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Smeared Trust

The summer rain steaming
and lights that blur
on uneven alleys
puddled with tears
where once you carried me
with just a word
now empty memories 
and trust that's smeared!

James Rogers
Visual of Verses Contest
Aug. 20, 2015

Copyright © james rogers

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Old Red Maple

Too long since smooth sapling skin
bent supple with the slightest breeze;
now stretched, fissured and furrowed,
bored, burned and bent,
sliced, scarred and carved, yet
I have lived wonderfully and fully.

Old limbs that once swung
a laughing child and sheltered
more than one forbidden kiss;
... the only witness to many lonely tears
and, at least as many hopeful prayers.

Why pensive then, when so many
would wish my fate?

Perhaps those melancholy desires
for what was, when I stood not
quite as tall, when many
proud elders surrounded me, 
wise and strong but now gone.

I will soon join them but
today a robin tickles my crown
... a home for one more brood,
and October will find one last shout
of crimson beauty ... I am still proud.

Written August 23. 2015
Inspired by Charlotte's Personify a Tree Contest

Copyright © james rogers

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Pyotr's Synesthesia

I balanced on a crescendo as
the reverberation of cannon
glanced off my chest and 
orange chills ran down my back,
while, as if birthed by the composition,
warm and cool colors danced in the sky
... the loud report of fireworks echoed
off buildings and back from the dull red
horizon to where every eye sparkled
and every face was lit with emotion.

I sat as cellos and violas seemed
to lift a Prince and Princess -
then flutes and violins tossed them high
on bright and light notes 'til landing on
a bassoon's breath, where
muscle and sound were
softly still ....

Copyright © james rogers

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What is it about night
that bathes us with the light
of a million yesterdays?
The muse of song and poem 
elicits happiness beyond compare
and sadness of the same.
How many wishes and how many prayers
are spent on a waning moon,
or tossed to the full moon's gaze?

What is it about the night,
that in it's shadows
there is both comfort and grief -
both hope and regret?

Like the glowing faces 'round a fire
we are mesmerized by it,
and follow the spark that escapes
until it disappears forever.

Copyright © james rogers