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Best Ann Roske Poems

Below are the all-time best Ann Roske poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Nature's Tears

streaming down the pane
mother nature cries

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The Voice

Voice opinions, ideas who we are our right to expression identity

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What if - An Election Day Riddle

If doctrine and dogma
held a conference with reality 
and an agreement was reached  
on a common philosophy and set of tenants
Would that be a paradox or paradigm shift?

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Worry Stone

stone is a 
piece of clear glass.
Serenity etched
into the face.  I turn
the crystal and caress the 
word with my finger tips.  Cast a
glance - the word is difficult to see.
Lesson - serenity  is felt not seen.

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Noise Sharp sound Crashing into conscious jarring vibrations, jagged edges confused

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crystalline rhinestone glare cold clear reflection winter's dead sparkle bright bejeweled

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A Virtue

Patience calm aura tolerance gladly exercised actions peaceful, thoughts clear acceptance

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Words -
good, evil
peace and rage. Words -
spoken in hateful
tones divide, destroy
encouraging ignorance.
Words- spoken with temperance grow
understanding, foster tolerance. 
Rhetoric that cannot be revoked - words...

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Factual Fiction

Science Fact Science Fiction Technology

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quiet, serene
calm focused presence
turmoil erased, inner peace