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The Pleasure of the Written Lover

With a mind set for love and pleasure,
He glides his pen across the paper.
With each caress he gives his soul,
Written down for all to behold.
Kissing memories in every line
And leaving feelings so sublime,
We hang on to each word created.
Never shall we become sedated.
Ah, the fingers that trail along
The heart’s passion hungry song.
Stroking the fire to burn stronger
For whatever your lust can conjure.
Mouth spoken with such sensuality
It embraces the minds creativity.
Making a world all its own
And every craving is known.
In the being, he sees the worth,
Beauty and every silent urge.
His written word makes desires soar
And leaves us begging for more

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He's Gone

Why God; Why take him?
It’s not fair; not right.
So full of life to come,
Now gone in the night.
I loved him; we all did,
With his heart so pure.
Am I now to forgive
You, or lost forever more?
Why not take who’s to blame?
Could not wait to drink.
He’s gone; it’s not the same.
I’m lost; on the brink,
These walls are closing in
And the voices are screaming.
They want me to join him,
Just to end this suffering.
I won’t but not because of you.
For him; even in death I won’t
Disappoint him; I will stay true,
But it is a nice thought.
A thought to see his face,
And hear his velvet voice.
To delight in his embrace.
Then we could rejoice.
We could talk of the old days
How we caused childish havoc,
For everyone; all the crazy ways
We played; laughed till ecstatic
How we fought the others wars.
Even wiped the others tears.
Best friends; maybe something more,

 From first grade; for fourteen years.
For you I will carry on; keep charging through.
I can’t promise I won’t stumble along the way
Because blind I am without you,
Feeling along each passing day.

This poem is dedicated to
Derek Aaron Haynes
1-13-89 / 4-25-11

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Natures Actions

Raindrops sliding down the leaves
Falling; falling to the ground
Between the roots; running in streams
Strong and steady with no sound
A sea of wild flowers and grass
Dancing to the winds weary song
Tunes of divine secrets to last
Blowing sweet melodies year long
Waves crashing; sprouting mist
Fists of fury pounding stones
Passion, hope; to forever insist
Screaming dreams in hollow tones

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If and Will

If I whisper my dreams in the breeze,
Will you hear them?
If I cast my wishes upon the stars,
Will you grant them?
If I soar through the clouds,
Will you follow me?
If I swim the depths of the sea,
Will you find me?
If I cry a thousand tears,
Will you cry too?
If I laugh for eternity,
Will you laugh too?
If I give you all of my hope,
Will you cherish it?
If I love you 'till the end,
Will you return it?

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Dear God

Each night I pray to you; just let me die.
But I wake up and wonder why?
Do you not hear me; do you ignore my cry?
Am I that much trouble to live in such vaine?
Or am I destined to suffer and live in pain?
What did I do for you to turn a deaf ear.
You promised to listen and always be near.
You turning away is my worst fear.
I look in the mirror and hate what I see.
Do you know the heartache of being me?
Some would be happy if my life was through.
That can only happen by the hand of you.
Do them this favor; take me away.
The day they want me; in the ground I will lay.
When they realize they made a mistake,
To late will they be; my last breathe I take.

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Vissions in a Summer Storm

I watch the storm as it rages on
And see the visions of a love gone
With every drop, splash and splatter
I hear the sound of her gentle laughter
Slipping and sliding down the window pane
The rain paints the pictures that bring
Painful memories with bittersweet joy
Of a young girl and unknowing boy
Howling winds filled with voices
Screaming out the wrong choices
As the glass fogs with warm mist
It fills with images of her I miss
I can see her porcelain face
And her dress of white lace
With every strike of lighting
I envision her for the taking
But these are but a mirage
Something it crudely did forge
To bring about miserable longing
Only to leave at the storms ending

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The Dream

Wandering down the murky tunnel,
I count the cracks along the cavern walls.
Further and further they spread like veins.
To my avid blood, their secrets call.
They promise understanding and hope.
All the answers my heart wishes to know.
I trace my finger along their ridged curves
And close my eyes, coaxing them to show.
I see the opening coming close, so
I follow them to the end of their reach.
I kiss the secrets goodbye and face forward,
Only to be greeted by a desolate beach.
I trail along the wanderer’s footsteps
Until I reach the sea’s cooling caress.
In I dip one toe and then two,
Sighing in contempt and bliss.
I scrub my foot against the jagged sand,
And turn to stare into the vast emptiness.
A place once so full of life and joy,
Now completely emerged into nothingness.
I remove my foot from the sea’s rolling wave
And wonder "Where did the happiness go?"
I once held it so tightly in my grasp but as the
Sand in my hand, it quickly fades too.
Should I return back to the tunnel
And beg it for the answers I crave?
Or wander through my existence,
Alone and confused, ‘till my grave?
I awake to find my breathing harsh.
Images of the vivid dream dance in
My eyes sight, to a horrid tune
As sand rubs my foot at the bed’s end.

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Nature's broken heart
Floats on a warm, blue day's breeze
Feeding the earth's love

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The Fight

I can taste the missary and pain.
A bitter-sweet concoction
Of the utterly insane.
A recipe I know all too well.
Like a serpent, it slithers
Around my brain to dwell,
In memories better left lost.
To corrupt my soul once more
And defeat me at all cost.

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A lil'piece of Heaven spiked with Hell

Atop the roof he stands staring out over the city
A dark silhouette against the flashing lights
Watching the despair and vulnerability
Of the unaware mortals with lack of sight.
They don’t see his kind or the dangers that awaits
Around every turn; in every aspect of their lives
For only their suffering and blood will sedate
The demons hungers; only the strong survives
He should be their protector, their saviour
But he’s fallen; light tainted by the dark
He chose her; sweet lips and divine flavor
So now he bares the lost wings mark
Those who’s fallen from God’s grace
Destined to roam the earth for eternity
A despaired and forgotten race
Consumed by Satin’s insanity
He basked in Heaven’s serenity and light
But he turned his back for the sin of lust
The tantalizing feel of her flesh each night
Pleasure so strong it peaks to combust
And sends him spiraling over the edge
Deeper and deeper he slips down
Closer to Hell; further from Heaven’s refuge
Forsaken and alone he is forever bound
To watch man live, love and die
To see remorse and God’s forgiveness
Never to know it and breach the sky
Once more; filled with hate and wrongness
He’s a lil’piece of heaven spiked with hell
An angel who has lost his way
Jealous of man, so normal and frail
Capable of only watching each day