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Below are the all-time best Glenn Mccrary poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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In her aristocratic yet somber hour
Inebriated she phones me
As if I am an oblivious commodity
Though still I feel coerced
To exist within her wake
Even though communication
May be relinquished when sober
An allegiance has been pledged

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Foolish Sex Of The Century

Hardly any creature is
Of equal proficiency
To decipher a melody
Void of meaning

Though the reason for such foolery
Defines the existence of apathetic beings
Therefore upon there foreheads
Carved were no meanings

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We Made Love To The Beat Of The Pages

We have eternity
Lambent before us
Like a snowflake.

A one night stand,
A forged signature.

And the slender stream of ink
Slithers along the pages we found.

We write!

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Her Neck Screamed One Tune Though Her Thighs Screamed Another

Again I played witness
To the stunning vignette that was her body
All evening the thought to compose words
Materialized from a former canyon of desolation
Merely because I had been swept into the distance
As I am forsaken to ponder
When she’ll become attainable

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AM Escape Art

The A.M. has happened upon us yet again
Sunlight ascending; spreading poems
Humans walking, working, speaking
In tones that illustrate such elaborate effects
Often considered a form of the art of escapism
Dreamers, thinkers, doers, poets,
Artists, ballerinas, actors, singers,
All masters of escape art
With every venue they inhabit
New shapes are concocted
Each day, each task, is a performance
Although exists not an audience
Seemingly because we escape
Opinions matters not to us
Hell, I just escaped for the moment
Would you like to escape with me too?

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Makita VI: The Focus

Focusing upon a lantern of thirst
she ate of catastrophes
and quaffed of black karma
cast by fiction in sleaze
camaraderie non existent
though through the holocaust
erect she stood

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America Walking

A full year had elapsed

Since last we came to pass

Her whereabouts I possessed not a clue

Notably I took interest in the fact

That she now was working

At the venue whence first we had met


Those sandy, brown locks wavering

Accompanied by the most provocative lips America did see

Caused me to re-visualize assorted levels of elation

She was a walking religion

Yet fearfully she was in denial

Though judging by the way our eyes locked

Ultimately I sensed that still

Something was there…

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Major Motion Pornography

A subtle carol echoes of the evening
Upon bended knee I am arrested
Betwixt strange refrains
Shaking the floorboards of Teicu

The evocative moans amplify
The foolish peacemaker of astrologists
The English dream of poetry

Those I coaxed by death
Were the witnesses of the tragedy
And were familiar with its ballad

Crafted the design ‘tis conceptual pornography
Eradicated their honor for vanilla threads
As they shimmy and shimmy

They defile elongated hankering
And retreated in the greenhouse of Woodstock
Its language made iconic by efficacious character

Having often been labeled an experiment
Broadening its brilliance along death’s boulevard
‘tis she who was the stunning one

Her language made sacred by her iconic fame
A long time controversial reference
An automaton, an origin of extraterrestrial etiology

The evocative moans ensnares the tourist

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The Murder Diaries I

In the billow of mercurial cataclysms
Sharp as the pyrexia of igneous pebble stones
Upon my hindquarters I was cast
The circles that were established
Branded my skin with cancerous nightmares
Crafting the twisted love song ****ing my throat
Through the lavender haze I tread
Threatened by a medley of conundrums
The tongue legislating such echoes
‘tis the element I so daringly seek

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Her Hips Were Like A Motion Picture

Thick like knuckle sized sheets of LSD
Her hips swung just like the doors of my virginity
With great ease I grew aroused by the rhythm
That produced the beat of evolution

How I imagine gently seizing her hand ever so tight
And holding it for only the universe knows how long
Occasionally I ponder on whether or not she knows
The lovely effect that she has on my bones