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Child-like Quality

after sterilizing the catacombs and crevices where fear abides, love, spread eagle exposing every condition that aborts it in its zygote stages. perfection's mirage faded like the feeling of an orgasm, pleasurable moments minds adhere while simple conversation becomes an added hurdle, in progression. disorderly deeds and uncalibrated delegation devours the dynamic; needs spearhead most people's campaign. my love never grew up, that child-like quality of knowing nothing is a full understanding of agape, untainted and undeniable.

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Write The Shoes People Walk In--Read Aloud

The shit that burned rubber on his sleeves dug deep below skin, learned to walk then spake words from blue blood. To some it looks green, reading art through thickened skin. To devise is a device, au naturale refuses to change colors even with vitiligo on the vocal. Remaining raw road raging in his own lane is a happy madman a diamond and glass man reflecting glued together emotion exploited on paper. Hardhat literature Truce-serum signature, hone the tongue to chisel a picture parables that parallel those burned into scripture. In order to do that, you have to write the shoes people walk in- Babies insurance vetoes, the plucked rose which was closed, she says it still occurs in her sleep. To mix the write color of words to paint It's face, and then aim to maim pharmaceutical kingpins when proof is in alkaline. To write one piece that'll massage the mental of the masses, & being enabled to ink-out our dreams ...damn, I even,, almost forgot about the innocent locked on Death Row!

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Beautiful soul finds shelter within feeble bonfire,
warming wisdom crackle as flames wail with wind.

Embers of epiphanies spark from linguistics
spreading like wildfire in timber minds.

She's a pretzel, contorted convalescence, face of 
riddle's answer beyond light that end life's corridor.

Her smile hangs as an appraised angelic artifact,
almond-shaped eyes, enigma's pupil

embracing as they watch through touch, and feel
beyond sight, synchronizing souls energy.

Friends beyond this lifetime welded together.
A siamese soul walking, each control a sole...

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Stratagem isn't encrypted in mentality of lambs just food in the pecking order designed to be damned admiration for war is improvised through fish tank eyes soldiers live lives to re-live their lives fore-ever etched in archives; heroic double-standards. Dictators comfortably conversate with call o' duty chanting battle-wound verbatim in verb's unruly cracked shell, scramble fate for ye who's yoked to war deplore spirit assassinating carnivores; air strike insight that prey while they pray. Then Unload, operating from inside the mind of an oracle a historical slaughterhouse smithereen rhetorical, landmine intuition can hear shrapnel whisper instincts pre-crop the outcome in this picture we snake-belly-crawl & hop hurdles to git'cha, a bi-polar mercenary, but a beast in both temps Heaven and Hell, battle in a eggshell type o' offense- the fortunate who's carried out they bare bruises under their feet!!

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I'm just trying to make it do what it do, baby.
Get the bird in hand to make a mating-call
alluring its desire anxiously into my palm. 

That meal, I offer to you, the small bird guarantees
me no waste.

I didn't hunt for these, one was caged and one
perched limb. The one that was caged, freed itself,
while the bush-bird gladly flew into captivity.
Twin fates migrate above carniverous plates
and seeks stomachs that growl.

I've heard it's rude to talk with food in your mouth, 
but smacking is O.K.

Got-Dammit lets eat!

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Alzheimer's of Her Ailments--Lucilla Carrillo

The seamstress sewed several decades
anticipating your arrival. A robe with customized wing holes,
with embedded jewels singing welcoming praise, for Lucilla. 
Gold in richer hue, unfathomable by eyes of temporary living
caresses the skin on her soul. The beneficiary
of a Halo, forever sunshine, and Alzheimer's of her ailments,
fly above a pasture with one sheep baring sacrificial wounds
for her. He runs, she chases him unto the feet of our shepherd,

*I know you will not leave a comment, but you left
an impression on me!  

Sincerely, M. Keith Linton

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Tableau Within Time

The cover rises as life enter lungs. She'll arise confused, counter-clock belief, cared for by coward afraid of hospice. "You become responsible forever for what you've tamed." K. Linton Design Your Tableau 10-15-14

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Kick-start the muse with massive amounts of marijuana. Some Presidential Prescription Moonrocks with Purple Berry Sativa, creates a cloud from smoke off the cherry as lines exhale onto paper with each puff. Facial eyelids set, as 3rd's rise with a view from surrounding your surroundings. Here, you can skip-rock epiphanies from shores of other time's, like, Judas being an usher for his sacrifice. He was a handpicked harlot disciple with discipline unto duty; should he be damned? And what about the astrophysicist who earnestly searches for God's face, spending billions, and it's free to realize we thrive within its smile; the Earth. Hate for thy enemy dissipates. A peaceful awareness groundbreaks pay-dirt within a crude soul. problems are re-rooted in answers bringing visibility to what was cloaked. Here, Pangea gets welded back together subtracting plural man, and we grow becoming babies in our actions. Solitude flame burns the blunt, while problems take on the appearance of ashes. *Herb isn't a drug, if so, they should subpoena God and convict It, for Its creation... Hmmm.