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Enraptured - swept into the pools of your soul.
Your depths lure me deeper ... until I am blissfully lost.
Enticed and entranced, I surrender to you;
Slowly slipping into scintillating shivers.

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What I'd Do For Love

For you through every gate  of hell I'd run
And rattle satan's door and laugh at fear.
Then soar beyond God's stars to hold you near,
To capture in my heart a thousand suns.

I'd fly through angry squalls and call it fun -
Make each and every sadness disappear,
So only happiness would draw a tear
And even then I can't say I'd be done.

But if you ever felt I'd do you harm;
Betray the precious love within your heart
And toss aside your trust and say adieu;
Fall prey to sultry other woman's charms
And every guile temptation can impart,
Then that is something I could never do.

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The Sounds of White

a skater stops, a skier turns
the flapping peaceful wings of doves 
the crashing of a wave to shore
stars that glow from up above
a snowstorm or a bright refrain
the brilliant smile when you saw "Her"
the ice that melts in springtime rain
a ghost, the bride's new wedding gown
the Christmas tales of Grampa's lore
a swan, an egret, Santa's fur
snowmen, daisies, summer clouds
the light that shines from heaven's door
when, at last, the angels sing

Nov. 24, 2013

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The Garden of Adonis Lyrics

If I kissed you in the morning
would you stay,
or like the mist here in the garden
would you slowly fade away,
and if the sunlight warmed your lonely brow
and made you smile, 
would you be here by my side
and walk with me a while.

There's a blushing glow of roses,
A rouge upon your cheeks,
A hint of mellow sadness in your eyes
And a heart that wants to trust 
In your smile.

I wish I knew
the secret to your love
I wish I knew
I wish I knew

Will you wander here with me
and let's just share the day.
Who knows, perhaps we'll find our way.

If I kissed you in the morning
would you stay,
or like the mist here in the garden
would you slowly fade away.

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The Rose

Tis the rose that wants to live
That rails against the frost,
Tightly closed, the petals warm
The autumn heart that summer lost.

The dew that drips from rose to leaf
Like tears from cheek to breast,
Once was cold, now shimmers warm
To earn, at last, its' rest.

The blackened bud, once struck with cold
Appears to others dead,
But burns within, a passionate soul,
And heart of bright and crimson red.

And bursting forth it cannot hide
The will to live within,
Its' bold and subtle softness tells
Persistent hearts can win.

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Never Really Gone

The music of the morning plays
a symphony of dawning days
to fill your heart while I'm away
but never really gone.

A dooryard filled with roses strewn,
ambrosia in the afternoon,
lingering there, a daytime moon -
it's home where I belong.

In evening when you watch the sky
and look upon the stars as I
wish with you and I will try
to be there in the morn.

Then lay you down and go to bed
and dream about what last I said,
then tears will turn to smiles instead,
thinking of the dawn.

July 31, 2014

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Peal the Bells

Incessantly it trods and plods
perpetual the pendulum.
So long before the Abbey bells
tolled and told of hours passing,
before the ticks and tocks of clocks
or shadows told of solstice Gods,
no one to worship at its start
when first it leapt from fiery heart
and in its wake our petty worlds
grow and wither and grow again
until at last a violent end
as time forgets and races by.

The kindest heart, left drowned in tears
and wrapped in gross deformity,
yet sheltered by cathedral walls
in disrepair as much as he.
'Til Esmeralda's gentle hand
he knew no love, just hate and scorn
and like the brand from tempered flame
it's burning love that made him strong.
So like the edifice was he,
an ugly house that held God's love 
and Quasimodo's lonely heart
who'd ring the bells that silence hears.
Then, in the end, he found her dead
and sacrificed his mortal life
to sleep with one who truly gave
the only love he'd ever known.

Craig Cornish Iambic Tetrameter
First posted September 5, 2014
Revised on November 14, 2014

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Her aqua skirt flows in the sky,
Like curtains of the gods they play;
A Monet brushstroke low to high
- Like life itself they go away.

But for now they dodge and weave
As in a phosphorescent pool;
A flirting dance before they leave,
Behind a veil of colored tulle.

Behind the veil are sapphire eyes,
Behind the skirt, there lies the night.
The curtains are a brief disguise;
Seductive show of pure delight.

Now deeper to the heavens drawn,
Within the night, before it's gone.

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In Winter's Stead

I know it's there somewhere beyond the clouds,
Beyond the snow which slowly falls and falls;
The babes of summer covered like a shroud
And arborvitae's shoulders like a shawl.
A mellow hint of yellow somewhere dawns
And splashes through the trees its hopeful rays.
The golden glow in morning skies adorn
Horizon's clouds in colorful array.
Hues that lift the heart when winter goes;
When rapeseed blossoms smile back at the sun;
When white and pink and blue put on a show,
Through fields of green and yellow we will run.
    Sunflowers stand and bow in prayerful hush
    Like inspiration born from Vincent's brush.

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My Superman Kite

                                               and fast
                                            man of steel
                                         trying to escape
                                       and fly free for real
                                   darting to and fro quickly
                                pulling and circling and diving
                            i hold tight as his cape and mighty  
                           fist pointed high, finally climb to the
                            bright noon sky—no bird or plane
                              is this that flies—it’s superman.
                                the wind whips and snaps
                                   hard against his chest
                                       and I wish I could 
                                          ride there and
                                             look down
                                               upon me