length, slightly bending your knee's
But you must,     remember to move your head...

You've become a vessel for sampling nutrition,
You've entertained conversation of degradation,
Rarely putting voice to I love you's,
Rarely speaking Psalms we were summoned to!

 I see.

You've forgotten just 
We've authored,
The Basic instruction before leaving earth... Bible
Doctrines of The Shepherding Muse
No other form of entertainment bares our proof.... Hello!

Let's up-root the  Entertainment Totem pole
Use sharpened words re-sculpturing the face 
On top

 Ill-fated doctrines Are Guides to
Peabody's and Pulitzer's
The Bermuda triangle 
It's there.... the possibility of seeing it....?

Focus on
Delving into a transcendental meditative state
The Fine tuning of our prey drive,

Become obstreperous,

Bring forth Lazarus from its tomb 
With a desire to drink of the river
That flows blood.
Becoming cunning in talk
As to, where beguiling words
Trains ears for whoredom
Eager to serve!

C'mon in here
You've  learned the right
Inside the ring now stands
A Champion

O' Lazarus
You've Risen

Scribe ML

Inspiration from knowing
Fame abandoned living poets!

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Toothpaste retracts
My finger replaces the sleep in my eye
I recycle the released yawn
And begin walking backwards
To sit upon my bed
Stretching, grunting
As I lay back down
I hear the birdsong
Make its way back to the beak
The sun re-route heading back east
The morning dew levitates 
From blades of grass sprinkling the clouds

As I safely return to peace, sleep
I turn and toss
Watching the nightmare in reverse
I'm falling upwards
Replacing the branches
I broke on the way down
With the cliff coming into view
I see people with terrified looks on their faces
Her scream races back into her mouth
Down her esaphogus 
Brewing in her diaphragm
I can hear the gentleman next to her
Talking backwards at the top of his lungs
Saying, God my oh

Reaching the cliff, I see they're running backwards
Frantic and scared
I see me waiting on witnesses before the jump
As I drive in reverse 
Cruising Turmoil Lane within my memory bank

I get back into the car
Return home safely in reverse
Unlock the door
My family greets and un-hug me
Un-pucker their lips...

The last time they saw me

Scribe ML

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The chicken conquers
The shell
To inherit the fear
Of walking on them

By Scribe ML

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My His-Story

The bowel movement of Ms. Liberty is Black His-Story Month.
We're forced fed information from the tissue
She wiped from back to front (did you cringe?) too!
But knowing my Great, Great, Great, etc.
Grandmother was traded for an ass
Births a Rebel with a cause!

I'm engraving your name upon this axe that
I'm using to sever  the chain attached to your name!
No more date rapes from Master
Who loves you with a love, equivalent
To an ass!

Know that our stock has risen and split!
Martin Luther The Dreamer, became Prophet
This guy named Obama, inaugurated on the steps
Built by your fellow slave comrades
Since then they've received retroactive pay,
Bills of total vindication
Giving change in mockery minted coins.
They couldn't have foreseen as slaves
They were constructing the pedestal for the Promised Land,
Their situation wasn't looking so promising!
But in 2008 granny
The Lord split the sea again!

We're not second class citizens either,
Thanks to genetics
We annihilate anything you mix us with,
The proof is in our last name.
I want you to strut in the afterlife
With your head held high,
The blood you've shed inks my pen
Redeeming your value.
Your grandson came to repurchase your deed,
You are a Lady and you are freed
From being sold by animals
For an animal!

Scribe ML

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A Vessel Afloat

Anchors drawn, current pulls, wind swells the belly of 
sails. Calmer seas exist where sun sets with moon lapped.

Mate seperated fleeting with Soul, impaling waves
gaining temporary freedom like splashed water.

Alone in depths with only reflection of the firmament,
clouds resemble old skies. Sun-rays withdraw kisses

from waves, birds burst through grey cotton weeping 
furiously.  Baritone bolts of light, cuts light-blue sky while

thunder stampede it's acreage in pugnacious fashion. 
Arguing heavens awaken the slumbering sea. Smaller

waves impregnate larger ones becoming tidal. A 
provocative image of nature in the nude, gyrating. 

Mate, did not belong in bed with elemental erotic
foreplay. The erection of H2O capsized Peeping Tom,

who would've survived as a single vessel; Soulmate...



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Have you ever noticed a coca leaf or poppy field plantation
 within city limits? Can you visualize the enslaved
 that would work those fields? The real bad guy,
 disappears like cigarette smoke in the wind!

Here's the portrait of truth...
not the one thats been Photoshop'd into your beliefs...
This is as sexy as it gets!

Commodity is King...

Inner-city kids are viewed as the sole proprieter
To the drug pandemic..not so
They don't even sell sells itself?

What they are is slaves, that would take lashes
That bare scars to their newborn.
Master(politicians), loaded his plane on foreign soil
And unloaded the commodity upon the Metropolitan Aboriginals
what he didn't expect the Aboriginals, all, 
would not develop a sweet tooth for nose candy!
Some would become Hero's for never powdering their nose
Or defiling their masculinity by putting the glass genital to his lips...
Master didn't anticipate the pawn making it to the other side of the board, 
gaining power and a surreal prominence.

 No one dreams of being a  curb-server( Street Pharmacist)
But money walking up to you, 
Is a marketing genius...compared to wish'd sandwiches!

Before master and their foreign constituents,
Cocaine was a word, at best, a picture.
Man made snow...along with it a recipe,
To cook up an instant high...The media named her "CRACK"
The Aboriginals didn't name The Master's baby!


DUMB ASS drug dealers couldn't have possibly 
engineered this ingenuity....who accidentally mixes baking soda, 
coca powder (after bring extracted from a green leaf),
and H20, with the element of heat? Chemical engineers?
I'm sure it wasn't the Aboriginals, with a public Christopher Columbus education


It wasnt until the Children of politics fled their picket fences
And was welcomed into the land of The Aboriginals
For recreational use that laws would change,
Punishable to where the murderer paroles, before the drug-smith. 
The crack houses are the Wal-Greens, Wal-Marts, CVS'...
Where addiction is a prescription from a Dr.
 who invests in the stock, he's prescribing... that will never heal the ailment!
24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays, rain, snow, or sleet, 
They're accumulating more fiends legally!

Commodity is KING!

By, Scribe ML

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Your Stork, is his creation
Perching upon your abdomen
In chase of vultures,  
Breaking into a flock of doves,
As they descend towards purity

Upon their wings, an unearthed
Migrating towards the cracked sky,
The doorway to heavens dimension
Where the Son has risen

A smile so touching
God afforded it, depositing it
Into the kingdom where 
angels rejoice,
Their new trainee

Windows to the soul
Never viewing landscapes of hardship,
Opening new windows
            Where love is Agape,
Bosoms lactate wisdom
        Nurturing the sibling lamb,
Until flight with the flock

Dedicated to Sebastian Madrigal

Scribe Marlon Linton

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Panhandling For A Cease Fire

Time has come to panhandle for a meal,
I'm craving for the promise you will
Never kill

Murder has become attire
Un-tailored youth is fashionably shunned,
Glory for garments
Worn and torn at it's stitching,
That creates unseasoned killers
Licking barrels acquiring the taste 
For homicide.

When hymns of the congregation
Become spirited,
The orchestra of mischief
Plays a deafening tone
With missing keys from a scale...
You can't rewind
Or liquify the bullets from 9's,
Getting wet, they can't ressurect
When they flatline

Time has come to panhandle for a meal,
I'm craving for the promise you will
Never kill

Suspended in animated reality
Gravity, sits upon,
Hands of his or hers, first run...
Retaliation rockets from the womb
Blakow,                   blakablakablaka...

A drive-by performing liposuction to the mag
The intended is missed, Innocence is tagged

Double Dutch become Single...

She jumped rope, becoming a glove
Catching a pyrotechnic persecution.
Someone's Beautiful Dream,
Awakened to a wake


Time has come to panhandle for a meal,
I'm craving for the promise you will
Never kill


Excuse me youngsters,
Can you PLEASE
Spare a cease fire

Scribe ML