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Whispers Of Love

~Whispers Of Love~ I’m captured by the power of your stare The breath in whispers of love singing in my ear Wrapped up in this heated moment in your arms Repairing my heartstrings with your sensual charms My soul will soon waken from this trance Until then, I will indulge within this unforgettable romance Whispers of love felt between the realms of dreams Bringing you closer each night back over to me To reincarnate the embers of flames we once burned A true love so powerful that it found a way to return Back where it belonged between the distances of heavenly skies To a place in my heart where I can still feel you there by my side Come morning, I look forward to feel the brush of your breath Caressing so softly upon my pillow beyond death Allowing me to embrace the presence of your soul from above To stay in lover’s romance through your whispers of love

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Beautiful In My Eyes

Beautiful In My Eyes I wouldn’t care how many years go by You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes I wouldn’t care how many wrinkles are planted on your face For your radiating smile will always block their trace I fell in love with your heart that will never grow old I fell in love with you who has such a loving soul Never will anything take that kind of beauty away For true love was just designed to be that way I fell in love with the way we sang our song Two voices embraced together singing the perfect melody all along We are two souls bound with the same chemistry that could never be in disguise So please never forget, you will always be beautiful in my eyes Forever love sweetheart, that is what true love sends The beauty inside a person for which it stems So never think for a moment my love for you would ever die For you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes Together we will grow old yet still young at love After all, we were blessed by the heavens above Our love shall go on forever even after we both die Where you will still remain beautiful in my eyes So take my hand, my lover and my best friend For whom my heart beats for time and time again Never will you encounter a day that will go by Without being beautiful in my eyes
Contest: The Rhyming Game Sponsor: Joyce Johnson

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Even In Darkness

Even In Darkness

Even in darkness, shades of light still show softly and sincere
If we keep our souls aiming towards the rays of hope
Beyond the shadows images of smiles will appear
Showing us that we are not alone finding a way to cope

Even in darkness, a light of the dawn from a brand new day
Will release its warmth and radiance to create a sparkle in our eyes
One that will reflect to remind us that no matter how much it hurts today
Eventually we will find ourselves smiling within the warmth of a strong sunshine

Even in darkness, grey clouds will remain 
If we don’t remember a blue sky that once appeared
Instead, we will be left with only pain
Of only seeing a veil covering a soul’s happiness meant to be here

So when darkness tries to cover the soul from seeing its life
Reflect on those that love you and you’ll be alright
For those tears soon, will stop their falling trace
Once you follow where the light has been, waiting for your embrace….

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Whispers Of Light

Whispers Of Light

Darkness begins to fade inside nature’s shadows
As the deafening silence is broken by the wind that appears
Leaving only mystical sounds of soothing echoes
While it releases its whispers of light so beautifully in my ears

The branches mysteriously all spread apart 
Displaying a warm aura that changes into an angel in sight
Before long, all the sorrow that once invaded my heart
Has be resuscitated by the tranquil calm through the whispers of light

My windows of tears that I thought would never clear
The stress that once ate away at my soul like a cancer growing
Now seems to have been dissipated by an angel that came so near
Through the whispers of light that only heaven can keep on showing

I stay on this journey purposely so I can embrace a miracle to this day
A moment that once came along from somewhere up above
A time when God reached out to me to fade the darkness away
An angel’s whispers of light that rejuvenated my soul through His love

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The Moon Is My Muse

The Moon Is My Muse A blanket of stars gives way to the moon’s magical light A nostalgic illumination that brings our dreams back to life As we sleep, our eyes capture the moonlit glow Thus showing us a place where our passions can flow Our minds from then on are placed into a deep trance One that captures someone’s heart in splendor of romance Tranquility and peace will fill the soul at last As the moon shines so magically through each shadow it cast Tonight a scene is painted through our deepest sleep One that our souls will vow to always reflect and keep In times of stress and problems that will follow We know that this moonlight scenery will glow again tomorrow Through the blanket of stars the moon will be released To capture our souls once again into a state of peace
Contest: The Moon Is My Muse Sponsor: Russell Sivey 02/24/2013

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Today Today I kept thinking about my life, thinking about it all Times when darkness filled my days now the light is shining through The times when I stumbled, times when I crawled Now I’m standing proud and strong with my soul in full bloom Today I cried tears, not tears of pain but tears of joy Not out loud but silently throughout my soul Knowing that I stopped every obstacle from taking away what I enjoy- Life, true happiness and things that I cherish so Today is a brand new day for me, for everyone Chances, opportunities and changes is what a new day is about Laughing, smiling enjoying the fact that it’s my turn to really have fun Without giving in to weakness, darkness that tried to stop light from coming out...

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The Power Of God's Love

The Power Of God’s Love

Where do our spirits soar when the tears come down?
Where do our tears first go before they touch the ground?
Where do our souls finally rest at the end of the day?
In the power of God’s love that rescues us along the way

What keeps our dreams shining long after the grey clouds appear?
What gives us the courage to face our problems without any fear?
The strength to keep treading in a dark journey despite of the unknown-
The power of God’s love that will never abandon us to fight alone

With God in our hearts, we will be able to love forever in his shadow
We will be able to rid the hatred, jealousy and violence to shed hope for tomorrow
There we will all have the opportunity to stand tall and proud 
For the power of God’s love is heard through the suffering of each crowd 

Today while the sun is shining in the eyes of you and me
That is God lighting the shadows through our challenging journeys 
That is the aura of the Holy Spirit following us through all the steps we make
For, in the power of God’s love; the snares of the devil will soon fade

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Mother's Flower Garden

Mother’s Flower Garden Each day in the summer and spring Mother would water her flowers the same time each day While she nurtured them she would always begin to sing A sweet melody that brought everything to bloom in a magical way The sun always seemed to shine where the flowers bloomed Giving light to a beautiful yard’s bouquet that mother blossomed there Giving life to once flowers that no one ever cared for and were left for doom She knew everything alive required tender love and care Mother passed away in the beginning of this spring Still the flowers remain with such beauty in bloom Her love from heaven seems to be taking care of everything As I still hear her voice softly sing her sweet melody in tune
Contest: Sweet Sponsor: Craig Cornish 7/8/2012

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Twilight's Rainbow Skies

Twilight's Rainbow Sky Twilight dreams show Through rainbow sky A soul reborn Twilight rainbow Seen its glow through Dawn's flow of light Dark fades to light Giving life to Sunlight lit skies
Contest: Than- Bauk A Twilight Sponsor: Nette Onclaud By: Gail Doyle

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One Magic Night

One Magic Night One magic night We held each other tight Taking ourselves away Where destiny planned our love to stay One magic touch And love is expressed so much Taking your hand with mine Romance has become the essence in time One magic wish Sealed in lips kissed Taking my breath away once more To my heart’s open door One magic night Allowing the feelings to flow just right Taking ourselves to a place Where love can never be replaced