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God Gave You a Second Chance

God Gave You a Second Chance
 Not ready to leave this world with unfinished business determining the souls color; you’re on borrowed time! Prayers to heaven and words spoken from the heart brought perspective to what time remained. Fear and regret knowing this may be the end brought us closer than before. Always by your side loving, giving freely would now perhaps help spare your life adding color to your heart and soul.
The soul colored with Hope, Faith, and Love, the greatest being Love! I wonder have you given God what was expected for a second chance at life to color your heart and soul. Color determines the hearts purity and the soul’s condition. 
Souls are empty without love in the purest form; if you do not receive and give without fear, shame, or doubt!  From the outside looking in many colors of love surround your soul. I pray the love I give you understand the colors surrounding my heart and soul.
Love was holding you when death looked you in the face and love put death on hold! God and I give you Love. How do you face life and death now, with a heart and soul of vivid colors nourished by our love? God blessed us and we know what matters most. You now live your bucket list, God’s too.
Your list will end, mine too. Sharing with a loved one brings special meaning, understanding, and allows comfort taking away fear, pain, and panic. With unconditional love all’s shared. Colors of the soul glow, angels gather, and God gently lifts one unto himself. The guardian angels exit; slowly colors fade, a feeling passes the one left behind as the end has come. I imagine the colors of love in the heart and soul.
                                                                                                                                                             Debbie Knapp

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Together As One

Together As One
To dream as one.
When we dream we dream as one. When we laugh we laugh as one. We have a life 
together that compliments one another. We have a love that is like no other it’s as 
one. We reach for the stars and look for the moon. We support and care for one 
another on our journeys as our journeys cross paths.
We listen with excitement to each other’s dreams. To understand and encourage 
comes from the heart. Knowing with certainty that we deserve the love we give and 
receive as we are as one. What is wonderful for one is so for the other for our life 
path is the same. Knowing one so well is to know one’s self without a doubt.
Dreams that come together both big and small shared by knowing hearts that want 
the same want are as one. A love so strong can feel and guide with the stars and 
moon. Set in motion a force together nothing can sever but blessed be a dream 
together as one!
Dream, laugh, and love we do as one for we became one. Together we reach for the 
stars and the moon as we share the paths we take. Our journey takes us many 
directions to which we share our delight. A journey worth taking is a journey worth 
sharing…sharing as one!
                                                                                   Debbie Knapp

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Why Not Me

Why Not Me?                                                                                                    1/25/13
	At times I allow my thoughts to wonder to that one question that brings such sorrow and pain; why not me! I have gone through life not knowing why but have often wondered why not me too?
	I have cried more times than not and prayed for understanding. What could be so wrong with me? I have so much love to give and all I have ever wanted was to have someone, anyone to love me as much as I love them. I want to be the most important person in the world to someone and always come first. 
	I want and need someone to love me. I have so much to give but need the same in return. If I can love unconditionally; can’t someone love me the same way!  I can’t understand how or why I could go through life and never find love. I have prayed my entire life to find my one true love. I have never given up but still find myself asking why not me.
My heart breaks while my mind is torn apart not understanding why I can’t be loved. I have loved so that I just wanted to melt together only to be rejected!
Why not me; is the question that I dare to ponder leaving my heart ripped apart as my screams are heard only by me. I only ask for love! What is in store for me that I have never found anyone that loves me?
At times when these thoughts surface tears follow and sadness fills every inch of my soul. To know I am unlovable is almost too much to bear. My prayers seem to go unheard, as they remain unanswered. I can’t believe no love for me is the answer! So my heart and mind filled with pain and sadness wonder why not me? 
Broken and alone as I continue on my journey through life, my heart guarded by the highest walls keeps love safe inside no longer trusting. Now knowing love will not find me and it’s not safe to ask that question to such a lonely and broken heart. I guard against the razor sharp why not me!
						Debra Knapp

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Not to be misled

Not to be misled.
I have written about and with my husband in mind nine times for the world to see. I share my life in bits and pieces from as far back as I can remember including things that have never happened. Dreams have come to life on paper and words just spring into stories. I work with all kinds of patients, yes patients who share their lives with me and reasons why they do what they do.
My husband is everything to me and I am as much to him. Our story is told poem by poem or so I tried. Written for and about our actual lives is as follows:
1. Rescued
2. He Whispered
3. My Fantasy, My Husband
4. Together As One
5. Together We Laugh
6. Doc
7. My Husband
8. When I’m Gone
9. Friendship

My life has had its up’s and down’s, with the death of my baby girl now an angel above! My ex-husband taking my boys to Alaska, which to me was a world away. I being a high school dropout and having never worked had a long road ahead of me. I have never blamed anyone other than myself and have never spoken ill of any. 
Yes, times of joy came my way but most were hard and depressing. My husband, yes I met the man of my dreams so fairy tales do come true. Has loved me in spite of all the up’s and downs! So when you see a writing that seems so sad and lonely or of one who is lost and alone; it is not me or my life! Thank you to all my friends who have cared about me and care enough to show their support. There have been times in my life that friends like you kept me going! God Bless You All.
Debbie Knapp

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Sometimes I Feel Beautiful

Sometimes I Feel Beautiful
Driving along thinking about what I’m about to do brings a smile to my face. Without a doubt my hair and nails make a big difference in the way I feel about myself! When I look pretty; I feel pretty.
Today my nails will be done in pink and white, oh yes, perfect they shall be. Nothing short of looking delicate and refined I tell myself. I am so excited; the anticipation brings joy into my heart and laughter to my lips! 
My hair appointment is closing in. High lights and shaping adds a playful and fun demeanor. Beautiful is how it’s going to look and beautiful is how I’ll feel. I almost need to pinch myself for I wonder is this really happening to me! Tears sting my eyes and giggles flow forth. Yes; this is my life and this is happening to me!
Thinking of my new makeup and how youthful I’m going to look brings joy into this heart of mine. I can hardly wait to put it on as the excitement builds; I dance around and giggle. I feel so beautiful thinking how perfect I’ll look with everything finished.
At times I tell myself, “I know he loves me, I can tell”. The glowing in his eyes seems to sparkle with love and passion. My Heart beats a little faster as excitement and wonder fills my entire being! Yes, this is how it should always be, a life filled with joy and laughter.
Finding ways to look beautiful helps me feel beautiful. It’s this that causes me to giggle and dance about. The unbridled excitement loosened, flowing through my veins fills me with love and wanting. Tomorrow just maybe this joy will add new meaning and direction causing me to continue feeling beautiful..
                                                                                           Debbie Knapp

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Life is

Life is..
Life is beautiful and amazing with you. Looking back with no regrets only grateful for memories shared. Life together has shaped us into what we are today.
Life is like a room filled with sunshine on the coldest winter morning, as our love flows freely warming every inch. Only together could our love warm as the sun.
Life is you and me together sharing and caring. To me, this is what life is!
Debbie K.

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Love Passionately

Love Passionately
To love passionately is to love freely without expectations. To love with all your heart deeply, holding nothing back giving more than one thought possible. This love excites more than any aphrodisiac known to mankind. 
To love passionately one experience’s moments of shear excitement at the thought of their true love. Loving without ever thinking of oneself, frees the mind and body to love without ever holding back. This love is deeper and has no regrets; as you never think about what if, because you just love!
To love passionately gives you such pleasure you can hardly think or breathe at times; as this love and passion just comes back to you. Loving without thought of yourself brings happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment to you along with all the passion you so freely give.
Debbie Knapp

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Tonight my mind is filled with passion building in me a powerful need only you can fill. My body longs for you to hold and bring to me what has been missing for so long? Tonight my needs are driven to such heights somehow I just know you must want me too. Nothing, yet again!
Tomorrow will somehow be different and my life will change. I keep telling myself; tomorrow. One of my tomorrows will be life changing and my yesterdays will be a memory so distant.
Tomorrow, come and rescue me filling all my desires and allowing my passions to soar as once before! At times it seems as though I live for tomorrow. I will be beautiful tomorrow and wanted tomorrow by someone. I know one day; a tomorrow you see I will be sexy and desired. My tomorrow will come for me!
My needs and passion will soar to amazing heights as all my desires are met tomorrow. Tomorrow will come and all my dreams and fantasies will come to life. Until then desires may rise and go unfulfilled but I always keep in my mind and heart tomorrow.
Debbie Knapp

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Best Friends and Lovers

Best Friends and Lovers!
  In my mind were best friends and lovers. Sharing every fantasy lying here wrapped in your arms feeling loved and cared for. Love and lust mingling as we soar close to heaven. Our hearts beat as one when you hold me so close. Romance fills my thoughts as I escape to my fantasy once again to be with you, desperate to fill a void. Safe and secure beside you every craving stirs to life sensing your love, wanting you to fill all my needs and desires!
  Best friends share everything while lovers live out everything bringing the two soaring next to heaven's door. Talking to me even while turning me on all night yet never tiring of loving me. I cuddle into you and hold onto your chest till I fall asleep from this beautiful fantasy; I know you are only a thought away and I will return to love you and be loved by you, my best friend and lover!
Debbie Knapp

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Soaring High

Soaring High
Looking up I spot a bird; floating in the sky just soaring way up high. Graceful with wings spread never seeming to move slowly he circles around. In the distance another calls out as joining in this dance in the sky! The two ever higher begin their decent slow and mythological. What feels like hours I watch enjoying the sight drifting downward? What beauty the two birds display as they dare soar closer with each pass.
 At last I can tell their hawks. A pair I’m sure for they fly together and call out to one another. I watch as one pauses on a tree limb looking about. The other still circling above and calls out once again. An answer comes from the beauty on the limb.
Amazed I watch the other land on the bird bath. What a sight to see as the smaller one now splashes in the bath. Clean and dry off she flies into the trees. The big hawk again into the sky higher and higher I watch him soar. Soon he’s high enough it’s difficult to tell this graceful soaring bird is the hawk from my backyard. A cry from afar and then he too disappears from my sight. 
I find myself looking up watching and waiting for soaring high I’ll see my hawks. The graceful dance in the sky I know will lead them to the bird bath along with the branch where he sits and waits. A cry will sound in the distance alerting me of their intended arrival.  My hawks will soar high circling with grace till they dare once more visit a while.
                                                                                              Debbie Knapp.