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Bracelet of your hand

Wish, I was Bracelet of your hand
you with wish, love, urge & accede 
Wear me in your beautiful soft wrist
And Anxiousness with apartness in autumn moments 
In deep thoughts you spin me in your wrist
Aromatize with the aroma of your hand
In passion whenever you kiss me
Glee with incalescence of your lips
Night you your way to sleep 
Make pillow with your hand
I talk alot in your ear
Kiss your cheeks and hairs 
Keep me anxious spells of your eagerness
Aromatize in the garden of your soul
Kept clinking in patio of your body
If nothing but this unknown relation
Wish, I was Bracelet of your hand

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

When i am alone

When I am alone, I sing a song
A song when we met
A song when you laugh
A song when you smile
A song when you said, I love you

When I see you at first, I feel
Like a princess in my dream 
You walked into my heart deeply
Touched my face softly 
Whisper, your mine eagerly   
We will decide mutually 
Everything will be fine seriously 
Since am waiting that day to come anxiously 
Tears, all along bitterly 
Still am singing that song happily!
Yes! when i am alone, i sing a song

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Madness of love

Life is so unpredictable you never know what is going to happened next. I want to tell you, if you will stay with me i will be happy, if you want me to let you go, i will still happy, because in both cases, its concern to your happiness. 

If you would like to ask or know what my wish is? then i would say that, will or would never let you go or let you be far from me even for a sec.

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Lost in you

I was thinking of you, while thinking even didn't realize, when i lost in the depth of thoughts. The thoughts took me into notions, where i felt you are around laughing, giggling, smiling and teasing me. In the lost world, Suddenly the dark thunder storm arrived on sky, which was horribly noised and lightened make you scared. You forget everything  and run into my arms.
I hold you gently, felt like you were in real beside me and i can feel the sound of your breath, the fear of your body and confidence to be comfortable in my arms. I forget the storm for the moment to have you in my arms, but realize when you bent down little, tickled me and teased by ran away saying caught me if you can. To not having you in my arms, I felt for a moment, like i am not myself  besides to see you running far from me make me sad for a while.
 I simultaneously said stop and start running behind you to chase you, it’s drizzling around, with your wet hairs you turn again n again with a beautiful smile to see how close am i to you. Then to run a while, i stopped and start staring stunned at you. You turn back saying com'on caught me if you can, i then give you smile in return. You looked at me with wonder, like your questioning yourself why I am not chasing you? I make sad face turned my eyes down with open arms, you wait for a while and then run towards me like you want to travel a mile stone in a tick, so that make you in my arms again to make me smile and happy again.
I hide alot the tears in the rain but you have read it widely and deeply. I still try not to let you know. I hold you, lift you in my arms and swing roundly in rain saying I can’t live without you. Then put you down, hug you closely but softly and whisper in your ear i love you so much!
I love you so so so so much madly

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Necklace and bracelet

I wish I were the necklace on your chest 
Wear me round your neck like diamond dew 
Let me listen to your heart the beat’s unrest 
The jolts of love that come to summon you 

Let me lie upon your chest so close to near 
Like a crystal tear drop, an exquisite Geist 
That paints the night for you a mystic seer 
That longs to snuff each star into surmise 

Bejeweled and bewitched a charming shine 
Come hither baby boy please say your mine 

Wish I were the bracelet on your dainty hand 
Where urging love exceeds the sweet accede 
Wear me like a true illusion of dessert sand 
Anxious in apartness, aromatize your need 

Place the incalescence of your lips on mine 
Come night your way into my pillow sham 
Let all my anxious spells of eagerness recline 
Into the clinking patio doors of chaste Ashram 

If nothing but this unknown relation is my due 
Carve me with delirium and elation, I love you. 

Written by: Ahsan Khalid & Rose Mystic

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem


This after noon today, i am sitting idle since almost last one hour. It keep pinching me to write something to you, but whenever i make my mind towards this i was unable to do so. I am writing this letter i even don't know what to write, perhaps words will find its way it self "So i start". You are not with me, so it felt like i have nothing to say anymore. I am trying hard to think and think but i am unable to think what i want to think. So i am totally clueless today, don't know what to write or what i am writing. Emptiness could be an exact word if i use for this situation?

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Your Notions

Your notions, I was lost in the rain 
Memories of us let me in bane 
I am talking like kids, she told me 
She don’t know love, it is sane 
Always drown in sea of thoughts 
I love u so much that is main 
Don’t follow me she said to me 
Ur wasting time, it will be vain 
What are u looking at the sky 
I showed at sky the love chain 
Competitors laugh at my presence 
Love is not a play, u will bear the pain 
Once she passed from my street 
Said! What u have & what u gain

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Beauty of thoughts

Come to me when moon is full of you 
So I can claim the light and live anew 
On eyes of beauty I will seek and see 
A little girl that once was locked in me
Come to me in lovers on paisley lane 
And bring your love, to keep me, sane 

Increasing every day desire of you
Admiring madly! If not, then what to do
To fix the apartness, working like Bee 
I love you so much, that is me
Anxiousness keeps us alive! Like blood in vein
You are mine and that is main

Written by Vie & Ahsan

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

My sweetheart

My sweetheart 

In office right now! With an astonishing but fascinating smile I guess. A smile which being romantic, way towards heart. Ticking it softly to make it happiest the most. Its feeling like my heart is a fresh garden with full of beautiful roses covering its chest with no space left. The roses on heart’s chest are shining with dew which is rare to due. Stunned I stoned a while with no clue! That what is to do? Wondering, brain storming but wouldn’t waste the time. Take me, take me back into this, yet no other wish. A strange glance of glee squeezing me whole with its plea.  Someone just step in asking me question to break its brae. I amazed for a while to think what it was. Oh! Yes sweetheart that was ur notions when I miss you so much and lost in you.. I love you! 

Written today few min 
before i post it
just her love came in my mind
i miss her and that happend

Details | Ahsan Khalid Poem

Broken Heart

The day we met, you rock 
Strongly felt that, you duke
Stunned I stand alone there
Notions think over, you folk
Said! I am in love, she laughs
Didn’t mind to think, you joke 
Anxious always to talk to her
Don’t disturb me! You yoke
Why your ignoring me I asked
Go away please! You poke
Wanted you to be my princess
Don’t dare disgusting, you mock
Never hurt you or give a sorrow
Ever smile for me, you evoke 
Requested her not to leave me
Betray me badly, you oak
Don’t break my heart, cant bear
Regret love madly, you broke