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answered prayer

                                        >God has sent you here to me,
                                          i said a prayer, He heard my plea
                                          so now I have you in my life,
                                          to be together without strife;
                                          I want to hold you for all times,
                                          to sit here all day to write you rhymes;
                                          to let you know ,how much I care
                                          always wish I could be there:
                                          I want to squeeze  and tease you,
                                          always try to please you;
                                          I want to be smothered by your kisses,
                                          always grant your daily wishes;
                                          long to caress and stroke your  hair,
                                          make your life, have no worry or care.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |


                                                   i,m sitting here all alone,                           

                                                   praying that you will only phone; 

                                                   to talk to you will make my day, 

                                                   to be with you is what i pray; 

                                                   i want to have you here by me, 

                                                   your love forever is my plea; 

                                                    to feel your love and your touch, 

                                                    is what thrills me oh, so much; 

                                                     i want to kiss your warm full lips, 

                                                     as from your body your love drips; 

                                                      to stroke your hair and kiss your breast, 

                                                       love you forever is what i attest; 

                                                       to put my body close to yours, 

                                                       as we make love for many hours; 

                                                       so always be right by my side, 

                                                       your love from me should never hide; 

                                                       stay forever in my life, 

                                                       never cause me pain and strife; 

                                                        hold me tight and kiss me long,
                                                        with you forever is where i belong; 

                                                        stay with me through all the years, 

                                                        fill my heart and calm my fears; 

                                                        love me forever and a day, 

                                                        you as my wife is what i pray.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Song of Love

                                               my heart it cries, oh, sweet dear,
                                               how i long to have you near;
                                               to be held in your arms at night,
                                               to kiss your lips and hold you tight;
                                               to know that you will always be,
                                               the heart the soul the life of me;
                                               to watch you react the whole day long, 
                                               and know my heart will sing a song,
                                               a song of faith, a song of love, 
                                               from a poem that came from above;
                                               to have you always by my side,
                                               and know to you i have never lied;
                                               never ever will i be a troll,
                                               and loving you, my daily goal.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Two More Days

                                                  Just two more days, you will be here,
                                                  in two more days, I begin to cheer;
                                                  you will be here in my loving arms,
                                                  to wile me with your many charms;
                                                  I will look upon your lovely face,
                                                  as upon your lips, a kiss I will place;
                                                  I will feel your body so close to me,
                                                  that is where I always want it to be;
                                                  I will feel the love from your heart,
                                                  a life together this will be the start;
                                                  I will know, you will always be mine,
                                                  as sure as i sit, and write this line;
                                                  then your love will be my only goal,
                                                  your mind, body, heart and soul.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Song in my Heart

                                            with you my love, life is so very grand, 
                                            as through the days I grasp your hand;
                                            as I lead you down the path of love,
                                            because you were sent from God above;
                                            as I sit and sing you song after song,
                                            I let me know this is where you belong,
                                            then with pen in hand I rhyme silly lines,
                                            as your love for me continues, it shines;
                                            as we go hand to hand and heart to heart,
                                            I know this is the feeling of loves new start;
                                            love me today and love me my tomorrows,
                                            to bring only happiness and never sorrows;
                                            together forever and a day we will be,
                                            truly in love eternally, just you and me.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Your Love

                                                  The taste of your gentle kisses,
                                                  the love you give is what this is;
                                                  the sound of your loving voice,
                                                  just makes me want to rejoice;
                                                  the feel of your caressing hands,
                                                  as on my cheek it gently lands;
                                                  the look in your beautiful eyes,
                                                  lovelier than the star lit skies;
                                                  the greatness of your warm embrace
                                                  as you kiss my lips and my face;
                                                  the feel of you so close to me,
                                                  dear God, please let it forever be;
                                                  the love we have in our heart,
                                                  may we forever never drift apart.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Natures Path

The moon shining ,is my only light,
as I walk along this path tonight,
but some areas seem to be over dark,
as I travel through this nature park.
branches scratch my arm and slap my face,
can't see the path, there is no trace,
I travel right along trying the path to see,
I'm walking slow as my nose smacks a tree.
I can hear critters, they are all around,
am trying to walk without making a sound,
wondering ahead, whats on the ground,
when all at once my foot hits a mound.
wondering if, I hit a small tree trunk.
when i realize i'm being hit by a skunk.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Last Love

                                      My love has died, she is dead and gone.
                                      I thought that I would live my life alone;
                                      but then one day, you came along ,
                                      you filled my heart like a classical song;
                                      you gave each day a beautiful start,
                                      you put love in my soul and my lonely heart;
                                      you took the tears from my crying eyes,
                                      and showed me the stars in the night skies;
                                      you brought me a love that would last forever,
                                      made me feel good and more than just clever ;
                                      you gave me a heart, I will love each day,
                                      you gave me a wife I will always obey;
                                      take my heart accept it into your life,
                                      make it a part of each day " become my wife".

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Big Brother

                                                  I was nine when you died,
                                                  no longer to be by my side;
                                                  to teach me all that I know,
                                                  to help me live and to grow;
                                                  always kept me by your side,
                                                  as on you I always relied;
                                                  loved you more than mom and dad, 
                                                  the best big brother a boy ever had;
                                                  you were my teacher, my protector,
                                                  you were my shield and deflector;
                                                  you took me where ever you went,
                                                  my guardian angel, heaven sent;
                                                  but then one day, in anger I said,
                                                  go away, I wish you were dead;
                                                  a half hour later my wish came true,
                                                  God, how will i survive without you;

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk

Details | Ronald Karzmarczyk Poem |

Natures Fury

                                           The butterfly floats, from flower to flower,
                                           he doesn't care what is the hour;
                                           the raindrops fall  in a cooling gentle shower,
                                           as beneath the  leaves the butterfly will cower;
                                           the thunder will roar with a deafening power,
                                           as the honey bees return to their hive tower;
                                           the lightening will flash in a blinding light, 
                                           for a moment or two you will lose your sight;
                                           your legs will sprint for your home in fright,
                                           getting struck in you stride you just might;
                                           hail stones strike you on the left and right,
                                           as you head for home in your flight;
                                           as you get home the sky turns black,
                                           can't stop the tornado,  can't turn back;
                                           it tears into your home and destroys the shack,
                                           tomorrow they'll put you in a body sack.

Copyright © Ronald Karzmarczyk