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Child-like Quality

   after sterilizing the catacombs and crevices
where fear abides, love, spread eagle exposing
every condition that aborts it in its zygote stages.
perfection's mirage faded like the feeling of an orgasm,
pleasurable moments minds adhere 
while simple conversation becomes an added hurdle
in progression.

disorderly deeds and uncalibrated delegation devours 
the dynamic; needs spearhead most people's campaign.
my love never grew up,
that child-like quality of knowing nothing
is a full understanding of agape, untainted and undeniable.

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Setting Eclipse

For some strange reason nervousness arise
watching you leave, even though you belong
to someone else. Those play kisses held
real emotions, tangible enough to taste mischief's
tongue, aggressively. Because he cheated, you
got even, never expecting the queen to develop 
emotion for a pawn.

Desires confesses through actions,
soaring feeling free, fixated on a brighter sunrise. 
They scour sentimental ailments bestowed by their 
significant others, sipping time as a fine wine. Happy
arrived speaking the same language that sounds
like future's whisper, clearly.

There is magic in a setting eclipse... They will rise
with an intensified shine leaving behind a dark world.
If tomorrow seems long with forthcoming, weave decided
to live in the moment and alter time, true to each
other... finally, day has come.

Dew sets on pastures of passion, made of honey. Doves
sit beneath olive trees with white roses in mouth for their
love to paint petals red... 

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Return of the Stork--Stillborn Tribulation

Your stork is his creation
perched upon your abdomen
in chase of vultures, breaking
into a flock of doves as they
descend towards purity,

Upon their wings, an unearthed soul
migrating towards a cracked sky, 
the doorway to Heaven's dimension,
where the son has risen.

A future smile so touching
God afforded it, depositing it 
into his kingdom where angels rejoice
their new trainee.

Windows to its soul sealed,
never viewing landscapes of hardship.
Opening new one's where love is agape,
bosoms lactate wisdom nurturing the sibling
lamb until flight with the flock.

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6 String Deliverance

Dr. Jack Daniels and his whiskey therapy
burns in unison with the lava-like tears
exuding from my soul. Before it hardens
and remold what was, I get a hold of my
drinking buddies, the same glass who always
listen, and the six string who's always talking
in a Wah Effect.
The white porch bares testament of these pains.
Chords from picking those strings releases
magma tears... To you they appear as blood,
to me, they are trophies.
After the bleeding those wounds begin to scab.
Clearing the distortion chords begun to change,
Now it's time to play a happy song...

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Write The Shoes People Walk In--Read Aloud

The shit that burned rubber on his sleeves dug deep below skin, learned to walk then spake words from blue blood. To some it looks green, reading art through thickened skin. To devise is a device, au naturale refuses to change colors even with vitiligo on the vocal. Remaining raw road raging in his own lane is a happy madman a diamond and glass man reflecting glued together emotion exploited on paper. Hardhat literature Truce-serum signature, hone the tongue to chisel a picture parables that parallel those burned into scripture. In order to do that, you have to write the shoes people walk in- Babies insurance vetoes, the plucked rose which was closed, she says it still occurs in her sleep. To mix the write color of words to paint Its face, and then aim to maim pharmaceutical kingpins when proof is in alkaline. To write one piece that'll massage the mental of the masses, & being enabled to ink-out our dreams ...damn, I even,, almost forgot about the innocent locked on Death Row!

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Musical Stars

Staying awake with stars
conquers homelessness.
I shine with the sun brightly
when bus stops have a recession
on ass. 

The rhythm of the world
plays without repetition....

Falsetto, peaks when I give part
of my nothing away.
Tiner's lows muted when I
surpassed him awhile ago.
Alto meets me at the 750 ml 
stamped on refined sand,
to laugh with me when no one

Being well off is a lot like stars,
everyone sees you even after
you explode.

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Blind Wishes

"I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away from me," made presence along with tears as she sung from her soul. Chess' love was anchored across matrimonial lines, existing in turmoil because the white picket fence never beheld his heart, and never amounted to inspiration for breathing. Unbearable each day was with wife who'd ascended to an honored chore, versus the singing bird with tracks on her arm. The pain involved mustering courage to awaken from a dream he spoke to ruptured an aneurysm in two souls. Etta's, bled out in beautiful pain, "I was just, I was just, I was just sitting here thinking of your warm embrace/ the reflection from a glass I held to my lips, revealed these tears that are on my face/ And baby, baby, baby I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away, walk away from me..." Evidently he could not see it either. At his request she sung his soul out of his body, as he drove away with true love in his rearview... "Ooo ooo"

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The bowl movement of Ms. Liberty
is black history month.
We're forced-fed information from tissue   she wiped
from back to front... Did you cringe?
Me too, but knowing my great, great, great, 
Great grandmother was traded for an ass
births a rebel with a cause. 
I'm engraving your name, Mary Linton,
upon this axe that I'm using to sever those chains
attached to your name.

No more date-rape from master, who loves you
with a love equivalent to an ass. 
I want you to know that our stock has risen and split.
Martin Luther the dreamer, became prophet,
this guy named Obama inaugurated on the steps
built by your fellow-slave comrades.
That's receiving retroactive pay, bills of total vindication,
giving change in mockery minted coins.
They couldn't have foreseen as slaves that they were constructing 
a pedestal for the promised Land, their situation wasn't  looking
so promising.

But in 2008 granny, the lord split the sea again.
We're not just second class citizens either, thanks
to genetics, we annihilate anything you mix us with, 
the proof is in our last name.
I want to strut in the afterlife with your head held high.
The blood you have shed, it inks my pen redeeming your value. 
Your grandson, came to repurchase your deed. 
You are a Lady, and you are freed
from being sold by animals for an animal!

* I Seen a pic of you, before the mule swapped places!

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fingers and toes: lol

She called hiding under a blanket
with her mommy’s cellphone, in the same
room as if her parents couldn't hear.
Jan, was coffee brewing my phone,
turning 5 was a big deal. I had completed
5 years of love evolved and she became
a whole hand, preplanning parties for
the second. 

Still wanting me to catch a shark with
my hands, Mc Donald's fake meat is disgusting, 
and on her birthday she
REFUSES to watch her Lil sister, and
like a good Papa, I told her, "she should
not have to”.

"Papa, I'm seriously tryna figure out
how many hands you are...."

I explain, "kid, I'm both of your hands
and feet, plus Nani-bugg's hand and feet,
plus her Lil sister's right or left hand."

She paused and then said, "hmmm, we
shouldn't have to worry about you
catching dat shark then, Papa".

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Kick-start the muse with massive amounts of marijuana. 
Some Presidential Prescription Moonrocks with Purple Berry
Sativa, creates a cloud from smoke off the cherry as lines
exhale onto paper with each puff.

Facial eyelids set as 3rd's rise with a view from surrounding 
your surroundings. Here, you can skip-rock epiphanies from
shores of other time's, like, Judas being an usher for his sacrifice. 
He was a handpicked harlot disciple with discipline unto duty;
should he be damned?

And what about the astrophysicist who earnestly
searches for God's face, spending billions, and it's free to realize
we thrive within its smile; the Earth.

Hate for thy enemy dissipates. A peaceful awareness groundbreaks 
pay-dirt within a crude soul.

Problems are re-rooted in answers bringing visibility to what
was cloaked. Here, Pangaea gets welded back together
subtracting plural man, and we grow becoming babies 
in our actions. Solitude flame burns this blunt, 
while problems take on the appearance of ashes.

*Herb isn't a drug, if so, they should subpoena
God and convict It, for Its creation... Hmmm.