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My palette is encrusted
with all the dried hues    0f

yesterday's hopes - where

strokes of GENIUS and folly
were first born in a fresh

My canvas   overlayed with both
realities     and   misconceptions

always unfinished pieces of dreams
that were once so perfect   so beautiful

nothing else would ever do

EXPECTATIONS sketched with a
    once steady hand    until one day
I stood back    and embraced
the priceless gifts of    imperfection

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Song Forever Sung

When the shadows fall 
   curtains of the evening,
silhouettes of yesterdays are sketched
   in fading light
When a heart recalls memories
   of love and laughter
is when a smile forgets
   that you have gone away
Something in your eyes once told
   of faith and gladness
embellished every sigh and
   blanketed the night
If there is a saddest dream
   that should not be awakened
this would be the song
   forever sung

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The Saddest Landscape

We have sown evil into our soil,
this ghastly ground now soaked with blood,
the harvest of the devil's toil.
Across this field in mourning hush,
a landscape much too sad to bear -
our sons and daughters dying there -
dreams of peace and futures gone
to satisfy our thirst for hate.

Where once there rose a cheerful song, 
now tearful dirges fill the air.
Will we never, ever learn.
A crop of death is all we've earned.

Perhaps we'll shout a truth profound 
when next the drums of discord sound.

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if there are shadows

if there are shadows
there is light in the darkness ~
faith brightens all things

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The Field

The field is no longer there
where that first glance was seen
      but shied from - 
not ignored, certainly cherished
and replayed again and again in memories
that would wrap all of life and all of love.

The field is no longer there
where near dusk, alone,
a stone was thrown, side arm,
from thirty yards, to kill, the attacking tree -
dead center.  No one saw but no one
needed to -- it happened.

The field is no longer there where
friends day after day would spar at
baseball or football or just hang out
talkin bout how Joe could press a hundred
or how Lucy's boobs were huge -
nothing of importance was left to be conjured
until later.

One day we got our license and drove away,
when we came back it was gone -
much like that smile I shied from
but will never forget ...

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Shooting Star

A menagerie of broken hearts
once carelessly displayed,
like a shooting star to start,
beauty bright but died away,
now tiny shards in disarray.

English Quintain

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the live oaks sheltered
and sunlight stippled the drive
covering our heads
our Grandmother's Kashmir shawl
wrapped around all three of us

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Who captures tempests by their tails and roars
that God and peace are only theirs to please -
when all around the devil's pleasure soars
amidst the hate that cannot be appeased.
Where on a rocket's trail can smiles be born
when hatred doesn't know where they will land
and no religion's oath was ever sworn
upon the end of evil's deadly brand.
So settle as we may in years of old
across the centuries and all of time,
defying what the elders often told
that somewhere in the heavens so sublime
an answer waits for all of us to grasp -
the Eden of our future is our past.

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House on Fire

I couldn't look back
the sound still haunts me
and the shadows cast across the street
against the trees
made by the devil's light

I couldn't look back
the heat still scorched me
and bright sad faces
lamented the scene
made by the devil's light

I couldn't look back
sadness surrounded me
the devil burned me
as I ran from my past
and forgot to take
     my heart

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The Forgotten Marionette

Dangling here
in my gingham

wishing for     the

sweet taste  of