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Every line has a meaning; every meaning has a line…
              We think we have the worst story;
We heard other’s, we exclaimed, ‘GLORY’
              It’s cold now, when will it be hot? 
Now it’s hot, Oh Cold! Be our lot
              When it rains, we crave sun; 
Now it scorches, we say, ‘Rain Is Fun’
              We dream, but are afraid of its reality
We see reality but fantasize on fantasy
              We despise love—it’s cheap but deep; 
We idolize hatred—it robs us of sleep
              We want the flower, the tower and the shower
We want the whole world in our power
	We want this; we want that
But we have neither this nor that 
              We want to be here, and there
But we are neither here nor there:
                                                                      Joyful in sorrow; sorrowful in joy
                                                                Happy in sadness; sad in happiness 
                                                          Laughing but crying; crying but laughing 
                                                    Sane in insanity; insane in sanity
                                             Filthy in holiness; holy in filthiness
                                       Fearful in courage; courageous in fear

Poor in riches; rich in poverty
Healthy in wealth; wealthy in health

Love in lust; lust in love
     Beautiful but ugly; ugly but beautiful
          Speaking but silent; silent but speaking
                Thinking while sleeping; sleeping while thinking
                       Filled with emptiness; empty in fullness
                             Abundant in lack; lacking in abundance
Fruitful in barrenness; sterile in fruitfulness                                              
Praying in despair; despair in prayer

                                                        Strength for weakness; feeble in strength
                                                  Honesty in dishonesty; dishonesty in honesty
                                            Peace in war; war in peace
                                     Civil but military; military but civil
                              Goodness in evil; evil in goodness
                      Rising but falling; falling but rising

Coming but going; going but coming
Dead but living; living but dead… 

                                      To win or to lose: to be used or to use
                                         Man is man when man knows man
                                            Death will die, and life will live…

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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Watering my seed

At my pious avowal, my seed was sown.
A new vision, my liege Lord's race is known.
Century said he'd lived earlier to lead
Believers on how to water the seed;
and gather more fruits for the barn he build.
Some will fall on thorns or stones; better a field
To receive a hundred fold increase, lest
I'm bereft of my bounty soul harvest.

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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I didn’t scoff the grub; for pleasure and sanit I scrub. To doff trite piece of food is my calling from the wood When man meets assorted meat, I grieve for the chewing treat. I’m man’s aurora friend. Like the Ultimate man, to the very end I search for decayed morsel particle; to restore man’s fresh breath is my hustle. Cast me away and man’s teeth will hide; his tongue won’t glide – that’s my pride. I’m his quotidian servant-master adorned with creamy butter to evict stinking gums from vocal isle. Never weary, I renew his oral smile.

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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My Minion

manger baby--my one-in-a-trillion-gift I the master; sin my minion perpetual dominion

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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Is Death an Igbo Man

IS DEATH AN IGBO MAN? Quietus: ‘Nna Grave, this is Quietus from Vaults and Sons International. My containers don arrive?’ Grave: ‘Yes Oga Quietus. From: —Cairo—Syria—Boston—Kangan— —Somalia—Monrovia—Sudan— —Iraq—Afghanistan—Pakistan—Congo— —Russia—Yemen—Israel— —Ivory Coast—Rhodesia—Burkina; but some of the goods (carrion) were mutilated, and left for Vultures.’ Quietus: ‘Ok. I get business for Kangan(1960). Oga at the top has finally heard His people’s cry by reason of their taskmasters.’ Grave: ‘Goodluck Sah!’
©Angel Simon 2013 Amidst global political upheaval and terrorist pandemonium which has increased mortality rate incessantly, this poem (written in a dialogic format) is a conversation between two business partners- Oga Quietus(Death) and Grave who both trade in Carrion (dead bodies). The ethnical and symbolic relevance of the Igbo Man for Death is because Death shares some of the typical Igbo Man's commercial doggedness. Some of which are industry, enterprise and adventure. Death is really industrious in his Carrion business as we see his branches in the above mentioned nations topping its supply list from Grave. Enjoy!

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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WE, WE! Unknown, strange faces; We are united in the experiences of classes to halls, of tests to exams, of rainy and sunny days, of tears and laughter, of fear and hope, of friendship and enmity; but in Love’s loving arms. In the darkness of ignorance, we began, In the light of knowledge, we part. We were early risers, We were late comers. Sometimes united, Sometimes divided in this intellectual confinement: We are imprisoned to embrace freedom, We are nurtured to become the panacea. We are departing, Known, familiar faces. We, We! (for my graduating class University of Lagos 2013) ©Angel Simon 2013

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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I'm not a preacher; I'm just another believer. I believe in the future of my generation, because we are the solution generation. My generation... Flourishing in righteousness Walking in holiness Nourishing in goodness Connecting to grace yet wireless Overflowing amidst emptiness Shining amidst darkness Bearing fruits amidst barrenness Blossoming amidst dryness Breaking through in the wilderness Triumphant in godliness Abounding in greatness Making tremendous progress... My generation... Great stories yet untold Great vessels yet unfold Too glorious to uphold Too beautiful to behold Too fiery to be cold So vibrant and so bold We are the Master's mold To Jesus, we are sold For great testimonies to be told We are the generation with a medal of gold We are the royal priesthood... My generation... Holiness lovers Sin haters Glory carriers Light bearers Barrier breakers Line crossers Destiny builders Future shapers Corruption stoppers Life savers Freedom fighters Nations leaders Soul winners Bountiful reapers Tireless transformers Peace makers Pace setters Great achievers... My generation... Radiating joy: no more sorrow Rich in gold: no more borrow Filled by God: not hollow Deep in love: not shallow Always on top: not below Shield in amour: no arrow All round eagles: no sparrow Astute soldiers: no feeble marrow Rising from zero to hero Right path; we will follow My generation... With the scripture as our life mirror The picture of our future has no error We are the generation of God seekers We are the generation of heaven minders We are the bountiful soul harvesters We are the trees planted by the rivers of water We are the branches whose leaves shall not wither We are the generation that will greatly prosper... My generation... A generation with God's instruction Looking unto Jesus: our greatest motivation Empowered for the Great Commission We are the world's inspiration We are a holy nation We are a chosen generation We are the Unstoppable Generation We are a generation heading to a glorious destination We are the joy of many generation... My generation... We will arise and shine In eternity, with Jesus we will wine and dine... I'm not a preacher; I'm just another believer.

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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My birth remark reads:
                                     You tramped for a season
                                          With a puffy trunk
                                      Along dangerous paths—
                              Waded on puddles and quagmire,
                                    Scuffed your flat feet and 
                          Trampled it on serpents and scorpions
                                 To bid my glorious existence…

I lost my balance
When I felt your expiration from my pubis.
I staggered in pain
Like a fowl stripped off by fierce breeze.

                                                    My physique—
Which a thousand-and-one-princesses adore—
                                                       Is distorted.
The trunk you both carry—
Through rocky hills and sloppy mountains—
Is now an elephantine for the other leg.

Oh! Your cessation is at break of dawn
      You danced to the tune that glooms souls
           You are bereft of ambling
                 On such and such burg…
                        You hurried for the Golden City.

The scorch sun and mild moon cloy
You take pleasure in the one-off of quietus…

With streams of briny water
Rolling down my cheek,
I watched you wriggling helplessly to and fro—
After being ricocheted on Death's spindly pole:
Death clasped your brawny brittle bones.
You swell, swelter, near bursting,
Impatient for suppuration in your crimson attire.

                            You scoot the living abode
                          On mutilated soles and toes;
                                                                                 My precious leg!
                                                                         In your gracefulness,
                                                                   I created beautiful traits.
                                                 I'm left limping as you're supplanted
                                       By quasi-legs and crutches.
Will you ever return?
Even in posterity…   

                                       Dad! Why? Another crutch?
                                            Both legs amputated
                                 You couldn't stay; you loved mum.
Your Love, Angel Simon.
On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand...*tears*

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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My wish: that this poem be posted daily because it’s somebody’s birthday each blessed day.

It’s your glorious day!
Shine like the sun ray.

It’s your lustrous birth,
We are celebrating in mirth.

It’s your fruitful season,
Our faces glee; you’re the reason.

It’s your precious time,
Once again in your prime

It’s your victorious moment
Your hour of fulfillment

With sweet melodies, we will arise
Singing songs; no more cries

We will radiate joy and charisma
Because today you’re a year older

It’s your special day! 
Rejoice! Happy birthday…

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon

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he knocks at the majestic door broke her crystal heart and left her with splinters she shuts the door for life no gliding for love living to mend the pieces

Copyright © Ajayi Angel-Simon