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Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem

falling in love with a poet

Falling in love with a poet

If you fall in love with a poet
Pray that your days be long
She can heal you with her sonnets
She can nurse you with her magical songs
Her word is like a bullet
In heart it goes deep and long
Even if you are low and desperate
She can make you feel strong
Sometimes you have to forget
The world you truly belong
What do you make of such a goddess?
Who sets your life free
You are feeling out of place
She makes you stand tall like a tree
Knowing you have such a firm base
You are lucky you have to agree
For I feel in love with a poet
My prayer is now a short say
I’ve one petition in my heart
Just a wish for her to stay
When my life is tearing a part
She works it like clay
Its not long way since we met
But let me have this to say
I know she is working very hard
Because she feels my pain
She takes it with her very hand
She mends it with her pen
My life was but desert sand
She fell upon me like drop of rain
And now she means my whole world
That she has given me to reign
My inside weighs more than the words
With which I’m trying to explain.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


On the day darkened by the thick clouds
 I traveled aimlessly a round the ugly town
There in corridor beneath the lonely street
A boy seeming dead lay silently and straight
Among the tins, papers and old boxes
I moved my hand upon his patched rags
And folks passing- by sneered at me standing there
Mourning over such they took for thugs
When in the end i decided to go
The boy rose silently and clang to my feet
“listen to my story, a cry of my soul”
He said in the voice that rose and fell
“Why in the world should one pretend
To be molding rules he really can’t a mend
You and he and she all know
People like us only God knows!
Dead or livin’ sick or cold
The nightly creatures know it ll
And what have we to eat who cares at all
All they sing, peace for all
And who care if we too got dreams,
All they say reach your goals
And here we freeze each night that falls
And there they say God for all
Love your neighbor s you love your soul
A mocking statement to the living souls”

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


Dirty and helpless,
You found me.
Wandering and homeless,
You became my home.
Cold and shivering,
You gathered me.
You built me a city strong than Rome,
Feared and avoided like a skin disease.
Thirsty and hungry, 
You took me in.
And made me the dolphin, you the sea.
Standing a lone like a desert tree,
Swaying and bending to the passing winds.
You let me rode over your spreading wing,
Far we went ,you still carried me.
Tired you became, you moved on your knees,
And I on your back I grew to be free.
My heart, your room you paid your fee,
From your pain I made you this golden key,
But for your callused feet, I will be the shoe.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


Just to write lines
    And heal your pain
     Just to read lines
       And throw your strain
        Just to think a while 
        And shape the world
         Just to read and walk the miles
          Just to relax and meet the dead
           Just to say poetry will never fade.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


He fell in the world like dripping rain
He shone in the land like a moving star
He walked the way that was full of pain
The journey was tough but he walked far
The song he sung in his callusing chains
Is the same that broke our prison bars.

And then like a farmer he sowed his seeds
Upon this soil by the river that flow
And some said the field was full of weeds
Growing quickly and the crops slow 
But for he said his field was a string of beads
With diverse colors and beautiful more.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


I am going my away
Not dark not far as
they say
 No one has gone
there before
“Oh brother that
way” they say
Goes beyond those
smoky hills, perhaps
You won’t go alone,
that’s father

For accompany I
haven’t asked for
any my friends
This is my way, not
mine with friends
There might be
warriors to ambush
There might be
beasts waiting for
There might not be
anything to stop me
Because no one has
gone there before me
And you who opens
your big mouth to
speak to me
Don’t you dare
follow me!
Coz this one here,
is mine!

Now I am gone and
But there people not
to forget me
Coz they saw my back
fading away
Into the dark and
they prayed
But let them pity me
not in their prayers
Let them dream me
not in their dreams
For I have found joy
in my journey:
Some drums to beat
as I go
Some fruits to pick,
Call it a
stone-rough pathway
Or anything, with
your quick tongue
let me say
But this is the only
way I can go
I am not a sightless
or a lost runaway

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


When you waved to me, Amanda
I liked it in my blindness,
I thought there were many in Uganda
Far better or in your likeness
Now east, west I wander
Searching your likeness
But I have got none like you, Amanda
They all lack your liveliness.

When I saw your back fading away Amanda
With bags balancin’ in your hands
I felt the whole world in my hands
And I saw a thousand beauties on my heels
But in a thousand I have got none
I have got none like you, Amanda
And now I curse the road that took you
And now I curse each day I go through.

When I saw you piling your things, Amanda
I didn’t stop a while to recall the day
The day I told my folks of you Amanda
And they said it was the most blessed day
From then words became strong like a thunder
But you didn’t listen to what many say
And I swayed in a wind with you, Amanda
Until on the fateful day 
Now alone in the world I wander
Like a cirrus on a clear day
But if only I can see your face, Amanda,
Before my judgment day,
      I still love you Amanda
      And will always do
      I will always do Amanda
      Until the judgment day.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


Oh my love is like endless blue sky line,
Hanging above in beauty.
Or like striking sun rays,
Upon a beautiful city.
I hold her like a blossoming rose,
I pluck her with pity.
When the world is lost in the darkness,
I hold her like a candle in my hands.
And in the thick quiet darkness,
I trace away through strange lands.

Oh my love is like morning dew,
Upon leaves of grass.
Or like any fragile thing, 
You hold like a glass.
We shall go our way,
Through that never- ending pass.
Many more will tag along,
But none shall pass.

Oh my love is like the flow of the Nile,
Sweeping over beautiful a African soil.
She and I like the Nile,
Day and night we go miles.
Long the distance we tread,
Far the home we shall arrive.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem

The rise of the silent

 The rise of the silent
We have come all the way from the darkness, 
The one wise men call blindness.
With axes, hoes, we are paving the way,
And our hands aren’t down until there is a way.
We aren’t scared of the lions that roar,
We are the fearless hunters of justice and liberty, 
The seekers of equality and humanity:
The quests our old folks failed to complete.

We shall go up in the sky;
We shall dig deep into the ground,
We shall break all the rocks, 
We shall go beneath the lakes,
We shall set flames in the wilderness,
We shall bring mountains down.

Steeply the hill we are riding;
Stony the road we are walking
Dark the forest we are hiking
Far the home we shall arrive
 For we are like soldiers marching to the war,
With the only one command to go
To the deadly field of woe
We have left our fears of terror behind
To rescue the captives of injustice
To fight for what our folks fought for
And all our heroes died for.

Now let light fight the darkness;
Let the speakers fight the speechless,
Let the dead and the live march to the battle field
Let us sow the seeds we were left with to sow
Let shackles on every man’s hands break
Let every foot rise and stand
Let every mouth rise and speak
Let every tongue speak justice and liberty
Let justice rise and live for eternity
Let the voices be hard from Bwera to Busia
From Mutukula to Amuru
Lift every voice and cry justice.

Details | Simon Asiimwe Poem


Mama said to me
“liL simon, never you be you
Never please you
Please me who made you live
Always walk under my arm
Now be what I want you to be
Be a doctor
And be my son
Be in the laboratory
Be treating hearts
Fix the rotting kidneys
Fix the rotting lungs
Save the dying thousands
And be my son"

But for I said to mama 
"I wanna be me
And please every man
I wanna be a writer
A prophet of justice
A son of the society
Mending morals
Of today and tomorrow
We the sons of today
That way we follow.

Now I wanna be me
I wanna be a writer
A voice of the voiceless
A hero of the silent
A burner of the thousands
A hope of the hopeless
A friend of the abandoned
A voice that never dies
A poet of all times
The breaker of injustice lines
And I will be your son
And a son of every man"